Sunday, February 15, 2009

come to violets teaparty!!

Violet has been feeling very neglected and lonely lately.. she pretty much just hangs out with me in my craft room.. so we got to talking the other day and she asked about getting a few friends together for a teaparty.. Well you know me, I'm all for having teaparties! Then Violet suggested it could be a valentines tea... And, I was all about that too! so we made up invitations and sent them off to some of our most special friends, new and old.. and then I let Violet take over! she was the perfect hostess! and she dressed herself up so pretty! She wanted to make special goodies for her party, so we got out our favorite teaparty book and she picked out a few things from it!
Violet wanted to make sure there were decorations, so we had the party right under her favorite valentines tree. but, she wanted to decorate it more, so I let her throw some red garland and beads on to spruce it up a bit!

Didnt she look like a sweet little hostess?

all of her guests dressed up and looked adorable too!

Some of her guests brought their little friends with them too.. her invitations did say to bring their dollies!

the pink ballerina elephant was quite the show off, pouring tea for mr, monkey with her trunk! (violet told me after the party that she thinks miss ele phante has a crush on mr, monkey! he sure did seem to enjoy her attentions as well!!

And I just got such a kick out of little jasper.. just like his name sake, he would not stay off the table! violet told him he was using bad manners, and she would put him down and he would jump right back up.. probably about 20 times! just like his name sake.. (who i must add I miss terribly!) Anyways, the friends finally took a vote and all agreed that they actually liked having sweet and persistent Jasper in the middle of the table!

Three of the Nancy Anns came, I heard one of them saying the others had valentines DATES, and chose to miss Violets valentine tea ! I'm glad violet didnt hear this!

There were some other show offs at the party too... must be something about the ballerinas, because this old ballerina panda, was dancing on the table at one point! spinning around and around so much its amazing that she didnt get dizzy and fall and spill everyones tea!

as the others watched in shock! I think this little panda below was so embarrassed for her friend, that she turned bright pink!

I wondered if Miss Ele Phante, had spiked mr monkeys tea, as he definitely got a case of the giggles and he dropped that baby several times!!

See that little baby in the quarter hat? I watched her sneaking around the table.. she was funny, when the others werent looking, she would grab their desserts off their plates! there was a lion under the table that I failed to get a picture off and she was feeding him!

Little pink flamingo came and graciously offered flamingo rides to some of the guests. little cherry kisses panda, spent most of her time on his back! and then was charging everyone else a nickel for a ride! One of the other bears told me that cherry kisses and pink flamingo are best friends!

All in all, everyone had a lovely time!

We took lots of pictures.. I had to climb up on my kitchen table to get a couple of them and was worried my husband or kids would come in and catch me! I m sure they are all quite sorry they missed violets party! I know how amused they are by such activities !

But I did take lots of pictures, so they will be able to see what they missed!

I made the friends all pose for this shot.. but I couldnt get them all to look at me at the same time! they were all too interested in talking and paying attention to each other! "come on everyone.. look at me!!!"

I think Violet had a wonderful time with all her little friends.. though she still keeps bothering me about getting her a blythe girl, and I was hoping the party would make her forget about that for awhile, but it didnt... I was hoping though.. as she really has some very sweet little friends that came today!

but look, here she is saying "pleasee mom... pleaseeeee.. just think how much more fun it could have been !!" eiy yie yie!! How am I ever going to resist that sweet face! (and to think I have friends that don't like violets sweet face!)

so anyways, that was the valentines teaparty ! lots of guests and giggles! and even though violet is wanting a new blythe friend she does love the friends she has and she had a very good time!

this little Ginny girl is probably her closest friend, though they dont get to hang out together very often.. maybe I should let them so she will quit begging for a blythe girl!!

So thats all for now folks! hope you enjoyed the valentines teaparty pics!


rosabeer said...

It looks like a very busy and cosy teaparty. I think Violet does not feel lonely anymore. Great photo's of a great party.
It makes me smile.

natalea said...

sooooo cute Viv!! hope they had lots of fun! xoxo nat

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic and fun party! So lovely getting to see all these pictures. Little Ginny (is that her with the pink polka dot dress?) reminds me of the doll in my very favorite book as a child, "The Lonely Doll".

jenny holiday said...

What an incredible party!!! So so so fun!!!! Loving everything to bits!!!

Hope your Valentine's Day was a sweet one!!

XOXO Jenny

bojojoti said...

You are so funny! I loved the tea party. What you said about being afraid your husband or kids would walk in--I feel that way when I'm in my garden talking to my roses!

This was a very happy and adorable post to see on my friends' page.

Kai said...

You are soooooo adorable, Viv! I LOVE your playful spirit AND your tea party! I would like to have shrunken myself so I could have fit right in with the beautiful tiny party-goers! What a fun idea, & your party brightened my day!

AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- what a sweet post Viv! I am glad that Jasper got center attention. He looks like he's having a great time at the middle of the table! What a party! I felt like I was right there along with ya'll! That lil' Annie is cute too *wink wink* And oh my- that cute pink elephant! Everyone looks so adorable! :O)
Thanks for the invite... I enjoyed my stay... as always!
Hugs & Sprinkles!

TiffanyJane said...

Awwwww, So glad Violet got to have her Tea Party!!! Looks like tons of friends came, looks like a Blast!
And it would not be a party if Jasper had not kept jumping on the table!!!! {Precious baby, miss him too~xo}
Hope your good,....Tiff

Anonymous said...

If I had the three dollars, I wouldn't have missed it!

That Jasper is sure the life of the party!

I want some of your tea...does violet deliver?

Carla said...

Oh Viv! What a great party! Wish I could have been there. Great photos and a wonderful, imaginative story.

TattingChic said...

That is a wild bunch of hooligans there...those stuffed animals looked like they were ready to brawl! LOL! Just kidding it looked like there was a lot going on. :)

kecia said...

that was so fun! i bet you had so much fun putting your dollies together. it made me smile - thank you!
xoxo kecia

kecia said...

that was so fun! i bet you had so much fun putting your dollies together. it made me smile - thank you!
xoxo kecia

Libby Buttons said...

I adore this post and all it's hotos and....they lil monkey with the bow tie and gloves....I want one!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

OhMy!! A dream tea party! What a fun girl you are, Viv.. I love your bright n happy spirit!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a wonderfil Party!! hope you had a great weekend....m

Anonymous said...

What a sweet party Violet had!! I'm glad to see she had little Jasper there! Love all the little bears and the elephant pouring tea! SO CUTE!!!!!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~ This is my first visit to your charming blog. Your tea party was soooo adorable! Especially the details, from the party hats to the forget- me- nots. This was truly a Valentine Tea from the heart.
Come by sometime, I'd love the visit.

Sweet Wishes,

Charmed Life said...

The Mad Hatter has nothing on you Viv! Talk about FABULOUS!!! I love it all. The pink elephant and doll with the quarter hat are my FAVORITES!!! I hope you can get that bunch together again for a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt

Happy Day!

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh Viv I soooo enjoyed viewing the pix of Violet's fabulous tea party! Jasper was the life of the party! Now who wouldn't like Violet??? I heard Target may start selling Blythes- so you may end up getting a friend for Violet yet! I love your doll collection. The one that struck me was the doll with the brown hair in pig tails (I believe she is Ginny). She looks exactly like my daughter Emily!


Stephenie said...

Loved the tea party. Wish I could have been there. Also, thank you so much for visiting me at my blog. Thank you for the welcoming comments and advice. I'll visit you again soon.

Bone*Head*Studios said...

AHHHH What fun!!!!I have a Blythe dolly too and my Riley would have fit right in as well, I would have let my dollhouse Otts go too but they are a bit risque in that they are NAKED!!!...??We are just a bunch of kids at heart aren't we, but imagine how boring life would be if we weren't?

PJS said...

it was as if i were there - what fun! you need to take that and make it into a book! today on "e" they tell about how to do it - kecia's mom

catieann said...

oh what a darling sweet tea party!
All of your guests look they are having such a wonderful time.

Firuzan said...

thank you Vivian. it is just adorable we had really fun watching violet's tea party.( with my girl) thank you for your invitation.

Angela Hoffmann said...

oh my gosh! this is the sweetest story ever!! Violet most definitely needs another Blythe to be her sister! she is so beautiful....don'tyou listen to any of those friends that don't like her..bahumbug

oooh now my crew here is bugging me for a party...see what you started...geesh! I will never hear the end of it now...i hear mom mom mom..we want a party..we want a fancy party just like that..puuulllleeeze mom!

ha ha! Thank you so much for inviting me to visit! I enjoyed it so much!
xoxoxo's angela and the gang at Sunny Blythe Towers!

Dolly said...

What a fun party Miss Viv.
I wish I could come and play at your house.....
You have the best toys!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day sweetpea!

Hugz, Dolly

kathy said...

VIV -- I do love tea parties and used to love giving them - now it is all the time in blogdom and swaps -- But must think about soem little Tea TIME fOR ME AND MY sweeties also -- So enjoyed this -- Have to put a pic and something about your party on my blog -- kathy - ga

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Viv! I love sweet Violet. Her eyes are so looks like fun was had by all at the tea party. Where were you??!! You did such an great job making sure fun was had by all..Sometimes these tea partys can get out of hand, but you seem to have kept a cool handle on are so adorable!
Enjoy your little friends and thanks for sharing!
xxxooo Ruth

Mica said...

A tea party with your dolly' that's my kind of woman !!! Looks so outdid yourself. I hope Violet is one happy girly now !@!! Thanks for inviting me to stop bye to see what you did !!! Very sweet indeed. Hugs, Mica

zoebabie said...

My Betsy would love to be the guest Violet for the Tea Party again if she is going to have hehe:*
Betsy love meeting new friends and have a shoppping mate :)


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Should I be jealous that your dolls have more fun that I do?

E said...

What a cute story Viv ! Thx for sharing the fun ... but I'd keep an eye on that one table dancing ballerina cause she might be getting into the "bitters", just saying... cause I have seen this happen quite often here in Nashvegas when the ballerinas get into the bitters

RetroSandie said...

Now that was a sweet tea party! I'm sure Verity (my Blythe) would be quite jealous if she saw any of these pix!