Tuesday, July 14, 2009

catching up!

I've been trying to get to the computer to make an entry and to read blogs it seems like for days and days! I think I've checked in at a few blogs, but thats it! So I'm staying up if it kills me to get this entry in!
Look at my figgy pie! I was trying to finish up this bear order tonight and he just wanted me to hold him sooo bad!

He kept jumping up.. (killing my sunburned legs by the way.. with those stinking freak'n needle claws they have!) anyways, he'd jump up and I'd put him down, they he'd jump up on the table and get in the way, and I'd put him down. up and down up, and down! finally, I cleared a spot for him on the table to sit, and he sat there with his eyes closed!
He was falling asleep. The poor baby was like, rocking! All of a sudden he was going to tip over and I felt so bad, because he just wanted me to pick him up!
So finally I scooped him up and tucked him into my bathrobe like a baby carrier! It worked perfect, he was tucked in where he likes to be and my hands were free to finish tieing on tags!

He was sooo cute like that. I had to take our picture!
so anyways... finally!! here is the first memory bear order that I needed to finish.. I wanted to have them done by last thursday. so I was a little behind. but they are done now! thank God. there were 12 in this order.

They are in memory of this womans mother who passed away in Janurary this year. she sent a couple sweat shirts, a couple cabin creek shirts, and pajamas. I hate working with silkie slippery stuff! I really dont like how those ones came out.

I hope she likes them. Though in this picture above , the do look kind of cute. that pink ones nose needs to be redone. I hope I remember to do it tomorrow night! shes got some pretty big bugg'n out eyes goin on there !

I'm my own worst critic. But arent we all. These memory bears can only be as cute as what they are made out of. I just take the orders and make what they want! I didnt think I liked the green nose on this little guy above, but maybe I do!
What they are made of, also has a lot to do with their size. They are all made from the same pattern, but the stretchy stuff makes bigger fatter bears.

My favorites of this bunch, are the big fat dark blue ones with the angels on their bellys. The woman told me that her mother was really into angels, so I made each to the bears some felt angel wings. I thought they were cute. I need to get some glittery silvery pipe cleaners to make them each a little halo. I thought I had some, but must have used them for somehting!

So, anyways, heres the whole crew. Finished!! yay! now I have another order for five. Five will be a piece of cake compared to 12~

Heres a couple beach pictures. This one is actually from the other day when I went to the beach by myself. What a wonderful day!!! It was so nice out. I sat on the beach for a while working on those bears, then moved under a tree and spent a couple more hours. It was so relaxing!

These are from today.. though my girls will kill me when they see these. I took pictures of them sleeping! heehee!! They slept, I say and looked at magazines and froze my butt off! it was only low 70s, which would have been fine, but there was a cold wind coming off of the lake!

HI sleepy bethany!! I just deleted the one of Jen, she really wouldnt have wanted it here. We all got sun burned today! my legs are pretty pink and sore. Jennifer is usually white as a ghost, and her chest was looking pretty red when we got back.. she is going to be pretty uncomfortable tonight. Poor thing. Bethany was a little red too, but she will be brown as can be tomorrow. She tans beautifully. Jen and I dont!

The other night , jenny, Sandy and I went to Nataleas for her garden party. IT was a stormy day, but just in time for her party the sun came out and it was gorgeous out. We had a great time. Nat and Kevin had other friends over too. There were two very nice friends of nataleas who we told all about our blogging and artsy obsessions...
I have no doubt at all that they think we're all freaks! ok.. maybe we are.. maybe we're not.. but one thing is for sure... we all know how to have fun! We laughed a lot!

One more thing before I go.. A while back I won a little name the dolly contest on the very sweet blog of Happy loves Rosie. I was so lucky to recieve her wonderful package yesterday. I love everything Happy! thank you so much. She sent me some sweet patriotic things. I feel like I've gone on vacation and and have these wonderful souveniers from across the ocean! ( I dont think I spelled souveniers right! oh well) Be sure to visit Happys wonderfully bright and cheerful blog!
OK.. ONe last thing...
I had 70 followers, and now I have 69.... someone doesnt want to follow me anymore! how sad is that!?
Ok.. its 11:49.. I should get off and get to bed.. big day ahead tomorrow.. Jennifer and I and two of my girlfriends, bambi and brenda are going to toronto to see the musical, The Sound Of Music! then Thursday its back to work!
Good night all you sweet blogger pals!
Oh.. one more thing.. I need a tag designed for my memory bears.. my business is called "Always RememBEAR" I'm thinking of having a contest to see if anyone can come up with something sweet and then maybe for a prize, make a bear for that person.. well, just thinking about it.. thats all for now!
no.. one more thing.. Over the next couple days.. I will catch up on everyones blogs! promise!
good night girlies!


Lori said...

Viv, your kitty is so sweet...he looks very cozy sitting in your robe like that:)
your bears are wonderful...yes, we are always our own worst critic i think...i am anyway...
it really sounds like you had a great time at Natalea's...
LOL on the followers, mine number goes up and down all the time...i try not to look at it too much...

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Your kitty is adorable and just look at all those bears! What beautiful memory bears. You ladies look like you had fun! I've never really paid attention to my numbers. Don't want to know if someone leaves me!

bojojoti said...

You are going to have to sew yourself a baby sling for those kitties.

I know I say this every time, but they are so freakin' cute!

Persuaded said...

Wowsers girl.. this was like 3 or 4 posts all rolled into one! I think we may have been on the same brainwave though- I just posted a pic of Louisa sleeping with the kittens, lol.

We haven't made it to the beach yet this year and Noah is feeling oh-so-deprived. We'll have to make the time to get out there.. *soon!*

Libby Buttons said...

The memory bears are delightful. What a great idea! Allot of time into making all those sweeties!
aka "LiBBy BuTTons"

Farmchick said...

Wow that was an information packed post Viv! :) Your kitty is too cute. Like your bears too. I would love to be in your contest if you decide to have one! Have a great day! :)

kathy said...

MY GOODNESS !! don't know which is the sweetest -- THE Precious
Snuggling Kitty -- or the wonderful bears -- They are all so cute --You amaze me !!! I love the pink and green - fav colors of
mine - Have a great week _kathy - ga

Susan said...

I know about those needle claws, we have had to trim Amos twice since we got him. Great pictures. Susan

Valarie said...

Viv, your bears are so amazing. What a wonderful idea, a memory bear. You are very talented, and waay too critical. I can't believe that somebody dropped out being your follower, and then I realized that altho I stalk your blog daily, that I wasn't an actual follower, so there you go, you are back up to 70. Have a lovly day. xxoo Valarie

Fran said...

Figgy Pie is sooooooo sweet. You have been very busy. The bears are cute, fantastic and wonderful!!
I think I need you here at my house to work on some dolls. :-)
I'm working on lots of things since I returned home from ODACA. Now I have to get ready for EDAC. I leave in 14 days.

Love your new blog.

Lydia said...

Sweet British wins, gal pal pics, beach pics, and adorableness kitty in the bathrobe pics.

My Kippy has pancreatitis, poor guy. He lost a pound and we have to start all this medicine. I think I will get the nat'l supplement hubby is taking for his cancer, as it is good for so many other things, and they have a lesser strength for children, pets, and certain types of cancer. I'm feeling the meds are yuck!

Your bears are very special for whom you made them I am sure! Such beautiful workmanship. I think the green nose is adorable, and the silkies look great:)

xo Lydia

PS- how about making kitty cat slings?hahaha I saw bojoti's response- you'd make them special indeed! heeheehee

Puddle of Grace said...

I love the bears! What a clever idea! I have dozens of my Grandmothers aprons and I am still trying to figure out what to do with them.
I also have been following your blog and even have a link to your blog on my sidebar... I just didnt realize that I didnt 'join' so now you should be at 71!
Kitty slings in your future? Twin ones? That would be awesome!

Little Lovables said...

Awe, what a sweet cat! and the bears are adorable, it is tough to think so when we are our own worst critics!

I saw The Sound of Music years ago when Marie Osmond played Maria, we loved it, hope you do too!

Torie Jayne said...

I love your bears especially th eyellow gingham and green stripe one. party looked like so much fun.
Torie x

AwtemNymf said...

Hi Viv-how precious the pic of you and figgy pie! Awwww. Sometimes they just wanna be close. LOL Cute! Glad you had a nice relaxing time at the beach!
All of your RememBears are adorable. I know what you mean about shiny materials. They are slippery suckers! They all look great Viv! Hugs!!

martha brown said...

Aaaaahhhhh -- your kittie is so sweet! Your bears look fantastic!

Cal said...

Figgy Pie is so cute. And the Memory Bears. What a wonderful idea.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the pix! It was so fun!Glad you had fun at the beach too! Your bears rock girl! Maybe the 70th person had a blog and got rid of it and erased everything??

donna lu said...


Love your little kitten, love to see animals in a loving home. I would like to find out how I could order a few Remembear, my father passed away in April and these would be so great for his great grandchildren to have to remember him by...and I would love one to!! Thanks, my email address is donna_wakefield@comcast.net, Thanks, Donna

natalea said...

The bears are great! It must be terribly hard working with that silky material! I love that dark blue one too! So much work...I dont' know how you do it Viv!
Those pics made me want to go to the beach. NOw today is all dreary.
Have a good weekend if we don't talk before then! xo natalea

The Other Side of Me said...


You have been so busy, girl! Those bears are wonderful and you did an awesome job. I am sure the woman will love them. Glad to see you are enjoying the summer.
Take care,

Kai said...

I just want to cuddle those cute lil' fur bundles! They are sweety-pies! Speaking of sweet, your bears are SOOOOOO sweet & ADORABLE! How could ANYONE not love them! Viv, I enjoy your blog so much! You let all your readers really KNOW who you are, and that's a treat because who you ARE is fun, special, and just as precious as can be!

Personal loan said...
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barbara burkard said...

...now you are up to 72! Guess I'll go check my meager numbers...now...lol...never followed that count til you mentioned that...hee hee

creative breathing said...

Vivian! I am number 73! You are one of ten people who follow my blog! Thank you so much! I write so much I am not able to read my favorite blogs. By writing less I will have a chance to visit more! I love your bears that get fatter in their stretchy fabric. You are so incredibly talented! Such a fun post! Elizabeth

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh So Sweet Kitty pictures. That's adorable how he just wanted to be held.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the memory bears. What a great idea. You did a beautiful job on them.
I've been "catching up" too, these last couple of days. I was so glad to scroll down and see that your sweet dad made it through his surgery so well. I pray that he continues to recover just fine.
Take care,

faerie enchantment said...

What an amazing post, from the Most BEAUTIFUL bears, I couldn't pick which one was more beautiful, the beach scenes, I need a day at the beach...and my fave gals (next to you) Sandy and Natalea.. You guys rock!


Malissa said...

Phew, I'm tired just reading about all of those bears! They look great, and the idea of memory bears is wonderful.
Those beach pics look great- I wish we lived by the ocean! I'm so jealous!
Your blog page looks great, by the way!!

Dolly said...

Awww kitty looks so comfy.
Precious baby!

I love love love the memory bear idea!
Thats so sweet!
I will have to keep that in mind!

Have a great weekend,

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Awe your baby kitties are getting so big :) So sweet too.. the bears are so adorable all lined up in a row.. thank you for sharing them with us :)
Please pop on over I have given you an award ;)

Anonymous said...

What sweet little bears and your kittie looks so cozy tucked into your robe!! How sweet he is!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh how I love your baby kitty!! They need to make a kitty sling, so we can get work down bit they can still be attached to you body.lol. Love your bears.

Charmingdesigns said...

LOL...I just read that others thought the same thing about the sling. lol.