Tuesday, October 6, 2009

to the pumpkin prom!

Good Morning all.. Just finished this little pumpkin girl this morning. She is a swap piece for a flickr pal. I hope she likes her. Didnt get to work on witchy poo last night.. I went for a two mile walk with a friend and then had dinner, read through a bunch of blogs.. (so behind again!) and them planted myself on the couch for a while, and went to bed at 10:30!! thats unheard of! I must have been tired.. yeah.. but guess what time I woke up this am?? 4:40.. I tried to go back to sleep, but finally just got up at 5:00. Now its time to make my lunch.. and get ready to leave.
YOu would all be so proud of me. even though I ate "stuff" that I probably shouldnt have, I still had lost a couple pounds as of yesterday am. (If I read it correctly.) I have weight watchers tonight so I'll know then.. and then we weigh in again in the morning for the biggest loser at work. so if Im correct, Ive lost a total of about 9 pounds so far.. yahoo.. 9 down and ....... 61 to go! that still sounds like a lot.. but at least its not 70 anymore!
A note to my Halloween shadow box and pinkeep swappers.... if you were mailing overseas, you should have done so by now.. and if you are mailing here in the states, you should be mailing out tomorrow. There are alot of you I havent heard from, so please make sure you email me a pic of your creation! those that I have seen (or recieved) have been awesome!
OK.. got to go pack my lunch and get going here. Have a great day girls!


Lori said...

Viv, good for you on your weight loss...you must have a lot of willpower and motivation...i could never stay away from snicker bars and fritos...your pumpkin gal is adorable!!!

Coastal Sisters said...

Congrats on the weight loss Viv!

I love the pumpkin prom girl!


kathy said...

YAHOO _GIRL !! you rock ! congrats to the weight loss -- I need to lose also -- Your pumpking girl is cute !! Kathy - ga

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I love your little pumpkin girl! I'm really envious of the person who is getting her.
A huge congratulations on the weight loss. Wow, that is an incredible accomplishment. Hooray for the awesome Vivian! And, gosh, a two mile walk. Tremendous.

Mica said...

Love it!!! Looks very festive! Hugs, Mica

Susan said...

You go! Here is to many more pounds coming off. I'm also in WW and are up to 6lbs. Just made a batch of the soup last night. Cant get enough of it.

Happy Belated Birthday, many wishes!

Anonymous said...

Viv your latest is just too cute she makes me smile!

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Sandy Michelle said...

9 pounds woohoo! Don't worry about the other 60 cause you will lose them! I lost 85 pounds on weight watchers! I started weight watchers last week and I'm always in awe of how well it works as long as you track your points! I can't wait to see how your witch doll comes out!! What paint did you use on her face? I want to see body works too and wonder if those dead people gave permission to have their bodies on display??BTW I loved your skeleton dolls that I made one myself..hee,hee! I will post it on my blog later.

Enjoy the cold weather-not!


catieann said...

you go girl congrats on the weight loss!!
I love all of your eye candy and your little sweethearts
I have been out of the loop for 8 months but am back and so happy to catch up with you again

creative breathing said...

Vivian, You have the funnest spirit of any person I have ever met! The ideas for crafts just pour out of your mind like water. You make me want to craft again, I already have itchy fingers! I will wait for one of your swaps though. It will help me stay in control. Yeah! on 9 lbs. Look.... there they go! So very proud of you - know how difficult a goal this is! Have a great weekend! E

Fran said...

CONGRATS! on your weight lost. That's FANTASTIC!!! Love your pumpkin girl. She's so cute in her prom dress.

Dolly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Viv.
Congrats on the weight loss...that has to be that hardest thing in life to do!

I love your lil pumpkin girl...she is so precious!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Trying to get out and do a little visiting..m.

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, Not doing well, must withdraw for good. I will always treasure our meeting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindness. I remain, Elizabeth

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hey Vivian, haven't been here in ages!Was in a funk all spring and summer with my mother passing away but finally feel normal again with a visit my daughter and kids and having a great Halloween showGood luck on the weight ,think I gain 20 lbs..anywho..love the pumpkin girl cute theme..