Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet the eggcited egg hunt swappers!

Hello all.. this is the list of egg hunters for the swap. There are 38 girls.. I cant wait to see what wonderful little eggs they create! I may have to go through and fix links if some of these dont work.. but i had to start somewhere. So turn up the music and go blog hopping and check out all these creative bloggers! Let me know if you hit a link that doesnt work!

1) Grace Garton
2) Jeanne Szewzyk
3) Lisa Aaron
4) Steranie Rausch
5) Lisa Kettell
6) Julie Robertson
7) Tina Curtis
8) Elizabeth High
9) Wendy Robrecht
10) Aldona Fischer
11) Kathy Lowry
12) Lindalee Patterson
13) Linda Haydu
14) Awtemnymf
15) Sherry Wescott 16) sherrie Nordgren
17) Darla Mullen
18) Cindy Owens
19) Sarah Huckman
20) Leslie Larson
21) Malissa Melrose
22) Geralyn Gray
23) Kathy Larson Rogers
24) Jillian Haupt
25) Michelle Mestas
26) Christine Edwards
27) April Ortiz
28) Kana Conger
29) Pam Kern
30) Mahala Elliot
31) Meredith Wright
32) this player had to drop out
33) Charlene Horman
34) Tammy Lucik
35) Tammy Rose
36) Kaaren Johnston
37) Debb Goerge
38) Linda Allen

I'm freezing.. gotta grab my blankie and hit the couch.. oh how I miss my jasper....
Have a good night!


Carla said...

Well, I got to #9. All ok except #2.

Debb said...

I thought I sign upI guess I just saidI was going to do it. Must be losing my mind.Have fun.

jillian said...

Hi Viv!
If you get a chance, can you change my link to www.sweetmomentsbyjillian.blogspot

I also forgot to send you all my info for mailing, so it's on its way :)
This is gonna be so fun, thanks VIV!!

Julie said...

I cannot wait to see the Easter Eggs everyone is going to come up with!!!

Viv - I am so sorry about your kitty too. I know you were getting close to having to make that difficult choice and now that I am catching up on your blog, I see that you did. Nothing...and I am talking from experience, Nothing makes it easier.

Cathy said...

Wow, What a group you've got here Viv. This was a great idea. I hope everyone has a blast.

Keep that blanket around you and keep warm! I'm in my fleece pj's today, it's only 9 here in MA.

xo Cathy

AwtemNymf said...

What a turn out! WOW! This will be an egg-cellent FUN!!! Woohoo! I can't wait! :O)

natalea said...

wow! what a list! have fun girls!

wiredlinda said...

I signed up and received a mail message from you.

Linda Allen

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I hope you can feel the hug and love I am sending you...m..

jillian said...

thanks Viv!!!!! Stop on over, I'm having a give away!!

Suze said...

darn it...missed another one of your swaps. this one really looked like fun.

when you get a chance, stop bye my blog. I'm having a 1 year blogoversary give-a-way.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

I have one egg done and getting ready to start the second. What a fun swap.

Take care,

Libby Buttons said...

Can't wait!

Libby Buttons said...

Can't wait!