Monday, October 11, 2010

50 things about me and a give away!

halloween panda
OK, so its over a week since my 50th birthday and 500th post and I had thought I should do something in honor of those two big occasions. so in honor of my 50th birthday, I thought I'd post 50 things about me.. (well I'm going to try anyways.. we'll see how far I get!)

1) I am 50 years old! born on oct 2 1960
2) I am the oldest of 4 kids
3) I hated school from kindergarten straight through!
4) I was a naughty teenager!
5) I barely attended 9th grade and failed.
6) moved to another school to repeat 9th and somehow passed with out doing any real work or barely attending!
7) I ran away and quit school when I turned 16. ( returned home after a couple weeks).
8) I took my GED when I was 17 and passed with out taking the classes.
9) met my husband when I was 16
10) we did a lot of partying!
11) moved out of my fathers house when I was 18 and tony and I rented a house together.
12) Was 21 when we got married on 4/4/81
13) had my first baby on 9/20/81 (dont be doing the math there girls!)
14) I worked in several factorys.. I liked factory work. (easier then what I do now!)
15) in early 1985 I went to a baby shower for a cousin, watching her open her gifts I was bit by the "I want another baby bug"
16) nine months later on 12/6/85 we had baby number 2.. Bethany Marie
17) Prior to having he baby, in oct of 85 we moved out of the city and bought our house in the country.
18) had baby number 3 on 4/21/87 Tony Jr
19) had baby number 4 on 11/10/88 Robert Biagio (named after my father in law who passed away while I was pregnant.
20) I stayed home for a bunch of years raising the kids.
21) I worked at a quilt and gift shop for a while.
22) I pretty much spent my whole paycheck there everyweek!
23) In 1994 I decided to go to college for human services.
24) after receiving my associates in human services I decided to go on to get my BAS in Social work.
25) I graduated from college the same year that my daughter Jennifer graduated from HS!
26) I got hired at our local social services pretty much right away and worked with pregnant and parenting teenagers.
27) worked there a year and then got bumped out of my position.
28) left the county and went to work at a drug treatment center with adolescents for a few years.
29) went back to the county to work in the child protection unit.
30) took another postion with the county as a preventive school caseworker
31) 6 months later took the position I have now as youth care coodinator, which deals with the juvenile delinguent and PINs teenage boys who the judge places in foster care.
32) used to love my job, presently I'm a little disenchanted with it.. but I'll get over it.
33) hmmm.. lets see.. I've always believed in God, and am a Christian.. (though not a very good example of one!) used to attend church every sunday, though now I never go. though my faith is still strong and I still pray all the time.. I just cant seem to get myself to go to church. (did I mention that my church is right across the street.... )
34) (16 more things??? ) lets see.. I've been married 29 years... my husband is an "old" biker boy. He still has really long hair which he pretty much keeps in a pony tail and tucked in his shirt.. Its a little thin these days! LOL! He also has a big scraggly old beard!
35) I figure with 4 kids that Ive thrown at least 45 birthday partys, and 4 HS graduation partys and most recently a huge baby shower!
36) my kids are 29, 24, 23, and 21... they are why I have white hair!! (jk)
37) I will become a grandmother for the first time during the first week or so of Dec this year!
38) I am a happy person.. I wake up happy to wake up!
39) I'm mostly a morning person, but I would like to never need to sleep, I want to stay up late playing and get up ready to play some more!
40) You already know this, but I LOVe to create things!
41) I love animals and have 2 siamese kitties and a recently aquired african grey parrot.
42) I lost 55 pounds this year!!!
43) I Like to say that I was born a real princess and must have been switched to the wrong family at birth.. which means that someone out there is living my other life!
44) my husband tells me I am a real princess.... (is he kidding me?)
45) I'm addicted to the computer.. blogging.. flickrs..
46) I love this blogging comunity! There are so many interesting and talented people out here that I would never know otherwise!
47) I've been able to meet in person 10 of my blogger and flickr pals! What an absolute treat!
48) I'm a bit obsessed with holiday creating and decorating..
49) I'm also a magazine junkie.. (really need to get this under control!)
50) I think I'm going shopping today.. new jeans and a trip to Joanns (birthday gift cards!) and buffalo stamps and maybe a couple new magazines!! (I see lots of christmas ones are out.)
thats it girls.. I did it 50 things about me!

Ha! # 24 thru # 32 sound like a work resume!

so now, If youve stuck it out and read the whole thing, leave me a comment, because from this post, in a couple days I will choose a winner for my 500th post giveaway.. Just a "little" something!

apple pies
By the way.. what ever possessed me to make two apple pies yesterday when I'm trying to lose more weight.. they are haunting me.. calling my name.. I hear them.. Mostly my tummy hears them I think! I will not eat any.. I will not eat any.. I will not eat any...
I ate some last night.. enough for today too! I do not need any.. I do not need any... I do not need any...


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I feel like I really know you now! Thanks for sharing!

JunqueMagnet said...

Thanks for sharing.Happy birthday!Surely just a little slice won't hurt?!!Smile.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

THat was a fun post!! I was smiling and nodding over the first few, just like me! lol and then things went far to the left! I'm afraid I was more the goody girl who loved school and got great grades. I enjoyed learning this about you---Happy 50th--hope it's a great year!
Smiles, Karen


Belated and Happy 50th Birthday!!!
You have done many amazing things and that is so cool that you went to college and are doing something so wonderful for the troubled youth!
Congrat's on losing 55 lbs...I think some of those pounds have found a new home on my thighs!
I LOVE your creations ~ the little felt animals are so stinkin sweet and I also LOVE magazines...hubby just said yesterday that the TV room is being taken over with them!
Those pies looks very yummy!
deb :)

Susan said...

Fun post. Happy 500th. Is one of the pies the prize? They look yummy. Count me in.

T=ME said...

It's so nice to learn more about you and your happy life. You have a ora around you always. You sound so happy and make me smile! Hugs, Terri

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Viv,

Okay, send the pies my way!!!! I'm always trying to lose weight, but never can cause I can't do any kind of exercise, and can't even walk far. Even if I starve myself, I don't lose weight, so you might as well send those pies to me, cause I will eat em'!

I would love to be entered into your giveaway, too.


Creative Breathing said...

Viv, These are only 50 of the reasons we all adore you! There are so many more! Elizabeth

Kai said...

I know you must be sick of me saying this, but you are so CUTE! I really enjoyed reading about you! Tho' I loved school so much I never missed a single DAY by choice,& gladly would have gone 7 days a WEEK with NO vacations if possible, you & I have multiple other things in common! LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!

Jingle said...

This is SUCH a fun list! What a great way to share about yourself! So many interesting things! And that pie looks FABULOUS!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I love the way you listed all sorts of things about you. I may have to steal er borrow this idea for a happy 40 for my daughter. She'll kill me but oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
It really is nice to have an overall picture of you. Happy Birthday again.
The Olde Bagg

~~Carol~~ said...

It was fun getting to know you better! Congrats on the weight loss (I'm on that journey right now) and on your going to be a Grandma in December!

Paula Clare said...

HA! VIV! You crack me up! You're so unblinkingly honest...about EVERYTHING! Sounds like a very VERY full 50 years...whatever will you do with the next 50?!

Hugs and have a happy!

meeyeehere said...

Congrats to you and Thanks for sharing your 50 facts! You have had such an interesting life.Have you ever thought about writing a book?? I dropped out really young as well and failed a grade too
Take care!!!Happy Birthday and I hope you have many great adventures yet to come

Scrap for Joy said...

Wow-such fascinating facts about you Viv and BRAVO for getting your degree!! If there is ever a self-help group for magazine junkies, I'll be
Yes...please sign me up for your there a pie included with this? 55 pounds is amazing!
Keep are a bright spot in my day!

Suz said...

I read the Whole Thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just love this blogland, too, and the wonderful people you meet. I am amazed with all you have done with your life, Viv. I would not have guessed that you were a naughty teenager!!! I totally understand getting disenchanted with your jobs, as I was a special ed teacher (emotionally disturbed) and School Psychologist for twenty-five years. I loved it...and it totally wore me out!
Congratulations on 500 posts!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Well, that was a Ton of Fun! Nice to know you (better)! : )
Your pies belong in a magazine. Kudos to you!

Cheryl said...

I didn't know you had that many kids! Happy-Happy Birthday, and many MANY more!

Bob and Joanne said...

I'm really impressed how you went to college after your children were born.

Happy Birthday! You get to be a Grandmother for your 50th!

Mica said...

Sorry if I tempeted you on the apple things I have been making...don't you hate it when your trying to lose weight and your blogger friends share all these sweet treats? I read all 50 of your facts and feel i know you even more. You say you didn't do school but passed!!!?? did you end up having to do the work in college though? tee hee. Your a hoot and so glad we have been bloggy friends for the last several years... you are a sweet soul.may you continually be vlessed and be a blessing to others. Hugs to you dear Viv! Mica

Julie said...

Great post. Happy birthday late Viv.. I have not been able to visit many blogs lately..

Pies look wonderful.. Apple is my very FAV.!

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow I really feel like I know you! Have a little piece of the pie during the early part of the day and it won't affect you weight. I've been doing that all Thanks Giving weekend..hee,hee!

Sandy xox

Lydia said...

Do you know that artist around the time of Paris Bottman- I can't think of her name. She draws older , more zoftig woman. There's one where they or she says, "it's only fruit", or something like that, while eating the blueberry pie. haha

Actually, I believe that in Renaissance or Medieval times, it was quite common to eat pie for breakfast. Fruit and grain I guess..:)

Fun to read your resume:).


My Favorite Things said...

Hi Viv ~ Your post made me smile! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and you have many more. Best wishes ~ Kim

Nancy said...

Wow, what an exciting life you have led and so many wonderful accomplishments! Good for you! Love reading about you....a soul sister for sure!
XOXO Nancy

*Linda Pinda* said...

Oh, Viv!
I loved reading more about YOU. And I love you...

Happy Birthday. And may you be blessed with all your loved ones surrounding you always, and all the good things you so appreciate in life.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a great list. Those pies look so tempting I know I would have to eat some more. It is fruit and you know that is good for you. have a great week...m...

Jacqueline said...

Sign me up for the give away! Can you see me waving from Fairyland. Happy upcoming birthday! I've been there and done that...on my way to 52 in January!
So fun to hear your life story...tee hee!
I wake up happy too. Only few of us understand that!
Happy days ahead!
I love Halloween...because I had a baby on Halloween night. Labor was one big trick but the treat was my Darrin!
And baby...precious in His sight for sure!

martha brown said...

I loved reading all about you, Viv!
I'm going to eat pie today too. We have pumpkin, aplle and strawberry rhubarb! I was pretty sure that I'd lose weight after this surgery, but no, I'll be gaining lots....
I'm glad that I'm one that you've met! Xox

Valerie Trog said...

I think you sound exactly what a "real" princess should be like. Your husband and children must feel like they've hit the "jackpot" everyday. Kudos to you and may you enjoy every waking moment of the rest of your life.

PS I hope GOD has a huge craft room for us die hard junkies......

Little Lovables said...

Viv, you are an amazing lady, much of what I aspire to be! This lists always bore me, but yours is so cute and perfect. Why does it not surprise me that you were a naughty teenager!? I guess we can tell when we see like minded souls ;)

April Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing Viv !! I feel like I know you better !!!

Gina2424 said...

Hi-Viv! Hope you got my earlier message about your big 5-0! Looks like I am 11 days older, so I can boss you around! :) But you win the prize for # of blog posts. Wow!! Now it makes me want to go see how many I've written. No idea, but not nearly that. Thought about you when you were in Ocean City. I was just there Oct. 4 for a trade show. Take care!

carla ( said...

Wow!!!! You have been very busy!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I am getting a grandaughter on the 22nd by c section...I have one grandson!!!! They are so much fun!!! hugs

Stevie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Yum, those apple pies look delish!

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Love your blog!!

Diane said...

Oh Viv I am so glad you stopped by, I missed your giveaway POst, Happy Birthday and it was sure fun reading all about you, I got to know you a little better! What fun. And yes you clicked to fast I missed your comment, but I knew you had stopped by oxox, Diane

Farmchick said...

That's a lot of info --but I enjoyed reading about YOU!! :)

Happy 50th!

Fran said...

You're an amazing person. I loved reading 50 things about you. OH! and the apple pies look so YUMMY!
CONGRATS! on your loosing 50 lbs. this year. WAY TO GO!! I've been bad, I have only lost 20 lbs. I have to keep the pies and whip cream out of my house. LOL!! Yes, I eat them.
Love your giveaways.
Hugs, Fran

Sabii Wabii said...

Well I missed the entry time but wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and welcome to what I call in biblical terms...the year of Jubilee!
I beat you to it by about 10 months.
So far it's been an interesting and great year. Hope the same for you.