Friday, January 15, 2010

ahhhhhh!!! its FRIDAY!!!!

Its friday and its a 3 day weekend! thank you martin luthur king! I have been soo lazy, and now its time to kick myself into high gear. Ive got all my christmas bins back in the house,in the kitchen, in the livingroom and on the front porch! they are everywhere! I just need to get it together and fill them up. Part of my dragging my feet is that then I have to redecorate.. and as much fun as it is.. its also stressful, because it takes time and there are so many other things i want to do too! And, I'm not even sure where everything is! The exciting part is I can get out all my Valentine stuff! so when I get off the computer shortly, I'll be digging in!
I wonder if you can eat too much popcorn? remember pigpen from charlie brown? I am popcornpen! everywhere I've been there is popcorn around me! at work.. the kitchen, my craft room.. the living room! I am a popcorn pig! My house is a mess.. I cant wait to get it back in order this weekend.
I wont be doing any shopping.. as Im on a spending freeze! (dear god.. please help me not to spend anymoney this weekend! LOL!) I really do need some new pants though.. almost all mine are really big for me , except for some really old ones! So though I shouldnt be out shopping I do have some other plans for tomorrow
first.. to the gym and on the treadmill for an hour then I'm going to breakfast with a dear friend, then to another dear friends annual "howmanyornamentsdoesshehaveonhertree party"! and then to another dear friends house tomorrow night for girls night! The rest of the weekend I'm crafting and finishing up some swap things.
Frannie is still pregnant! ... I'm sure they will come this weekend. .. uh huh.. right frannie?? OMG! I'm just soo darn excited! last night I took her in my room to show her the new box where I want her to have her babies.. Figgy was trying to get in so I closed him out of the room and told him Frannie and I were having a little "girl time" my son and hubby think I'm nuts. (probably am).
One more thing before I go.. Look what came in todays mail! Sweet Sandy from sandyscreations, sent me for valentines day! Thank you so much Sandy.. Look at the ornie below with figgy and frannies pics in it! how stinking cute!

Alrighty then.. off I go to take christmas apart.. and to make tacos too!


Merci-Notes said...

Hi Viv!
I LOVE popcorn and will be having it for dinner... dinner and a movie:)
I =grew up with Popcorn every Sunday night with Lassie and "The Wonderful World of Disney".
I see your kitty is expecting! I am sooo excited!

With Kindness,
*can you alter your pants?

Diane said...

Ok Viv first things first we Both drink Diet Pepsi, I'm lovin that! And wow all those bottle brush tree up on that shelf, you are an amazing decorator. Wish I could have been there in person this past Christmas Season. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Diane

Designer Blvd said...

Viv, This could be a very exciting weekend for you....maybe new little furry babies in the house! I just finished getting my Valentine decorations up...ya, it's a pain to put old away and get new out. But that means new candies in the candy jar and I'm all about that! Have a great long weekend.

bojojoti said...

I keep looking for kitty pictures.

I asked my husband what if you mailed us a kitty! He told me we'd mail it back. Party pooper!

Fran said...

Gosh! I LOVE POPCORN!! Always have and Always will.
Great you have lost a lot of weight and still loosing. I haven't been doing so good on my diet of late. I didn't loose any weight this week AND I didn't gain any. Last week I lost 3 lbs. I still have aways to go. I have lots of little clothes in my closet. I refuse to buy anymore big clothes. I told my hubby I will wear what I have UNTIL I Fit into all the smaller clothes in the closet. LOL LOL!!

Have your feet gotten smaller and you need to buy smaller shoes since you lost weight? I'm a PRO on gaining and loosing weight over the years. LOL My kids say, Mom is always on a diet. LOL I also have a couple of smaller size shoes. I loose a 1/2 to 1 shoe size when I get down to where I want to be.
Have A Great Weekend
Love & Hugs

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm glad you liked everything!Thanks for sending a prayer my way!

Message to Frannie: I'm rooting for you girl! MEOW!LOL!

Sandy xox