Friday, August 20, 2010

christmas vs halloween

Whats this?? Christmas wreaths?? Already???
Theres a little story about obsession behind these! You see.. I saw something.. somewhere.. that caught my eye.. It was on someones Halloween creation. It was sort of like a bottlebrush trim.. or rope.. or something and it was orange. I saw it, and I absolutely had to have some! so began days of obsessive hunting for something that I dont think exists! I looked all over the internet.. and found NOTHING even remotely close to what I had seen. And to make matters even worse, I couldnt find where I had seen it to start with! I had decided to contact the artist and ask what they had used and where they had gotten it. but no luck! I went to all the craft stores... nothing.. I asked two different friends, both who own fabric shops and might come across something like it while doing their ordering for their stores, to no avail! Neither had ever seen anything like what I was talking about! Then it dawned on me that I could bleach and dye little bottlebrush wreaths and pull them apart and have short lengths of what I thought I had seen.. and so.. the next journey was finding someplace with christmas stuff out that had these little wreaths! Thank you hobby lobby! and michaels! Though they only had the tiny ones, but I was desparate and bought them anyways!
So, I mixed some water and bleach.. and dropped the little wreaths in.. after I pulled off the bows and hangy strings of course!

I let them soak until they had lost all of their green color, then I rinsed then really well. I pulled them apart and straightened them out. It was at this point that i got pretty excited because I knew that they were going to be exactly what I thought I had seen!

I then mixed up some sweet "tangerine" colored rit dye and water and then soaked these cute little bottle brush trimmies for a while!

The color was perfect, which excited me even more!!!! This is it! This is just what I had been hoping for.

Then the hardest part of all, was leaving them alone to dry. It was hard because I just wanted to make something with them and I couldnt until the next evening!

SO, while I waited, I dyed some awesome RED mohair black.. but of course red and black.. make a dark choc brown color. disappointed at first, then I decided that I liked the color, especially when it was next to that sweet tangerine color!
So, I waited til everything was dry, then for a couple days and nights i worked on a little halloween project!
a project that combined sewing, needlefelting, and painting and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Im starting another one now.
Meet my little halloweenie witch! What I like best about this whole thing is that sweet sweet orange bottlebrush trim!! Someone needs to sell some roping like this.. there must be a facotry that makes it.. I just need to be able to buy it! I want long pieces of it.. It should be sold uncolored.. I can dye it the colors I want!
So I guess my obsession has passed a bit. Im not frantically searching any more. but if YOU ever see any.. Hurry up and tell me where!! ok? ok. thanks in advance. but I dont think youre going to find any, I dont think it exists!
Well I'm off for now.. MY eyes are really tired tonight. gonna go lay down and WATCH TV!! (something I very rarely do.)
see yas tomorrow.. I'll be back to show you some sweet little charms that I got in the mail this week!
nightie night all!


A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my goodness, Viv! What an adorable witch! Aren't you the clever girl?!!!! If you can't find what you want, make it! Way to go!

Excellent needlefelting---it's just fabulous!

Enjoy your relaxing tv watching night...I've got 10 14-yr. olds over here for a slumber relaxing here!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sandy said...

Viv....This is sooo cute! OMG!!! I love your you ever sell any???? I mean like Etsy or such? We don't live where I could go to a craft show youa re in....I can't believe how much I want one of these!!!!! :):):)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Sweet dreams my friend!!!

Lydia said...

Did you check Bethany Lowe? They may have something. How adorable- terrific work, as ususal:)!

Kai said...

You are a creative GENIUS, Viv! I would never have even thought to do what you did! BRILLIANT! And that lil' bear is just the cutest! I'm in awe!

Scrap for Joy said...

How very clever of you Viv! They say that neccessity is the mother of invention and you have proven that here! Your bear is adorable...everything you create has a personality that you can see..great job! I love him!
I could say get some rest this weekend but I know that once someone is fired up..there's no stopping them!

Celestial Charms said...

What a sweet little witch. I can relate to your frantic search, I get on a mission sometimes and then I start to feel like a dog chasing it's tail ;)
At least you were able to make your own, that is great.

Jacqueline said...

I know that Jill from Bucks Country Folk Art was dying little tree's over a month ago. She is away from blogging for about another week but perhaps you can peek back. If I can find her email she sent me about them, I'll send it on.

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...
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Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

OMG Viv!!! This is precious! What a fantastic piece and great idea to use those wreaths...the color is yummy!

Lenae May said...

WOW! fun process, Viv! I love changing things up but you excelled at this one!
:) Lenae

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Pure genius!!! And then the creation to go with the trim...perfection!!! Way to go. : )

Julie said...

Adorable!!!! - hey, you never sent me your mailing address so I could send you some of my sheeps fleece. juliesize at yahoo dot com

Nancy said...

You are so darn clever! Your little Halloween bear is darling. I really need to get my felting needle out and get going again. Just love everything you make and especially how you blog about it. I just received my little flamingo pincushion!!! She is WONDERFUL!! I will be posting her on my blog and bragging, bragging, bragging about you! Thank you SOOOOo much! I'm thrilled. XOXO NANCY

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian! You are a genius!!! I must try this! Also, did I send you some minty green vintage chenille stems last year? I will tuck some in with your Halloween Banner. Also, I am so excited to reveal my Viv skier! EAK! She has turned out sooo cute. Work is seriously getting in the way of my crafting! Have fun! E