Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a friends fun birthday party post and giveaway!

go HERE! Sweet B's folk art for a SWEET TREAT.. take your toothbrush.. you'll probably get a cavity just from hanging around there! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday and enter her giveaway, or really dont enter her giveaway, as it will give me a better chance to win myself!

Not feeling well at all, but I have so much work to do. I think I might actually have a slight fever. so anyways, off to work, then to weight watchers, then to the treadmill, then home to watch TV! Yes.. its TV time for vivian.. American idol starts tonight. I must admit I'm an idol junkie. My poor husband hates it. But its really about the only time I watch tv. keep your fingers crossed for the numbers on the scale to be down some more! they should be! In fact.. It might be a good night to splurge on some pizza! Oh.. and I'm not sure how I feel about ellen being on the show.. but I do like her. When Simon goes next season, I probably will quit watching .. I love simon!
toodles ! see yas later!


kathy said...

VIV hope you feel better !! Can't have you sick for "IDOL " premiere -- Hub and I are both Idol junkies -- WAH!! were is Paula -- ??? won't be the same --Have a meeting at 6:30 tonight near home so will be home in time -- Blessings kathy - ga ♥

Maija said...

Good luck with your weigh in!
Your blog looks pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! I hope you start feeling better being sick is the pits. Idol starts tonight! whoa I cant wait to see ellen! she is so funny! Big hugs


Susan said...

Here is to losing some more!

Hope your feeling better.


Hi Viv,
Good for you to keep on track with WW. I'm trying to do it on my own to save $$$ and I have most of the material from a couple of years ago. I'm just trying not to eat the sweets...
LOVE all you felted cuties. I just learned to make the heart that E does...well...not all that wonderful extra things on them..just stitching the hearts together. You and E make WONDERFUL creations. I so admire them and you.
Feel better soon and how exciting to be having kittens soon. We had puppies 12 years ago, our boy Mack and it was so exciting. 6 sweet little pupppies to love and care for until they went to new homes. We kept 2 of them and Mack is from that litter. I keep in contact with a couple of the some of the owners. It was VERY hard to have them go to new parents.
Oops...got carried away..
Deb :)