Monday, August 9, 2010

table top tuesday

Marty over a stroll through life is hosting table top tuesday!

I always say that I'm going to join in the fun when she does these things, but then seem to forget or run out of time! But not this time.

So I grabbed my camera and went hunting to see what there was to take pics of. UMMM Dust! all my table tops are looking a little dusty!

And those that arent, I have recently posted pics of! so as I was taking a picture of my very messy craft room table I thought, I'll just post pics of the craft room shelves and table tops.. (err.. messes!)

I have alot of treasures packed into a very small room. Most of it is from my blogland pals, as swaps and gifts! Look closely and you may see something you sent to to me.

I couldnt take pics of everything.. there is sooo much in here!

Its late.. this was only supposed to take me a few minutes and it has taken the whole evening! Eiy yie yie~

I do have to say that I love my messy craft room! I spend alot of time in here. I dont really watch tv, so while hubby is watching tv.. I'm usually in here!

Its hot and muggy here tonight! so I just turned the air on in my bedroom, I'm thinking we'll be needing it tonight!
I'm also thinking, maybe I should get a little air conditioner for my craft room too!
Sometimes the fan just isnt enough!

The only thing about air conditioners, though they do make the house more comfortable, I HATE having the house closed up when they are on!

I prefer wide open windows!
I like to be cool when I'm sleeping at night. I love when theres a cool breeze blowing in, making the curtains billow and blow!
I dont even need blankets... but my husband likes to cover up.
I dont know how he can stand it! I do have to admit though, that if my feet get cold, I will wake up with very painful foot cramps!
NO fun!
Anyways girls,
I guess this is about the end of these pictures.
Im really tired and I should get off the computer.... But...
I feel like I'm behind again in blogland, though I do think its been sort of quiet out here the past week. must be alot of girls are taking summer breaks or something.
In any case, I'm gonna do a few minutes of blog hopping before I shut down for the night! see yas soon!
hugs and sweet dreams!


kathy said...

OH how fun - loving all your sweet
collectibles --- IN our area kids went back to school Friday -- so lotsa folks have been focused on last minute vacations and getting ready for school -- HAve a great day tomorrow !! KAthy - ga ♥

April Mechelle said...

I loved all your tabletops and shelves! Everytime i see that little pink bear with the hat, I can't help but smile. So Cute!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Viv,

Wow, it is crowded in your wonderful! Your room looks exactly like I want mine to look, so maybe you could send some stuff to me so I can set the stage, take pictures and then have something to remember.....LOL Just kidding, I'm gonna' do it the old fashioned way and collect S-L-O-W-L-Y! Do you have an online store for your crafts? I'd love to see more of the work you do.


Diane said...

You are so cute and sooooo... clever. I love your table tops drool... And congratulations on that new grand baby love the last pix I had trouble with my motem just when I was ready to leave a comment! oxox, Diane

Suz said...

What a treat! I don't see anything I made for you...I hope it will be there someday...but I do see so many beautiful handcrafted items. You must feel so happy looking at all of these beautiful things!

natalea said...

I just LOVE every little bit in your fun craft room! maybe someday i can browse around there more slowly when there are no "Killer Kittens" plunging Scarlet into madness! You have such a fun collection of special art pieces!
Have a good week..xo nat

Heather said...

Very cool room, I love it!

Shari Replogle said...

Wow such wonderfulness!
Love all of your collections.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how cute is all of this. Gorgeous. I love it all. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Kai said...

I wanna go play at YOUR house, Viv! You have WAY too much fun stuff! LOVE YOU!

Creative Breathing said...

Holy Wow Viv! Your craft room is amazing! So much creativity in every nook and cranny! I might be too shy to do a group weekend, but one day a visit to see you..... it's a must! Have a great week! E

Lydia said...

Fun pictures!!!:)xo

Sandy Michelle said...

I loved peeking at your table tops and I saw no dust! I recognized one of my creations too :) Have a great rest of the week!

Sandy xox said...

Thanks for coming by to leave a comment! you were the 25,900th comment and it was on my 800th post! I want to send you a little gift. Can you please give me your address?

Little Lovables said...

you're so cute, love all of your little sweet dolls and such, I saw a few of my favorites in there!

I'm the same way, I need a breeze on me when I sleep, even in the winter when I have a down comforter on, there is something to be said about having non-stagnant air

Kim said...

What a lot of fun things you have to look at. Thanks for the tour. I'm glad you had time to show us.

Thimbleprims Studio said...

You absolutely have THE COOLEST stuff!!! Hmmmm....I see a few things that look a bit familiar.
: )
I love how you have everything arranged and I love the fun colors and the fun things.
I'm with Kai. I wanna play at YOUR house, too. : ) There's too much work at mine. : ( I swear it's starting to feel Twilight Zone-ish here, like I somehow stumbled into the "Clearing out" zone and now I can't get out. I know a portal is here somewhere.... : )
Lots and lots of love,

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy Week my Friend....hugs...m..

Fran said...

OH MY! I love looking at all your collectibles. WOW! I had to look at every piece you have displayed in your house. YES! I see my Witch PinKeep I made for you in the PinKeep swap. What fun it was. I haven't done a swap in along time.

Trey Hopson said...

Your crafts and your displays are so cute! Are you the one who made all the stuff in here? It's really creative for you to do all of these! We know that it's really hot right now, so turning your AC at night will make you have a goodnight sleep. =)