Friday, February 6, 2009


a valentine bear dressing up for easter! some of us just like to get a headstart on the next holiday .... I have a couple cute things up my sleeve for easter... but really we must finish up with valentines first!

speaking of valentines day ... At work were are playing valentines day like we did when we were in school.. we have a "class list" and there are 52 of us that chose to play.. (I was amazed that so many wanted to!) anyways, everyone has to design a mail box of some sort and bring in our valentines to put in the boxes! some of the people that didnt want to do the valentines are going to be judges and well have a mailbox contest. There are some really cute ones.. You know I will take pictures and post them! I dont know if I'll post all 52.. but we'll see! I think it'll be fun to get 52 valentines! I bought mine from current.. I'm not making 52 valentines.. though some of the girls are.. there are even guys joining in the fun! so stay tuned next week for mailbox pictures!

I'm so glad its Friday. its been a busy week and I am so looking forward to the weekend. In the morning I'm going to breakfast and shopping with a couple girlfriends. .. JOanns... barnes and noble.. (and maybe somewhere to buy a couple new bras! ) I'm going with my friend that had breast cancer. She has finished all of her treatments and now is preparing for reconstructive surgery. I still cant get over her bravery and wonderful attitude through the whole ordeal. Love her to pieces! I want to pick up the new copy of where women create.. do you think I could use some ideas?? LOok at my messy space!

I recieved a few swap packages this week.. this one came from Jullie in Australia.. She was my partner in the tokens of love swap. I cant believe all the sweet little things she fit in the box! thank you soo much Jullie! I love that little sheep.. but I dont see him in the picture!

These sweet things came in the mail today and they are from Stella bella! Stella was my partner in Dollys heart swap. I adore these sweet little pieces of art! Thank you soo much! I already have them in places where I will be able to enjoy them!

And... Check out these tiny little clothes pins with the sweet little hearts on them.. These came as a surprise from my precious little friend Kai. Thank you soo much Kai. YOu really are precious!

Well, I suppose its 8:40 and I havent had dinner and my husband is starting to rummage around in the fridge.. I really should go fix us something to eat.. I think it'll be bacon cheeseburgers with pepperjack cheese... adn tater tots.. and cottage cheese.. though if I eat all that now.. I wont be hungry later for ice cream.. or popcorn... Oh dear.. Ive not done well with changing those stupid eating habits!!!! I do have a tread mill now though and I have been using it! ok.. off for now!
ummmmm, I had to come back quick to post a picture of dinner. I dont know why.. just because.. and by the way.. this artery clogging meal was SOOO GOOD!!!! american cheese, hot pepper cheese, blue cheese, bacon and onions.. with cottage cheese and tater tots... nothing very healthy here... nope not tonight! and... Theres no way I'll be eating any icecream or popcorn now!
have a sweet weekend!! Im going to!


Carla said...

Cuuuute little bunny bear! Your place isn't as messy as mine! Looks like you got some good stuff. That burger looks out of this world good. I just made chili for supper. Believe it or not, last 2 nights the bird bath froze over! In central, gulf Florida! I sure can't wait for it to warm back up.

Jules said...

my you have been busy im so glad you liked the swap and it got there okay.
Knew id find a sheep lol

Jules said...

my you have been busy im so glad you liked the swap and it got there okay.
Knew id find a sheep lol

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Hey Viv- thank you so much for the swap goodies. The bird is so cute. I posted everything on my blog, with a link to each player's blog.

Your blog is so lovely! I'll be back again, for sure!!

Sorry for the loss of your sweet boy. My sweetie is 15, hanging in there for now. My other girl is 10- and likes to pee in the bath tub. EWWWW. And I lost my sweet BIG boy Timmy a eyar ago. I still miss that silly cat!

hugs- Lee, from Weber's World

Shabbywears said...

Your valentine swap goodies are ADORABLE! Hope you find the right bra on your shopping trip. There is nothing worse then a BAD BRA!!!
Your hubby's meal looks yummy! My husband would of loved it!
Have a good weekend....Julie

T=ME said...

You are so creative.It sounds like alot of fun doing the valentine boxes.Can't wait to see the pics.
Loved looking at all you goodies. Speaking of goodies...I'm having a 100 post give away. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Terri

AwtemNymf said...

Dang- that dinner looks good :O)
Your crafty area looks GOOD compared to mine. It's a good thing that I have my own crafts room- otherwise I'd never craft for shame of a messy area. I mean messy- paint, brushes, stamps, GLITTER, maribou, images, odds and ends. Hahaha! Love that I can just close the door when I have company!
I spy a cute lil' pic of Jasper! Awww! And I'm coming over to cheeseburgers! You def. put CHEESE in cheeseburgers *winks* Have a fab weekend!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for my sweet valentine in Kandelands Valentine Swap! I enjoyed swaping with you! I'm on a diet so those tatertots are KILLING ME! I would love a whole plate of them!
Vintage Lily

kathy said...

OK girlfriend when is supper --Or do you have dinner there lol !! a lifelong quest to figure that out -
rofl - looks too yummy - along with the bun -bear ! Messy -
my art room looks like pink and red bombs went off -
got a cute Easter idea -- don't know if it will work lol - major construction - lol Kathy - ga

bojojoti said...

I love all the bits and pieces in your crafting area. It looks like a very happy space.

Creative Chaos said...

You got some great goodies! I am so excited about the egg swap. I should have them sent within the week. Stop by and say "Hi"