Wednesday, August 25, 2010


ta dah!
Thats what my mind is .... scrambled... jumbled up... spinning in way too many directions..
I keep telling everyone, I should have been born a princess.. so I could stay home and do what ever I wanted when I wanted..
happy happy halloween creations!
I have halloween in my brain. pumpkin faces, black cats and witches.. so many ideas of things to make... and too many other things to do as well.....
halloween joy!
Bear orders to finish.... TONIGHT!! yes, tonight.. I promised to bring them in to work tomorrow for the person that ordered them, ummm.. 2 months ago! I need to take a memory bear break. I love to make bears, but really only when its my idea to make them! lol!
I got the prettiest colored wool roving in the mail today. Ordered from ornamentea.. google it if you ever need to order. they have sweet colors. Amy powers shared their site with me. Arent these colors sweet? I ordered them for halloween projects, but they could pass for summer too.. so melony you could almost eat them! (NOT)!
like sherbet!
I have stacks of stuff piling up for halloween creating.. I probably wont get to make all thats in my head.. I have a doll brewing.. some swappy things and a couple gifties..
some halloween fun supplies
The problem is.. regular everyday life.. bear orders.. real work.. house work.. yard work!
almost finished!
Though I shouldnt complain about house work or yard work.. because quite honestly.. I've not done any of either! Look at my poor side yard.. eiy yie yie! I should be turned into "GPS" Garden protection services! Thank God there isnt such a thing!
overgrown and needing water !
I'm looking forward to tomorrow at 4:00.. when I start a 4 day weekend! I took friday and monday off and the weather is supposed to be the best summer weekend weve had yet this year! woohoo!! you know where I'll be....
just a little problem... I think I'm cooking up a little summer cold... OH NO!! I will not give in to it.. Wont be sick until tuesday.. This weekend will not be spoiled with some ratty old germs... I did buy some vitamins the other day.. been thinking about opening them and taking some.. perhaps I should have.. I guess I will now!
Hey! Have you noticed that I havent been talking about losing weight lately? Ive still been working at it, but have pretty much been holding steady at the original 55 pounds that I lost. I went back to weight watchers last night and even though I havent been attending , I was down .6, hey I'll take it.. I figured if I started going again, I would get re-inspired! and I am.. I turn 50 in about 5 weeks, and I really want to take off another 10 pounds by then.. really thats I lie, Id like to take off another 15 pounds by then, but I'm not sure how reasonable that is.. well, lets see what happens..
OK.. I have to go finish those memory bears and EAT!! just a salad, and a smoothie for later!
see yas! all you happy little bloggers!


Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh is your blog ever cute! Viv to see inside your mind.... jumbled as can be with the best ideas ever! This newest creation on her pumpkin and your treat containers are to die for! Hey! At least with a cold you are sure to drop a few unexpected pounds past your goal. I know you will do it! You inspire me as always! E

April Mechelle said...

Viv, Your baskets with the Halloween faces are so cute. Everything on your blog is great !!! Love all those colors.

Valarie said...

Okay Viv...I want to spend a day inside your head. Your creations are the most amazing things I've seen. I love them all.... great job on the weight loss. You should be so proud.
xxoo Valarie

Lydia said...

You should come to the sheep and wool festival we have in May. You can get any color under the sun, and then some. Cost you way less as well, no doubt:)

Love the Halloween items, and wool colors.

Kai said...

I don't s'pose you'd be interested in adopting a funny-looking, almost 60-year-old, round Comanche? LOL! I wanna live at YOUR house. There are so many FUN things to see & do! AND kitties to play with. About the cold-that's-NOT-going-to-become-a-cold: QUICK! Grab a magic wand (you DO have one, right?) and wave it around while saying, "Stuffy head and runny nose, coughing, sneezing, NONE of those will be allowed to come around until at LEAST Monday at sundown!" I LOVE you, Viv!

A Vintage Chic said...

Gorgeous new blog look, Viv--LOVE it! And speaking of love...that gorgeous new wool roving is to die for! Your creations using it are adorable!

Congrats on maintaining the 55! That's exactly how much I've lost & maintained so far!!!

Hope you kick that cold & have a wonderful week, my friend!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are so busy and your Halloween creations are awesome...m...

Mica said...

it's hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner. I love your little hallosies.Hugs,Mica

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Viveroni,

I got your package a couple of days ago, (thank you so much)and posted about it, so go take a look. I love your Halloween goodies......what are those little bucket/cups made of?

Best of luck on your weight loss.


Jingle said...

Oh, these are such fabulous projects!!! I am loving it all!!!

kathy said...

VI , all things so cute -- yes I have the scrambled egg of the brain syndrome also ..Too many irons in the fire LOL -- I think i can , I think i can -- will see --HUgs to you Kathy - ga ♥

Jacqueline said...

You get on that broom of yours and fly! You are cooking up some fine eye candy in your Halloween storm. As usual, I love your humor, your creativity and the way you toss the chores in life to the side...Just a side dish...that can wait!
Happy a grand time, feeling fancy free this weekend!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Viv, your things are just adorable! I love those pots. You just don't stop with all that creativity! I wish someone would show me how to felt. It looks like such fun!

I am now down 13.5 pounds, thanks to the inspiration of you and Miss Majia. It has been slow and steady and I am not starving! My husband and I are doing South Beach together, which helps a lot!


Sandy said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! PLEASE let me buy one of your items!!!!! I have the perfect place for it in my newly revised craft room, and I promise I will take very good care of whoever I get!!!!! I just love your work Viv!!!!! Sandy :)

Diane said...

Those are just the cutest! You are soooo... Creative. I bet your customer is going to be thrilled. oxox, Diane