Thursday, February 19, 2009

visions of easter danced in my head!

Its been such a long week for a short week! I had monday off.. but I'm not kidding when I say its been a long week! The kids I work with have been out of control!!

but.. just got to get through tomorrow.. then its the weekend! I'm dont really have anything planned for the weekend, except that I need to look through my clothes and figure out what I'm taking to florida. I should dig out a suitcase and see if I can fit everything in one! I guess I can take two carry ons.. my purse and a tote bag. and you know somewhere there has to be room for some little craft projects!

Have I told you how much I hate flying???? OH GOD!! I hate flying. I have to talk myself into it, by coming to terms with the fact that, if its my day to go, then its my day to go! eiy yie yie... the flying part about ruins the whole trip for me!

So, other then trip planning, I need to get a few groceries. I'm planning on NO Shopping this weekend! no wasting money! unless.... someone twists my arm really good.. (I hope they dont!) I have a few swap things to work on, so I'm hoping to hang around at home and play here.

I need to make a pinkeep for a special swap that Im taking to florida with me! I'll be meeting a flickr and blog friend, Nancy while I'm down there. And, I'm doing a little swap with my flickr and blog pal cindy owens. So, those two things and puttering around the house will keep me busy!

Do you like the little easter egg friends I made? I've had visions of easter eggs in my head for a couple weeks! I guess I skipped right over st pattys day. I guess I'm just not into st patricks day.. I really dont even have any great decorations for that holiday. I have a leprechan that I made a few years ago.. that might be all!!! so when I put away my valentines and my snowmen.. easter is coming out! I have the cutest little easter decorations! I'm always so excieted to get them all out and see them again.. its like seeing old friends!!

I made these ATCS for the atc swap at the faeriezine group in flickr land. but I might have to make others ..because I dont know if I really want to part with them! I especially like the bunny and baby one.

Well, its late and I'm pooped out. . both couches are taken in the living room! my youngest who moved out this summer, has moved back home. I wanted him too so I'm glad hes here.. but hes sleeping in my spot!!!!!!!!!

Oh.. a quick egg hunt swap update:

one girl had to drop out, so we're at 37 girls. And I've recieved two boxes already. Cindy O's were the first to come and then Mahalas.. and Ive got to tell you ... whoever gets their eggs is going to LOVE them! dont forget to send your return postage money with your eggs girls. And... next week brings us to the end of the month.. so youre going to need to get them in the mail within the next 8 to 10 days! no later then that... please be on time with this swap. OK... I'm sooo tired.. I've got to get off this computer! GOODNIGHT!!


Susan said...

Yikes, I don't like to fly either. I just keep reminding myself how much quicker it is than driving. That, and a good book is how I get through it. Have a great vacation. Hugs, Susan

Carla said...

I don't fly either. Not any more. Look at all those cute easter goodies. Sure wish you were coming close to me Viv!

Charmed Life said...

Those pinkeeps are the CUTEST! Did you make them? ADORABLE. Personally, I hate the packing more than the flying!lol! Hope you have a good Friday!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Would you believe I have never flown and I truly do not want to now. I love all the Easter things and The Bunny and Baby ACT is so sweet....m..

bojojoti said...

I must have missed that you were going to Florida. That sounds good. My feet are so cold tonight!

I got out a bunny when I was cleaning up. He's all alone, so I may haul out some friends to keep him company.

Lori said...

i don't like flying either Viv!!! i hope you have fun in florida...let me know how it feels to be somewhere warm:)
i LOVE your eater eggs!!! they are just adorable...very sweetly embellished too!!!

Valarie said...

I love your easter pin cushions. You are soo talented. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Oh, and my kitty is still hangin in there. XXOO

Fran said...

WOW! lots of Easter goodies. Makes me want to make a Easter Bunny or Chick.

Cheryl said...

I love your photos-- I am into Easter in a big way myself this year.... I've got bunnies on the brain.

Recently I bought a small felting kit-- you've inspired me into giving it a try. Ok, that and the kit was only $1.50. Do you have somewhere on your blog a tutorial on how to do it? I guess I COULD read the instructions that came with the kit, but thats no fun! I was thinking I'd make something else than the 3 angels the kit makes-- cause I'm like that lol... do you stuff them? or is the whole thing made with the wool stuff? So many little patience! lol

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Vivian your Easter creation are soooo sweet , Do you have a tutorial?

Susan said...

I know how you feel about flying. No way here!

Love your Easter goodies, makes me want to make some eggs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Little Lovables said...

Your eggs are cute, and you're right, I totally skip over St. Patrick's Day decorating too!

My Easter eggs for the swap will be going in the mail today!!

Anonymous said...

Your little Easter creations are adorable! I love your ATC's too! Way cute!!!

Debb said...

looks like no like to flyI use not to until I had to go pick up the grand childs in Ca.I sending off my easter eggs Monday , I had them done for about a week now.
Have a nice time in Fl.

Jules said...

Wow they are really lovely swaps you made and good luck in florida.I am ok with the middle bit of flying i domt like taking off or landing.And im not keen on the middle if i start wondering how this big heavy thing is flying in the first place.

Cathy said...

Viv, You are so lucky to have the cutest stuff. I mean the lambs and the chicks. I just smile each time I come and visit your blog.

I love playing with my little treasures too. Aren't the little wooly animals fun? I have a lamb, I love it!

xo Cathy

Jeanne said...

Your Easter projects are so sweet Vivian! I finally posted about the Valentine ornaments from Natalea's swap - come see how they look on my Valentine tree. Your teensy-weensy birdie with the cute little hat is adorable!

Lydia said...

Ehhh!!! These are just darling!! The pin-keeps and the cards.

The fabric on the pin-keeps are lush, and the bunnies are just plain fab!!!

You have energy , girl! :) Lucky you:) Lydia

Loved flying when I flew all over the world. Would sleep in any position for survival. But, I'm older, and don't skrunch up as well. I still love take-offs, and love sitting window seat at the wing, when in coach.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

LOVE your Easter creations!!!!!!

kathy said...

Oh my cute cute creations VIV !!!
love the pinkeeps and the ATC's and the baby idea too wonderful -- makes me want to make some Easter atc 's also - as far as flying -- a big ole scardy cat here -- flew last just before 9-11 - and had flown a good many times before that -- but the last time was white knuckle and PRAYERS time !! many prayers - Swap eggs almost ready - Kathy - ga

kana said...


I love your Easter eggs with the bunnies and pretty. The ATC is great as well and I can see why you don't want to part with it.

Elyse said...

OMG your things are so cute!

i always notice your smiling face when i'm posting on blogs and wanted to stop by and say hi. hi!

have a safe trip and enjoy. (bring good magazines for the ride!)


Thimbleprims Studio said...

Hi again, my friend,
I have a true fear of flying, too. I have never flown and I sincerely hope I never have to.
Your egg pinkeeps are so gorgeous. I love them! What did you make the chick and the rabbit out of? Just incredible workmanship my friend. I am absolutely in awe of your creative talents.
Lots of love,

kecia said...

okay, that bunny pinkeep is friggin ADORABLE!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE your Easter creations! The chocolate bunny is so adorable :) Your creations are all just darling!!


Anonymous said...

OH my goodness! I LOVE all the cuteness in this post! did I say I love it all? well,I do!!! and I want them all! you SHOULD do a tutorial for your adorable pinkeeps and then have a pinkeep challenge and have everyone post the pictures of what they made from your tute on a certain day... I'm just sayin'!!!!