Friday, July 24, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Well, it stopped raining just long enough for me to take these pictures of my totally neglected garden... If thats what you want to call it! I have soo much weeding to do!

I cant believe all the rain we've had this month. this weather pattern really sucks. I want to go to the beach but the weather just isnt cooperating. I have a sand box on my desk at work and its seeming like thats the only sand I'm going to get to play in for a while! Hey, at least the lawn is mowed!

The tupperware party went really well, considering I never sent out any invitations and only called people two days before. I ended up with 10 guests and about a dozen outside orders. Not bad for the last minute. And I'm getting exactly what I wanted for free, plus a couple other little free things and 2 half price items.
I ended up making a veggie pizza, a fruit pizza, and also served crackers, cheese and pepperoni as well as little eclairs and m&m's. the veggie and fruit pizzas were SOOO good.
Thank god its Friday ... We have a graduation party tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night Jennifer is in yet another show! Not really sure I'm going to this one though. But I feel like I should. I have no plans other then that. I need to do some laundry, and I have bears to start for another order.. but I think I'm going to try to make something else more fun, first! not sure what yet.. but I'm craving cuteness!

here are the recipes for the fruit pizza and the veggie pizza... try them if you havent already.. they are sooo good!

2 packages of cream cheese softened
1 roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 cup of sugar
Assorted fruits ( I used, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas and mandarin oranges.)

Spread cookie dough over pizza pan. cook the crust as directed on the wrapper. In a bowl mix softened cream cheese with vanilla and sugar, mix well. Spread on top of cooled cookie crust. place fruit on top of cream cheese mixture in circles. serve right away.

2 tubes refrigerated cresent rolls
2 cream cheese softened
1 envelop of ranch dressing mix
Assorted veggies (I used brocoli, red and orange peppers, tomatos, radishes, and carrots. I meant to put black olives on too, but forgot them.

place both tubes of cresent rolls on large non stick baking sheet. Roll out to form crust. Bake according to directions. Cool.
mix softened cream cheese with the package of ranch dressing. mix well and spread over cooled crust.
add your choice of veggies

heres a couple pics of the babies!

FRannie pants.. isnt she lovely? their eyes are glowing yellow from the flash, but are really the most beautiful blue!

figgy wiggles! They are getting so big!

OK.. Thats all for now folks.. gotta do something constructive! like lie on the couch! I'm sooo tired!



Sandy Michelle said...

Yummy veggie pizza! Your garden doesn't look neglected! I hear everyone had crappy weather this past week. We were at the cottage and thankfully we got awesome weather! Have a great weekend!


Lydia said...

Glad your party was a success:)

The kitties are getting big-wow!

I wonder if red eye would help glowing eyes- if you have red eye correction on your computer. I have it in my I-Photo on my Mac.????

Enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow's a big(100+) surprise party for someone special:) Lydia

bojojoti said...

Your garden looks great.

Your babies look more like teens now--still adorable, though.

Cal said...

Glad it all went well. Never heard of a fruit pizza before. Will definitely be trying it. And the daughter will be so envious when I show her your pics!
Have a good weekend
Cal x

Whimsical Creations said...

Those pizzas look yummy!!

I am tired of the rain, too. I am in a wedding today, crossing fingers the rain holds up at least until we get to the reception.

Laurie said...

Your garden is gorgeous and those fruit and veggie pizzas are making me drool! :)

Suz said...

Hi Viv...

I am a long-time lurker...might at well come out of the woodwork. I just saw your name on Maija's blog. She knows everyone.

I really enjoy your blog...someday I hope to have one myself!!!

Suz from St.Paul

Carla said...

That fruit pizza looks so good! Sure wish we lived closer. I'm so hungry right now! The babies are so cute.

Kai said...

I will not look at those pizzas, I will not look at those pizzas. Sigh. I can't HELP myself - I HAVE to look at those pizzas. YUM! My butt just grew two more sizes. Heehee! And we NEEEEEED some of that rain. We are dry as dust here. And H-O-T! I love your garden. Ours is not doing well at all. All the beans and cucumbers (despite attentive watering) CROAKED. The radishes wouldn't grow to a decent size. At least the flowers are okay. And you KNOW I love the kitties! They can come tear up paper at my house ANYTIME!