Friday, August 27, 2010

I haz a cowld!

I haz a cowld...

Darn it! Sweet Kai your little spell didnt work.. or maybe my magic wand is out of batteries.. this is part of the message she left me: "About the cold-that's-NOT-going-to-become-a-cold: QUICK! Grab a magic wand (you DO have one, right?) and wave it around while saying, "Stuffy head and runny nose, coughing, sneezing, NONE of those, will be allowed to come around until at LEAST Monday at sundown!"
her little poem just cracked me up I tell ya! but yeah, I still got the dumb cold.
But I refuse to let it stop me from enjoying my 4 day weekend. Mr wonderful weather man told me that the weather for the next 7 days will be just about perfect! I'm so excited! So, so far, Ive been for a 5 mile bike ride, I had to to work off the peanut butter that I splurged on this morning! and soon I'm heading out to a yard sale or two. then home to pull some weeds.

mmm peanutbutter and halloweenies!
Tomorrow, is...... BEACH DAY!! YIPPEE!!
Sunday is POOL PARTY day with the girlies I went away with this summer
and who knows what for the inbetween times, I'm sure there will be lots of creating going on. And.. sandy.. email me your address please! I want to send you a little something!

5 miles later..
Anyways, I need to get off the computer now.
I have to go to the store to buy some vicks kleenex!! Love those things!
later girlies.. I hope your weekend will be is lovely as mine will be!


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Viv,

I'm sending you healing thoughts in hopes that your cold will go away quickly. I'm so glad you're gonna' have your weekend anyway....good for you. Make sure you get lot's of restfull sleep and drink plenty of water.

Thank you again for the wonderful goodies....I posted about them.

Have a restful, wonderful weekend,

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh please take care of yourself Viv! Maybe a trip to the beach will help...the sun can burn away the germs. I love your new blog look and your Halloween projects are sooo very cute!
Feel better! A little Jack Daniels in that tea might help-LOL!

Kai said...

Well, phooey! I guess I better check my magic wand poems again. Musta gotten it wrong! LOL! Sounds like you aren't going to let it defeat you, tho'! YEA, VIV! I hope you have a GREAT weekend! You deserve ALL things fun! LOVE YOU, and feel better QUICKLY!

Lydia said...

Feel better Vivian.

Do you have any grapefruit seed extract around? That's what I take when I don't want something to get worse. 1 1/2 days taking that, and I'm back to my old self.

Sandy said...

Viv....I don't see your email address :):) mine is sanjos333atyahoodotcom. I am so sorry you have a cold!!!!! Hate summer colds! Get better real soon! Thank you for thinking about me, since i have bugged the heck out of you! LOL

Nancy said...

Keep that positive attitude going...don't let that cold get the best of you. Hope you are back up to "snuff", no pun intended, well, maybe a little bit!
XO Nancy

Katsui Jewelry said...

Hope your cold didn't bloom, Viv, and that you had a wonderful weekend!

jc said...

What a delightful colorful blog you have! I had a summer cold recently, so I sympathize. Feel better soon.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Feel better soon!!!! I hope your time off is wonderful...hugs...m...

Creative Breathing said...

Cold or not, four day weekend-yeah! Oh Viv, you are getting the week of 70's we just had here in Ohio - Heavenly! A return to hot on the eighth day! Enjoy! E

Jacqueline said...

I love your attitude...I have a cold but it's not gonna get me down! Hang on to the Vicks bottle and get well soon. I know I can speak for all of us, we don't want to miss a thing you dish up, except for the cold.

Jenny Stevning said...

I am sorry you have a cold, but you DO have the coolest coffee mug that I am coveting. :) Feel better!

Julie said...

Oh nooo - hope you feel better soon! Your package was mailed today...but don't laugh.. my life is such a mess that I forgot to include the when you get a box of natural sheep fluff - you will know it is from me!

natalea said...

hope you're feeling better Viv! I'm loving all that Halloween goodness in the last post!
talk soon. xo nat