Monday, January 4, 2010


ahhh.. before I talk about yesterday, I just have to say that I've been avoiding doing a new post because I love how that picture of my newyears bear looks on my new blog background! It just looked so cute there!
anyways.. yesterday.. I made these muffins.. they are sooo good and so moist! and.. only 3 points for weight watchers. (you guys are going to get so sick of hearing about weight watchers.. I'm sorry!)
so.. all you need to make these are a small can of pure pumpkin and one choc cake mix. Mix them together (batter is thick), drop them into 12 lined muffin tins and cook them for 1/2 an hour. Really they are delicious. I stuck mine all in little individual freezer bags and froze them to grab to take for breakfast some mornings! Try them! You can use any kind of cake mix. I've made them with spice cake and with white.. my favorite is the chocolate though!

These pictures look so darn big to me lately! they are all set at medium.. maybe its because the monitor for my computer is not working and Im using my sons, which is really big compared to mine.. Speaking of my son, (little Tony.. not so little though!) he is heading to jamaica in the morning with his girlfriend and her family. Lucky him. Hes going to have such a good time.. but if youre a prayer... please pray for a safe trip. I'm such a worrier!

I finished my tags for Natalea of kandylands valentine tag swap yesterday. I think they turned out cute. They literally took me all day. Except that I kept getting distracted by my kittens! They are getting so big now! Figgy barely fits in my sweaters and bathrobes anymore.. in fact I really shouldnt let him crawl in like this, because he is stretching my clothes out!

Isnt he sweet!? Here he is sleeping on my bed too.. my precious little figgy pie!

And here she is .... my sweet little frannie pants! (I dont know why I call them the silly names I do).. but now you know why bethany calls that chinchilla, furby poppins, snuffleupagus, hippopotamus, sometimes elephant! yeah, she probably gets it from her mother.
When I was 5 I had a kitten named Flannel. ( I had her til I was 24!) anyways, her whole name.. (now mind you I was 5 years old!) was "Flannel baby, strawberry eyes, pumpkin head, twitterbug, sweetie pie"! I really shouldnt admit these things online! oh well.. so do you want to know what I named some of the others?
But first look at sweet little pregnant Frannie.. shes due in two weeks.. OMG!! I cant wait.. you wont just be sick of hearing about weight watchers.. but about the kittens too! (is anyone still reading this while I am rambling on and on and ON????

So, a quick list of my other pets names:
I already told you about Flannel.. but other kitties were, Boots, BoBo, Chacha, Frosty, Whiskers, Zeplin, Fireball, Tilly, Spike, Mittens, Max, Peanut, Jasper and Marmalade. I think I've left a few kittys out!
Then I had a couple dogs, Sheba, Barretta and JoJo
Ive had a bunch of birds.. Ferd the bird, Mortimis, Dusty, Baby, Tweetheart, and Salty.. I do think their were a couple others, but I cant remember!
I had three bunny rabbits; Silver was one and then are you ready for the other two?
Fluffa nutter bunny butt and Uncle Wiggley bunn bunns!
OK.. thats all for now. I have some needlefelting projects to work on and a couple birthday gifts to finish up. Have a lovely night all!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You have had a lot of kitties over the years. We had a huge black cat named "Eightball" for about 15 years. He was a wonderful cat! Can't wait to see the babies...very soon now!

Those muffins look delicious. Talk all you want about sounds like you are on a healthy path!

Hugs, Carrie

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I know what we're having for breakfast tomorrow!

icandy... said...

Those tags and Siamese babies really are precious!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I have made those and they are soooooo good. I love your tags, so beautiful as with all the things you create. I will pray for your son and his friends and for their safety. Hugs..m.

Lori said...

those muffins sound good...i think your pictures are just the right size for your template...can't wait to see the babies!!!

Stefanie said...

Hehehe, I enjoyed your pet names !
I had two birdies ones name was Bibo he was yellow and ones name was a typical German Birdname "Hansi" he was blue ;D
Your muffins looks good!

You can find my cats here

Maija said...

You look so great Vivian!!!!! Your kitties are too sweet. I love your tags for Nat's swap- they will be a hit!

kathy said...

VIV all pics are great !!such cute kitties -- and Muffins - yumm !-- OH and the delightful --tags too cute I will be excited to see them for real -- still working on mine - I am really
laughing here -- I adore all the names ---I had an uncle that named a dog Figmo -- and i always loved that name --esp when he would say -
"FIgmo be a wolf and the dog would hold his head straight up and howl - too funny -
Stay warm -- it is in the deep freeze here also -- Kathy - ga ♥


Hi Viv,
Your new banner is very nice..LOVE your tags and your kitty's are so cute!!
I've made the recipe you shared and add some water to my mix..and have used all types of cake mixes...YUMMY!!! I'm trying not to eat any sweets so no baking for awhile.
Deb :)

Libby Buttons said...

You are so funny Vivvy Wivvy Funfun banana ramma ding dong day!
LiBBy BuTTons

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I am so inspired by your last several posts! We need your New Year's Bear photo for a button to put on our blogs. He is too cute for words! I love your blog because I feel like there are Resolution Solutions to be found here! I have successfully given up Diet Pepsi, are REAL biggie for me. I have given up postage - well almost, and impulsive shopping - I no longer have Pay Pal. Next will be the weight. Please don't stop sharing your tips. We are all so proud of you! Bikini Time this summer! Lastly, your tags are too too sweet. Oh Viv, everything you touch is magical! E

natalea said...

I'm proud of you Viv! you've been doing WW since COuntry Living and that seems like a LONG time ago- way to stick with it! I'm afraid you may have to save up "special points" before you come to my tea party though- ok? I don't want to be the reason for a slip-up!
Anyway, love the tags!! talk soon, xo nat

Amy Sullivan said...

~Vivian your tags are grand.~
& kitty's on the way !~Oh, I love tiny, baby kitty's~
I am going try the recipe, no eggs, just the pumpkin?~wow~
"Happy New Year !~

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I love what Nat said about how you guys make everything more beautiful because of blogger :) I'm glad you are giving w.w. tips 'cause I need a constant reminder. I am working out every day now and eating Smart Choice lunches and salad. BTW you look so thin girl! I laughed at all your cat names. I did the same when I had a Shi Tzu. Your Valentine tags looks great!

Sand xox

Jacqueline said...

Fluffer nutter bunny butt...did I get that right? Oh gosh, you make me are mine...
Toe-po Gi-Joe after the Ed Sullivan Mouse, Blazer, Shawnie, Ewok, Sasha, Danny Boy,Latte, Mocha, Bogie and Bear and Puppers and now Tazmo Jaggers and his wife Sadie Mae Elder Jaggers and my chihuahua who is Princess Misha Mae Challupa Jaggerosa. Oh, go wonder we like each other and understand each other!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

haha! those pet names are great! Happy New Year, Viv!
ps... come visit me. I'm hosting a fairy swap :)

Anonymous said...

her COMPLETE name is:

Furby Nut Poppins Snuffelupagis Hippopotamus Sometimes Elephant ...

you seemed to have forgot part of it ... but that's ok, I'll forgive.

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Viv...I have been reading your blog for a while now and I think your WW committment is great! These muffins look really good and sound like they're pretty easy to make, too. Good luck-you look great! I saw your tags on Flickr-they are beautiful! I've gotta get a move on with Valentine projects-I'm in 2 swaps-Yikes!

Jenn Bontrager said...

Thanks for the recipe. I too am doing Weight Watchers and appreciate any recipes you care to share! Thanks

Kai said...

First - YUM to those muffins! Second - APPLAUSE to YOU for sticking to Weight Watchers! You are already GORGEOUS, but now you are become gorgeous AND fit! Third - I could NEVER get sick of reading about EITHER WW OR kitties! Fifth and finally, LOVE the pet names! I had Beethoven (because he was THE pianist (peeing-est) cat EVER, Tarbaby, Tennille-with-no-captain, and years ago, DiggleDiggle Doodah. (Don't ask.) LOL!

Miranda said...

Hi Viv, I just saw your comment at the Speckled Egg blog ( You wrote you have that exact same rocker, which you got when you were 18 years old. I recently got that exact same chair. I really love it and I'm wondering what the background of the chair is. An expert here in Holland told me it probably was built in the fifties, but that's all he could tell. Do you know more about the manufacturer, year of design/production, where they were made and/or where they were sold?

Thanks, Miranda Aartsma
Veenendaal, the Netherlands

Julie said...

OMG! Those brownies ..cookies ..cake - whatever it is.. looked so good I wanted to bite my computer screen. You should have put up a warning before that picture!

Nancy said...

OHHhh, those muffins sound so good. I am also on a diet (HCG). I think your muffins sound perfect.
Thanks for sharing. I love your sweet kitties.
XO Nancy

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Again Vivian! You are not excluded from this Gnome Party! There is a box to be filled for you as well! Who else could I make a white haired gnome for? She's coming along so cute! Have a great weekend! E

Little Lovables said...

such sweet kitties! and wowee, those pumpkin chocolate muffins look amazing!!!

bethany said...

you're such a dork, but yes i love you and i'll see you this weekend.

Fran said...

Love your new blog look. Sorry, I haven't been on much. You asked me about our perfume shop. We don't make the perfume. We are on the retail end of the perfume. We purchase all designer perfumes from the perfume companies. We are retail sales but we discount the perfumes; price of the perfume we sell depends on what we pay. Sell them cheaper than the Big Stores. We have had our shop for 9 years now. Time sure does fly. :-)
Love your Blog!!
Love & Hugs

pussman said...

The same weather in Belgium I guess.
I long for spring already!!
Happy New Year!!

pussman said...

Mmmmm Brownies for comfort!

TiffanyJane said...

Oh yum....the muffins look soooo GOOD!!!
Love the tags, so Adorable!!!! And the kitties are so sweet....we have 2 in our house right now that don't seem to have homes, it's so cold outside, I feel bad for them.
They may never leave now!!
Your blog look so pretty and the blog banner too! :)

Anonymous said...

good one! i just added tons of fresh emo backgrounds in my blog