Thursday, January 14, 2010

still waiting!

NO kittens yet!! but shes not due til sunday! soon soon soon! The poor thing is so big! I think she might burst! these pics are from the other day.. shes bigger now! I'll try to get a good pic tonight!
Remember when frannie and figgy looked like this?? this is what their babies will look like! I cant wait!
gotta go to work now... oh joy! see yas later!


Kai said...

Ooooooh! Poor kitty! I KNOW she hopes her babies are born soon! And it's hard to believe those little cute powder puffs grew up so fast! But you are going to have so much fun with the NEW lil' 'puffs'!

Lori said...

i can't wait to see those sweet little babies Viv!!!

kathy said...

VIV so exciting waiting on those little sweeties -- will be so sweet - KAthy - ga ♥

carla ( said...

OH!!!! They are going to be some cute little kitties!!!! I am a cat person!!!! Can't wait to see them!!!! Best wishes with all!!!
hugs carla

April but some call me Prilyy said...

oh bless her sweet tummy! i hope that all goes well. i grew up with siamese cats so i love them to death! we have 3 cats, none are siamese but someday id lvoe to have another :)

Fran said...

How sweet Frannie is. I know she will be glad when those babies are born. Years ago I had a Siamese cat named Fancy. She had to have her babies on the couch with me sitting right there with her. She would have a baby and clean it then she would put the baby in my lap. I could not get up or Fancy would try to get up to. I sat there holding her babies after she put them in my lap. She was a sweet cat.

Can't wait to see Frannie's babies.
Love & Hugs

Susan said...

Yikes, how nerve wracking. Hope all goes well.