Saturday, July 11, 2009


MOrning all!
Just a quick thought and questions..
I'm thinking that I would like to make some design changes on my blog. Ive been checking out some or your blogs and they are sooo cute! But when I go in to look at customizing, I'm not seeing what I want.
some of you have the sides of your blogs scalloped. I want that. I also want a cute paper like background behind it instead of just this plain pink. And I noticed that someone has a cute little flowerey border between each of her posts.
any one out there have any ideas how to do any of that stuff?


LiLi M. said...

Hi there! The easiest way is to go to a free background supplier like:
but there are more. Just check the upper left corner of a blog you like; perhaps there is a link to such a free supplier. Choose a background you like, and see whether it fits your template. A background for 3 collumns template won't fit if you have a 2 collumns one. Copy the html code and put it in the sidebar of your blog with 'customize' and 'add gadget'. Now you have a new background but nothing special in your sidebar. Good luck!

kathy said...

YIkes !! calling for the question -- Sorry !THis gal has no answers for you -- I am not very savvy about that -- Mine needs an update also on backgrounds ansd sidebars -- and my favs is not anywhere up to date -- I make banners and can change those -- and understand a little about gadgets to add -- Am computer challenged -- SORRY )_ WILL be looking for all the answers you get !! Kathy - ga

Valarie said...

Happy Saturday. I LOVE my pinkeep, and cannot thank you enough for it. It is so stinkin cute. I have no idea on your questions for changing your blog. Remember, I couldn't even link a word?? I hope you figure it out. I hope your day at the beach was wonderful. Have a fantastic day.
xxoo Valarie

Puddle of Grace said...

I use
(there are lots to choose from and free!)... there is also another site with some :

kathy said...