Tuesday, February 3, 2009

good morning and swap update

Goodmorning blogville friends! I have about half and hour before I need to get ready for work so I thought Id do a quickie post.
All my valentine packages are mailed out now. I tried to dress the packages up a bit so that they would be fun to recieve in the mail. I had a clients little girl in my car yesterday and she saw them and thought they were so pretty and she wanted to know who they were for and what was in them. She was so cute that I think I'm going to buy something for her and her little brothers for valentines day and wrap them up special ! I dont think the boys will much care, but she will be tickled! I dont usually work with the younger kids, I get all teenage boys, but these are the siblings of one of my boys. Anyways..I just have to remember to do it now!

The egg hunt swap is now officially closed! I think we have a great turn out and the hunting should be fun.. there are 36 players! I was just thinking about having to mail 36 packages back out! eiy yie yie!! I might have to do it in a couple different trips.. the post office will hate me! ehh.. but its their job.. right? I just cant wait to see what everone makes!
so get started on your eggs girls.. and please be sure they are mailed to me before the end of the month.. or by march 2nd at the very latest. This is so important because Ive got to recieve them and have time to swap them out, repack them and mail them back.. (plus I'll be goign to florida for a week ). ALso.. dont forget to mail the return postage with your eggs. my over seas girls, there are 3 of you.. I have to figure out how to do this still. I just mailed a package to australia and it cost me 16.00, so we may need to bump up the amount for postage a bit for those three, maybe to 10.00.

I guess I should get moving now..., though I would so rather stay home and play!! I have so many easter things to start on for a kecias swap!

oh.. one more thing... Im officially sick of winter now..
thats all. have a sweet day!


Susan said...

Just stopping in to say Hi, hope you are doing better. Love the photo of the hearts and such. Is that a shelf or what? Looks really good. Take care. Susan

Stefanie/ Luna said...

I totally understand you. It is enough with winter spring can come soon!!!
That is ok for me with the postage for international shipping!

Love the felted kittie in you last post.

barbara burkard said...

me tooooo...soooooo done with WINTER!!! don't care what the groundhog said...i just want it OVER! NOW! (giving winter that MOM look...) that should do it..

Lori said...

Viv, i love your banner of hearts...and the sweet peep and bears!!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love you Valentine's banner!! It is so pretty. I have been making Valentine tags tonight. I have four finnish. Hope your tomorrow is beautiful....m.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

YOur hearts look great hanging from that shelf. I am glad you liked your ornament. I loed the little birdie you sent!

I am "eggcited" about your swap. I am planning my egg decorating now!!

See you soon,

AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- the valentines are super sweet. Look at all those different details and embellys! SWEET! And super sweet of you to make the sibs something speshul :O)
You really are a Holiday Sweetheart!!!
I'm wondering- on your international package (to AUS)- if it's more than 1 pound- that's when it'll start costing you! If you're one pound or UNDER- you should hit the (approx) 10.00 mark and be okay.
I just got back from the store. Bought my supplies for the Egg swap. I'm egg-cited too! Woohoo!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love how you displayed the ornis! My neighbour's 6 year old daughter always comes over to see what I'm working on- so every now and then I make her something and she is thrilled!Not to worry about this nasty weather as you will be in Florida in no time!

Sandy xox

Ruby Begonia Trinkets said...

Viv, I just wandered on over to your blog & am Luvin the cute lil pinkeep...how fun are you! I am sorry I missed the egg swap...great idea. I hope spring brings you something wonderful, maybe a kitten will just show up at you door- I am so sorry about Jasper. It is hard...we had a 14 yr old Snuffy a few yrs ago. Happy Spring, Monica