Friday, October 30, 2009

happy day before halloween friday!!

Happy Friday Morning everyone! I'm soo glad for the weekend to get here. And its the day before halloween, so things should be a little festive at work today. Well, at least I hope so! I should run into the kitchen and make something yummie to take in, but then, I will want to eat it..

Anyone out there dressing up this weekend? I'm not dressing up.. but I recieved some little trinkets from my secret witch sister from Genenvieves swap, and I made them into barrettes so I will be wearing spiders, bats and mice in my hair today. and probablytomorrow too..
Got all my laundry done.. and going to brockport right from work to get grocerys.. then my big jobs will be done and I wont have to do anything this weekend but putter and play. I do have a Longaberger party to go in the morning, probably wont buy anything.. but a bunch of my girlfriends will be there, so I cant pass on going.. besides.. it'll give me a reason to wear my mouse and bug barrettes again!
Finally finished my punch needle pumpkin project (above).
I love how it turned out!

click here for info..

Also.. sign ups for the littlest Christmas elf end tonight. so if youre riding the fence.. you need to decide today. I would love to have you join! I will email everyone their partners tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm thrilled with the girls that have signed up so far..and struggling..
I want them all fror my partners.

Look! caught Figgy and frannie getting into trouble this morning!!!

I should dress them up like devils for halloween!

One more thing before I go.. I'm planning a giveaway! I havent done one in a while and should have done one for my birthday or halloween..

I'll think of something and post it this weekend.
see yas later!


Tammy @ said...

Happy Halloween! Your punch needle pumpkin looks so CUTE!

Best wishes,

Lori said...

that pumpkin is adorable Viv!!!

Coastal Sisters said...

Figgy and Frannie just want to play with your stuff!! I love the punch needle pumpkin :)


Creative Breathing said...

VIVIAN!!!! Look how skinny your face is getting!!!! Go girl. Resist, resist, resist! E

♥zoe♥ said...

The punch needle pumpkin indeed:)
I want to dress in Marie Antoinette teenage look costume *teehee*

Persuaded said...

Viv, that punch needle pumpkin is adorable!

And I'd love to do lunch next week, but can't manage Wed... would Tues or Thurs work for you? Elsewhere sounds great:)

Fran said...

Love your needle punch pumpkin.

CONGRATS! on your weight lost. Keep up the good work. I'm hanging in there but it IS HARD!

Figgy & Frannie are such Sweethearts.
I was going to dress up for Halloween but decided not to. We do have lots of Ghost and Ghouls that come to our house. I LOVE IT!

kathy said...

Love your needlepunch punkin -- lots of work - so wonderful --
Have fun this halloween -kathy - ga ♥

Amy Sullivan said...

~Oh Viv~
love your ratty hair~

Love, love my doll too~
I will be keeping her in my room~

posted about her & you tonight.~

~Happy Halloweeen~