Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yay!! its the weekend again.. you know I live for them. Actually I woke up feeling a tiny bit under the weather, like i could be coming down with something.. and have been a bit off today.. but wont let that stop me from having fun! I went and got my hair cut this morning and have been poking around trying to create something this afternoon, not coming out as planned though.. so I'm not sure what I'll end up with.
I talked on the phone with two flickr friends, Natalea of "Kandeland" and Jenny of "Be cherry". we 're going to get together tomorrow afternoon. jenny's plane comes in around noon tomorrow and Natalea and another flickr girl, edible art (I dont know her yet) are already in the buffalo area. I'm an hour south of there. In any case , we're all meeting at the Cheese cake factory. I'm so looking forward to meeting the girls! I think my daughter Jennifer is coming also. I will be sure to take my camera with me!
Tonight Jen and I are going shopping as soon as she gets home from work. And in the morning I'm going to the BEACH with my little beach buddies for a few hours, til its time to come home and get ready to meet the girls!
Monday.. no plans as of yet. probably veg around at home and work on projects!
hey halloween ball doll swappers!! How are we doing? Any glitches? no problems?? I'm assuming not. I havent started my dolls yet.. but I do have many ideas rolling around in my head and I've been collecting lots of halloweenie supplies! Maybe Monday I'll get started. I'm trying to finish up some other swappy things and doing something for my pay it forward girls! Ok.. I'm off for now.. sorry no pics today.. but stay tuned for pictures tomorrow night! I wouldnt be surprised if we all have our cameras out snapping away!!!


bojojoti said...

I got my hair cut Friday. Now it's short enough it keeps falling out when I pile it up on my head. I have to get used to the new bangs, too. I usually takes a couple of weeks to get used to a new style.

Gina2424 said...

What great swaps to you! LOVE the pink starfish! And what great pinkeeps (I am behind!).

Sassafras & LuLu said...

HI viv! Love your swap items. Reading your post below. The thing is we never know what someone will send us in a swap, that is the hard part. My last swap partner sent me wonderful stuff and i feel mine to her was lacking. But you do make very nice things!!! Hey, i got my hair cut too! Trying to post and darn blogger is now saying it cannot connect after I just been writing & tryin to post for an hour!! oh please let my stuff not be gone!
hugs, Carol

Nancy said...

I'm working on my "doll" for the swap today. It has been hard to find Halloween things-hoping more will be available after labor day.
Have fun at the beach! It must be great to meet some flickr friends.

Julie said...

Glad you did not actually get sick!

Viv - I just wanted to let you know that I am going to wait until after Emily gives birth to post my Pay it Forward post. We are all just waiting around for "the call" and then we are off to Arizona!

Michelle said...

Wow Vivian ,it looks like you'se had a ball!!!wish i could have been there.
Sorry to hear your sick ,so am i,it must be going around.
This is the only way i can talk to you at the moment as my email is typing in Greek i think..LOL..i might send you an email for a laugh,who knows you may be able to read it.