Tuesday, October 27, 2009

vintage pictures!! oh my!

An old friend posted some OLD pictures on face book today. look how adorable my husband was.. ooopss is! ANd.. how freaking skinny I was! yeah.. I used to smoke.. but quite over 24 years ago! eiy yie yie.. we are getting ELDERLY!!! look at the freaken patch on my pants.. in a lovely spot! I used to patch my jeans til I was patching the patches! And check out those gigantic glasses!! but I was soo skinny! those were the days my friends.. ummm.. actually.. those were the wild days! whoo... glad we survived them! thats all I'm saying about that!
I think this was our first christmas
what babes we were..
our first date was that Jethro tull concert
that he is wearing the t-shirt from!
And then..
there was this day!
we had the simpliest of weddings..
and I cant believe I wore those fake orange flowers in my hair!

Ha!! NOw look at us!! yeah...
he is still adorable..
come on .. admit it...
you know he is!

And he is stuck with this !!
33 years later! see I told ya..

oh.. one more thing..
lost another 3 pounds this past week!


Jeanne said...

Vivian, these old photos are great! I always think that pics of men look more dated that photos of women. You still are an adorable couple!

Whimsical Creations said...

You just made me spit my drink out. You are too funny. I love looking back at old photos. We were all skinnier. You guys are adorable then & now!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a beautiful couple you were then and are now. Way to go on the weight loss....hugs..m.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You are doing so good on your weight loss...keep it up! And I think you look absolutely beautiful TODAY!

Hugs, Carrie

Lori said...

what a cute couple you are...then and now...congrats on your continued weight loss Viv:)

Persuaded said...

Oh honey! You guys were... ARE! just adorable! Personally I think you are even prettier now than you were "back in the day." And girl, I used to patch my patches back then too;)
Have a lovely day, m'dear..

Hey we really do hafta do lunch one day soon, maybe next week? what day would work for you?

martha brown said...

You two are just so cute! And by no means are you "elderly" Old people are elderly. We are not old. So there :P

Coastal Sisters said...

I love looking at older photos! Yes, he is adorable and YOU my dear are very lovely :)


Libby Buttons said...

You go girl! You are both beautiful but just in another stage of life. Boy don't ya wish you knew then what ya know now?????

kathy said...

Time keeps rollin by -- I really don't know how I got this old either -- I have a young spirit???-- YOu and HUb are both adorable ( what hotties !!) then and now -- Kathy - ga ♥

Susan said...

Still looking good! Congrats on your loss for the week. Keep it up!

Happy Halloween!

natalea said...

Viv! I LOVE the photos!!! Remember on the delirious ride back from Ohio I told you I wanted to see old pics of you! Thanks for posting them! My mom was just looking at old photo albums the other day saying the same things! Well I think you look better than ever!
And I had to laught over the last post about the mouse! Poor Mr Jingles! xo natalea

barbara burkard said...

awwww...memories!!! my niece said she found a pic of me when i was about 18ish...wearing hotpants and a wide brimmed hat go go boots and displaying peace signs...oh goodness...where will THAT end up...,i worry...

Scrappy Jessi said...

ha ha you guys look just as cute today as you did back then.
what a great couple!

Elyse said...

how fun! how awesome that you're both still such a cool and groovy couple.

rock on!


michelle said...

ARen't old pictures great! Thanks so much for the nice comment about my bears. That really means a lot from you!

Fabulous Frau in the Aussie Bush said...

What a gorgeous couple! Now and then! Weren't we all skinny years ago??? Thanks for sharing ;)

BountifulAcres.typepad.com said...

These pictures are pricless! Thanks for sharing them with us. You were beautiful then and now.

Julie said...

What great pictures!!! Love them. You are so adorable Viv!

Suze said...

Those are great pictures Viv...you are so beautiful!
congrats on the loss.

♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Viv!
You make me smile looking at your wonderful pics, indeed precious memories:) You guys were so adorable couple then & now!

Have a fab weekend! Missing you loads here:)

Little Lovables said...

what Babes ya'll were (and still cute now that your elderly ;)

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the photos! You were such a young babe! You look about 12 in the first date photo!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Aww, look how cute - and you're both still adorable, Viv!! :)