Thursday, October 28, 2010

wonderful witchy royalty!

I had several girls join in the crown making fun for halloween and they all turned out sooo cool. I love them all!

This first crown was made by Linda in new mexico.
Isnt it absolutely wonderful!!
I love it!

I love how she coiled up the pieces of newspaper and also the great newspaper fan in the front! Thanks for playing along Linda!
hese next two crowns were made by the fabulous lulu kellogg. I love the shape of the first one and the picture of the angry sisters! (Im pretty sure thats what she called them!)

In this one she used the chicken wire which is something that I was wanting to try, but i dont want to have to buy a bunch of something Im never going to be able to use. I dont think you can buy just a small amount.. like a couple feet! Anyways, I had bought that same beware piece to use on one of my crowns, but forgot i had it! great crowns Lulu! and thanks for sharing them!

This adorable crown was made by Julie Campbell of A Vintage Chic. SOOO freaken cute.

I love the little pumpkin girl picture.

I LOVE the little hayride tickets and that the little witch with the moon pic!

Thank you so much for joining in the fun Julie!

This one was made by Jane Palmer. Again, I'm so glad she joined in the fun.
Love the spider webs on her crown and that very famous picture is one of my favorite halloween images... as is the witchy girl that linda and Julie used on theirs!

Great Job Jane! how did you do the spider web?

Really I am sooo glad these girls joined in the fun. there were a couple of others but I didnt get their pics yet, if I do get them I'll post them.

I did a google search for halloween crowns and there are quite few out there. I wouldnt usually ever take someones photo like that, but I HAD to show you this soooo awesome crown. It was made by a girl named karenlouiseM . I couldnt find out if she had a blog or flickr, so I couldnt contact her, but I LOVE her crown! There were other crowns there too, but Holly Abston and Lisa Kettell that I just loved! Anyways, that brings me to mine! You already saw the first one I made which I am reposting at the end here, but I just made this halloween candy one this week..
I had fun making it. I make them flat and then when I'm done I tie them closed with ribbon, but this one I really liked flat and was thinking about framing it open like that.

any how.. thats it for tonight.. lots of halloween fun..

Cant believe its almost here.. and soon to be gone.. and then I'm going to have to put ALL my precious halloweenie stuff away!
crown 6
Its such a big job.. and time consuming.. I'll end up leaving things out that can double for thanksgiving. I dont really have lots of thanksgiving stuff. but I'll get there..
crown 4

The thing is, there is such a short time period for having it out! really only a month. The day after thanksgiving christmas comes out!
crown 3

OK.. I'm tired and am rambling on here..
just want to say thanks again to the girls who sent me their pics!
halloween crown 2
THank God tomorrow is friday!! I'll be working on bears again this weekend..
fiinished 6 last weekend.. will show you pics sometime soon.
night night all!


Jane said...

Wow, such fabulous Halloween crowns! Mine is so simple compared to the rest, but now I've got lots of ideas for my next one! Hmmm, maybe I should go ahead & make another one before I pack my Halloween supplies away!

Thanks, Vivian! Such fun!

p.s. Your kittens are darling!

natalea said...

these are all so awesome!! fun!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Viv,
Your crowns are ALL beyond amazing! Had I not had a dozen other "irons in the fire" I'd have joined in...maybe next year?!?! Or maybe a CHRISTMAS crown?!?!

YOUR original is still my fave. That crazy cat just makes it! LOL!

Thanks for sharing and hosting such a creative celebration!

Jingle said...

Oh, these crowns are all so wonderful!!! How very fun!

Lisa said...

Those are incredible! I'm soooo happy I found your blog - such fabulous inspiration!

kathy said...

oh viv __ YOUR KITTIES ARE SO SO CUTE -- i LOVE ALL THE CROWNS wish i had time to make one for your challenge :(-- no time to even put Halloween out -- only my little white tree with our 12 swap ornies put them on the day I got them -- I think I will leave it up lol -- I have a silver tree (small ) in one corner for tag s and little Valentine ornies -- Well maybe next year !!!! Blessings

Sandy Michelle said...

What fang'tastic crowns Viv! You're looking great too!

Happy Halloween!

Sandy xox

NanE said...

Holy cow, every one of those crowns is AMAZING!!!! I've never made a crown, wouldn't even know where to start but it sure looks like a lot of fun and a great form of self expression. Thank you for sharing Viv and have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Nan

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

So much FUN and INSPIRATION!!!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Thanks for this opportunity to join with some really talented crown makers. Viv, you're a goodie to have pulled us all into something so fun. Just for the record, and I should have told you before but mine isn't made of newspaper but from an antique Sears catalog. Not really important but I thought I'd mention it.
This was alot of fun, I gave my crown away in a Queen of Halloween giveaway and added your link to the party.
The Olde Bagg

Creative Breathing said...

WOW OH WOW!!!! These are super creative and wonderful!!!! Each one has so many new ideas to try. A Halloween crown on my list for next year! Have a fun day! E

A Vintage Chic said...

So much fun, Viv! Thanks for doing this--I loved all the ladies' crowns--wonderful imagination!

Hope your Halloween weekend is fabulous, my friend!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love them all, Happy Halloween!!!

martha brown said...

I love these crowns Viv! Thanks for organizing and sharing this!

LuLu Kellogg said...

It was wonderful to get to see all of these crowns! What an amazing job everyone did!

Kiss the kitties for me!!


Chaunna said...

WOW these crowns are something to brag about... I'm bookmarking these for next Halloween - hopefully I'll get to make them with my nieces :)