Monday, August 11, 2008

jasper and halloween book

Jasper had blood work on saturday.. they are checking his thyroid. the vet seemed to think its mostly just old age. There was nothing obvious wrong with him. He gave me some high fiber food for him to help with his loose stools, which already seems to have helped. I guess the key is just to watch him, so he doesnt have any accidents in the house. He's so cute isnt he?
I cleaned out my craft supply pantry today and he found a box to cozy up in and watch me from.. and then a basket! He's so sweet!
Yesterday I made my 28 pages for the halloween opera collaborative book with the faerie zine. I like how they turned out. this is what they look like.

I cant wait to see how the book turns out. This is the third book I worked on. I also have a page in the circus book and two pages in the dollshouse book. I havent recieved the other copies yet.. but I know they will be so worth the wait. 28 artists pages in the circus and halloween books. I think there are 12 of us that did two pages each in the dollshouse book.
Well, Im tired and its back to work tomorrow.. blaah... only for three days though and then I have 4 off! I dont know how I'll be able to stand it when summer ends and I dont have a day off every week! And, our summer hours will go back to 9:00 to 5:00 with an hour lunch, instead of 8:30 to 4:00 with a half hour lunch. I dont know why we dont just keep those hours anyways.. oh well.. such is life! I think the county could save money if they closed three days and we worked extended hours for 4 days! they could save on heating and air conditioning and plowing and I'm sure theres a bunch of other things that they could probably save on if they could skip a day a week! OH well.. they'll never do it.. people would use less sick time to I bet! When i worked for our area drug and alcohol program I always worked 4 days a week! Ohwell.. no sense in thinking about it.. its not going to happen!
time to lie on the couch.. maybe take a little nap before I go to bed!
nightie night!


Anonymous said...

Getting old sucks; poor Jasper!


Mary Isabella said...

I love the pages you have created. They are sogood!!! I am sorry about your precious cat. Hope you have a week filled with good things....Mary

T=ME said...

So glad to hear Jasper is doing better. It sucks getting old.
Love your Halloween pages. You must be so excited. Don't work too hard and take time to play. Hugs, Terri

Julie said...

The book is going to be amazing! I love to decorate for Halloween. I hope Jasper is better soon!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Hi Viv! So fun to see your Halloween Opera book pages. I am participating in that also! Whoo hoo! Fun, fun, fun!

And, poor kitty!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Can I still join your Halloween swap?!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

And, I was just looking through past blog comments, looking for info on Halloween Ball Doll. Our birthdays are the same day, October 2. This is destiny! Fall is my season, for sure, and I love Halloween!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute pics :-) hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!! xo Britt :-)

Carla said...

He is a cute baby. Your pages are so pretty!

Miss Rhea said...

Awwwwwww, Jasper is a sweet Kitty. I had a Siamese, they are the best !! He lived to be 23. I hope your baby is better soon. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Your artwork is Wonderful !! :)

jillian said...

Oh! I love the pics od Jasper in the box!! He's just too sweet!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey Vivian - I L.O.V.E. my pin keep - it is the prettiest thing in my studio - seriously - it stands out!! I have it in a place of honor right in front of my work bench!.

Count me in for the doll swap - sorry it took so long for me to sign on - hope there is still space.

Don't worry about Jasper - I had a siamese that lived to be 21 - he had to stay in the garage at night (you know why) but I loved him till the end .

Sweet B

rosabeer said...

Hi Vivian, thank you for your comment on my blog. What a lovely bears you make. I will come back here because I see many beautiful pictures. Is it oke when I link your blog on mine.
Greetings Marja