Sunday, August 8, 2010

long weekend!

chandelier close up

Its been a busy weekend! I had off on friday and went to breakfast with a friend I havent seen since I was 12 years old!!!!! then did a little shopping, then to calling hours of one of our foster boys mothers.. (so sad!) and then grocery shopping! Then friday night I stayed home and painted and worked on some Halloweenies!

sweet chandelier
Saturday morning I painted some more and then packed up and took off to the beach for the day with my girls and their friends! It was sort of cool and breezy out during the early part of the day, but it got beautiful out later. The water, I thought was warm, no one else thought so. But the waves were fantastic to play in. I spent more time in the water then out, having a blast, mostly by myself.. the others got in, but didnt enjoy it as much as I did!

boat 3
There was a regatta goign on while we were there. There were dozens and dozens of sailboats. It was gorgeous. Ive never mentioned have I, how much I love the lake and the beach??? lol!
I just feel the need to be there like everyday!

boat 4
I'm glad my daughters love it as much as I do, because they are my beach pals! I'd be lost with out them. I'm going to raise my grandbuddy at the beach too. Cant wait. And Bethanys boyfriend is enjoying the beach right along with us. I do just love him to pieces!

boat 5
Saturday night I worked on more halloweenies. Just about til I was going to go blind. I broke my sunglasses (remember? at the concert when I wandered around with a lens missing?) Anyways, havent remembered to buy a new pair yet and I do think that my eyes were sunburned yesterday. My face did get sunburned. for some reason, when I slathered on the sunscreen, I forgot my face! I dont usually do that. and I have to admit that my face feels awful from the sun.
boat 6
My eyes are still bothering me today too.
this morning I went to church in rochester with my daughter to Bethal. A large charismatic church. the sermon and the music were great. I wish we had a church like that around here. I'm not totally into all the charasmatic stuff, but I really do enjoy the more lively congregation, music and preaching.
boat 7

After church we met a friend of hers for lunch and then went to the Park AVe festival. I didnt buy anything, but saw the most beautiful chandelier! Which I showed you in the beginning of this post. A lot of walking, which was good, because I needed to work off part of my lunch!
afterwords.. we came back to my house and cooked burgers for dinner. NOW... I AM EXHUSTED FROM MY WEEKEND! and I need another one so I can relax!

CAn you tell how burned my face is in this picture?

Well, off I go for a quick and refreshing shower and some jammies.. then back to painting on some halloweenies! Have a delightful week everyone!


Malissa said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day at the beach! Congratulations on your new little grandangel! What a blessing!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Such a busy weekend. I prayed for you as I read about about your work. I know this is such hard work, but the Lord knows you have the love in your heart for these children. I used to work with special needs children and I know what it takes to do this kind of work. it is soooo much more than a job it is love deep inside of you, you are sharing with those who need it so very much. ..........Big hugs to you....m...

kathy said...

Sounds like lots of fun -- OOPS gotta get cracking on my hallween ideas also -- BUsy weekend also -
lots of fun -- HAve a good Monday !! Put on soothing lotion !!
KAthy - ga ♥

Kai said...

WHEW! I need a nap after just READING everything you did, Viv! I'm glad you had a fun beach day! I know that's your "VIV" time! Big (gentle) hugs! (Don't want to hurt your sunburn!)

Farmchick said...

Looks busy but fun!! :)

Come say hi.

Katsui Jewelry said...

I will keep Bethany in my prayers. That is not fun. I remember those days in when you have to lay around, you just worry!

What is that increbible chandalier at the top? Did you paint it? I love it!

You continue to look wonderful.I am down about ten pounds on South Beach. I like it because I am not hungry but the weight loss sure is slow!

Sending hugs,
Suz said...

I do think that a day in the sun without glasses can be bad for you. At least it wasn't chlorinated water! I love our local lake and am trying to raise our little Grandbaby there too. She loves the water as much as I do!