Friday, January 8, 2010

hum de dum!

I would say thank God its friday.. but I'm on call for the next week...
though, I suppose I am still thankful that its friday,
so ok.. "thank God its friday.."
Its just knowing that the on call cell phone will undoubtedly go off
at all hours of the day or night! Cause it does that!
I work in foster care, but we all take turns being on call for child protective services. And it is very seldom that we have a weekend without reports coming in.
I actually already have two new reports and two home visits to do in the morning.
so pray for the roads to be in better shape then they are today!(Above!)
Really it has snowed her pretty much nonstop for the past week!
And its very cold!
I know we are not alone and that there are other places
that have gotten way more snow then we have.
I read that in North dakota that it was -56 with the wind chill! thats mighty cold!!
Anyways.. needless to say with the lovely weather we're having
and with being on call, I have NO plans for the weekend!
The only plans I have are to hang out at home as much as Im able to
and to go to the gym to "work out"
(yeah, that means to walk on the tread mill!! I dont work out! lol!)
my treadmil is in storage right now.. no room for it here when the chinchilla moved in and with Christmas trees and decorations!
Other then that I have some needlefelting projects to work on
and lookie what came in the mail today!

Lots of fun! sweet colors..
Its hard to order on line because its hard to know what the colors really will be,
but I do like most of these colors.. Its pretty thick wool,
I sort of prefer a softer finer variety, but I'll have fun with this anyways!
Look.. Frannies having fun with it too!
OKeedokie friends.. I'll be back tomorrow..
for now, I think I'll get my pjs on and do a little blog hopping!
only another week before Frannies babies come!!
Arent you excited??


Mica said...

well, hopefully you will have a restful on call kind of weekend. Wow snow! It has been in the 70's here... it is like Spring. Can't wait to see your new projects and look at that Kitty ...I think she wants to make something too! Hugs Viv!


carla ( said...

So glad there are people out there like you for the children, especially in this kind of weather!!! How wonderful for them to have you!!!! Thank You and hugs carla I would love to see Frannys babies!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Those children you care for are so very Blessed to have you looking over them. I cannot wait to see the babies...hugs..m.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Looks like kitty is ready to start knitting...

Stay Warm, Carrie

Lirael said...

Good luck driving through there! It´s the same here, although I think it has stopped snowing this morning.
The soft pink wool is totally cute. Looks like Franny would like you to make some baby booties for her unborn daughters! Can´t wait to see the tiny cuties, I love siamese cats!

Jacqueline said...

While you are out doing home visits, so am I only I visit seniors. The weather in Washington is calm for once this winter. It seems like it is everywhere else but my corner of the world. Be safe Viv, that's so neat you work in such a valuable field where work is work but it also must feel like you a serving people. That has always been my quest.

Ruth said...

Hi Viv!
What an adorable chinchilla!I thought it was a kitty cat. Your blog looks amazing..i love what you have done with it.
Hopefully the weather is cooperating with you. You are so special to be there for those kids. Thank God for people like you, dear Viv!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Love your yummy package Viv! So soft and the pink looks like spun cotton candy! :) EEEK! Your kitty is too adorable in that photo! She wants to knit some mittens. ;)
Stay warm! XO,Jenn your new blog banner!

kathy said...

sweet yummy colors VIV !-- Stay warm !! just a few slick spots still here , but was 15 last night
_too cold for a southern girl -but can ya believe it went to craft night -last night -- lots of "HEART WARMIN " laughter and fun with the scrap girls -kathy - ga ♥

Ruey said...

Hey Viv! Sorry about the mix up with Frannie Pants....she is just PRECIOUS though!
Have an amazing day, dear friend...
xxxooo Ruth

Creative Breathing said...

Viv, It looks just as I imagined where you live. A lot like here. I love when I see old houses along the roadside. I did post a picture of my house for you. PS just noticed Marvin's post - WOW! Now that is a fan! I'm working this weekend as well with a client who only works weekends! EAK! At least another three weeks of no weekends! Have fun at the gym! E

Kai said...

I need to backtrack & see your chinchilla. How did I miss that???? And I'm SOOOO eager for the kitties to arrive! As for your job, I say blessings on you. I WISH - oh, HOW I wish - a caring social worker had intervened at MY house when I was a child. Back then (the 50s) parents were pretty much left to 'discipline' (and I use that term VERY loosely) at their own discretion. Even if parents WERE reported, kids were generally left with them while the authorities turned a blind eye to things. So to ME, you ROCK, Viv! Drive safely, stay warm! And play with all that beautiful yarn!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I was doing ok in the " No I'm not hungry , it will pass " moment but then I saw the brownies.....YUM!!!!
Ah such is life...Your kitties are so sweet and I love your Valentines!!!Now I gotta have something sweet and chewy....

Maija said...

It's 70 here.......

AwtemNymf said...

Cute Frannie! Can't wait to see the kitties- I'm sure you can't either *winks*
I ordered some roving wool too. Creative minds think alike *winks*
Needle Felting is on my list of things to try this year! I cna't wait!
Stay Warm and I'm always praying for ya and thinking of ya!

barbara burkard said...

very excited!!!! we have a chocolate snow kitty here at work...she is GORGEOUS...and so quiet..and little...(5 years old..) parents had to give her up due to losing their sad...she looks lost...

Beth said...

Oh goodness, I was just reading a comment on Persuaded's about grilled cheese. It made me laugh out loud!! (SEE!! People really do LOL! My sister in law hates it when someone types LOL because she said "No one EVER Laughs out Loud!" Poor lady! I do all the time!!)
Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny and I thought,"Now THAT'S my kind of person!"
I also have a Siamese! (At least part Siamese...and she's rotten as well. But so adorable!)
I work two long days each weekend with Special Needs adults. It has already been a very long weekend!

We have also been considering adopting from foster care. Kind of scares me...but I think that's what we are supposed to do!
We are going to start filling out paper work to be foster parents and then try to be matched with one or more (young siblings?) for possible adoption. It's a big step.

Have a lovely day! (The rest of my family have already headed for church...I'm late...and blogging. I'm missing Sunday School while waiting for my hair to dry a little bit!)

TiffanyJane said...

Oh wow, I hope the roads get better! Although, it sure does make a for a beautiful photo!!
It's pretty cold here too, but we only had snow for a day and 1/2...nothing like what your getting!
Stay Warm and Safe!!
xo Tiff