Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday morning church bells ringing!

Sunday morning church bells ringing!

Breakfast on the porch this morning.. that and looking at magazines and a little bit of needle punching! My church is just across the street and I was listening first to the church bells ringing.. calling everyone to come worship together, letting them know that church would be starting and then to the sweet singing and the trumpet and piano.. I havent gone to church in so long.. I never used to miss a week.. its hard to go back when so much time has gone past. I do think about it every weekend, but I just never seem to get there! but I did enjoy my porch this morning..

I have no real plans for today except to work on a needle punch project and do some sewing on an apron Im making for lydia! There is a possibility of a short trip to the lake.. just because I cant get enough of it. I was there for about 4 hours yesterday with my daughter Bethany. she is like me.. (oh god, in sooo many ways...) anyways, she is a beach baby too. cant get enough of the beach and the lake.

we took books and just vegged out. the lake was choppy and full of huge waves that we played in for a long time. my knees got sore and tired from jumping up and twirling around when the big waves came (which is what Bethany and I do in the waves.. Jump and twirl!! I just love the lake and crave to be there.. everyday!! I need a cottage on the lake .. Id be sooo happy there all the time! my husband says I would eventually find something to complain about about it! hmph! what does he know.. He says the days that it smells like dead fish I would be miserable. (OK, he is probably right about that... but I wont admit it to him!) So anyways.... maybe one of my kids will get rich and buy me my sweet little cottage on the lake someday!

I think today if I go there, I'll just go down to the end of the road, instead of to the beach. There is a nice grassy area to put a chair to sit and veg out. Theres a lot of cottages down there. but theres also a public spot. We used to swim there sometimes, but I dont think I can climb down the rocks (a little steep) and the stairs are grown over!

well, thats it for now..I need to go make another cup of tea and then its back to my needle punching on the porch!

(by the way.. Jasper is still not well... :( Im very worried about him. I guess since I have tomorrow off, I should take him back to the vets.. )
next post will be all the pictures of the pinkeeps!


bojojoti said...

You are such a beach baby! I don't care for beaches--the sand sticks to your skin and it's hard to walk on. I do love the water, though, but I prefer to be on a boat or a grassy piece of bank. I know--I'm weird.

(((hugs for Jasper)))

randi said...

What a lovely porch you have! It's just too hot here to be outdoors much...your pictures made me yearn for fall and cooler, porch-sitting weather! A beach trip sounds just wonderful! Cute little needle punch project...a pumpkin person- of course I love it! Have a happy Sunday! :)
Here's hoping Jasper gets well soon,

Emily said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to have Sunday to relax on...I'm the same way about church too. I think God understands, really.

I love the beach as well...but usually go just before sunset. Just a family tradition my parents did with us and now I do with our family. Hope you had fun!

Also, hope Jasper gets better's terrible seeing our little furry friends suffer.


Mary Isabella said...

I hope Jasper feels better soon. You look so relaxed and happy....Mary

T=ME said...

Your Sunday sounds like the kind I dream of. You and your daughter are darlin! Sounds like we have something in common.......I can't sit still. I have to at least have something in my hands. Your needle punch is so cute. Prayers for Jasper! Hugs, Terri

Lori said...

Viv, you girls look like you are having fun at the beach:) your porch is SO cute, i love your glider...i hope Jasper is all better soon!!!

sherry said...

Hi Viv, what a beautiful porch, it would be lovely to curl up on the swing or in a chair and read magazines or any number of things, really anything that is NOT work. I agree with you about being hard to go back to church after being away for awhile. I was away from church for years, but when my children were small I felt the Lord calling me back into fellowship with Him and other believers. It is good to fellowship and spend time with others who love the Lord. When I made myself go back to church, I have never regretted it. You have a precious reminder every Sunday of how much God loves you when you hear the church bells ringing, almost begging and calling you to come in.
I hope you are having a great week. I am excited about the magic wand swap. I must confess I am still in the contemplating and creating mode. I have tried to look at your blog and see what you would like best, and what you might do with this wand, cause the only magic that will come with it is the promise of a new friend, and the magic of friendship. thanks in advance for being my swap partner.

Charmingdesigns said...

Where are you???The beach looks wonderful! Thanks for coming by! Laurie

Julie said...

The sound of water is so calming! I adore the picture of you and your daughter.