Sunday, August 3, 2008

"A day with the birds.. I mean a day at the beach! "

I am exhausted. I dont know how sitting around on the beach all day can make someone so tired! I am struggling to stay awake! but I had to post these pictures and this hysterical video! the seagulls always crack me up. some people hate them, umm.. some people probably hate me, because I throw them a chip or two.. which keeps them near by. others chase them away! I think they're beautiful.. some people think they are just dirty and ugly. They remind me of a street gang the way they all hang out together and fight over scraps. They definitely have a pecking order.. there are always one or two that seem to be the boss'es.
they also like to wait for a chance to get into your stuff when your not looking! but not to worry, theyre only looking for dropped food. they wont take your money, your camera or your cellphone.
They are actually quite entertaining! though some would say scarey! We dont think so, they are like playmates for the kids! whether they're feeding them or chasing them away! There was a family with 5 little boys, who take great joy in chasing them away. It was kind of funny. but we lure them in, instead of chasing them away! Watch this video!

That family of 5 boys? they dug this giant hole, then my girlfriends kids jumped in for a photo op!
I had beach on the brain right from the start this morning when I made this little beachy pinkeep. Its for a swap I'm in.. a summer vacation in a box swap! I'm getting ready to mail mine out and I wanted to do one more special thing. this is what I came up with!

And speaking of swaps, I have heard back from some of you but not all of you! I also have recieved some pictures of some really awesome pinkeeps! Im waiting though.. I want to have all the pictures so I can post them all at once! so please if you havent yet, please do email me your pictures from our pinkeep swap! Mine are going in the mail tomorrow. my swap pieces and my giveaway piece!

I have tomorrow off. I plan on hanging around the house puttering and working on a halloween project. Then tomorrow night we're going back to the Lake! (yeah!!!) Tonys parents are camping there. We'l l be going out for a bonfire and campfire goodies!

sweet dreams all!


bojojoti said...

It must be cooler in your part of the States. It was about 110° with the heat index. We stayed in with the air conditioning.

Very cute craft.

kathy said...

VIV -- the email I sent was returned to me -- Something about time expiring ??? _ I think I have it right Right ?? - mine is -- Kathy - it has pictures in the e- mail not an attachment -so don't know if that
is the problem -- Kathy - Ga - countrychintz

jillian said...

Hey Miss Viv~
Love your pics from the beach! Wish I could be there. Your pinkeeps are too cute!
I have some photos for you to come and steal off my blog for the pinkeep swap!!

Anonymous said...

Your pinkeep is sweet..I just love it! The video was cute! I'm with you, I don't mind seagulls at all. We love to feed them too!

Anonymous said...

Viv, just flying through with your a question for you:

How far are you from Ithica and/or Rome? I may want to tap into your resources for a friend (don't think this gal is on your flist at LJ, but she's a sweetie.)

Anyhoooo...just pop over to LJ and leave me a message. You can do it on my gracelace account, since this is the one I'm logging into at the moment.

Thank you, dear heart!


Lori said...

oh my sweetness!!! VIV, i LOVE that pin keep!!! it is sooooooooo adorable:)

Carla said...

The video was great. I can't wait to get back to Florida next week and get to the beach.

Farmchick said...

The pinkeep is very sweet! I don't mind seagulls either...unless they are walking on the roof of our camper at 5 in the morning when we are out at the lake!!!

Persuaded said...

oh viv, that video was hilarious! i just snorted out the biggest har-dee-har-har when she said "OK GET 'EM OFFFF!"

oh, and girlie, i'd recognize your laugh anywhere;)

Lydia said...

I love your pinkeep Viv! So veeerrrryy CUTE-Lydia:)

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Oh WOW Viv your beachy pinkeep is awesome!