Sunday, October 3, 2010

wow!! what a weekend! two posts in one.. and lots of pictures!

sh 58
Saturday was Bethanys baby shower. We had a great time. We did a circus theme, which was fun to do. Decorating was a lot of fun, we had so many cute ideas! I took a ton of pictures but its so hard to decide which ones to post here! And I didnt even post all of them on flickr.

sh 48
We had lots of food. I served beef on wic, salt potatos, rosa marina salad and the standard veggie trays, crackers and cheese, etc! I also bought popcorn containers at the dollar store and put them on the tables full of popcorn for snacking to fit with the circus theme and we rolled down brown lunch bags and filled then with peanuts in shells. Anyways, everything looked great and I think everyone had a good time.
I know bethany did!
sh 54
I was a little worried that people were getting tired and wanting to leave, with so many gifts to open, it did take a little bit of time. Though I think the shower really only lasted about 3 hours, so thats not too bad right?

sh 2
My mom was still up from last weekend (grammies funeral) so I was so happy that she could come, and Tonys mom was here, as they are unable to go back to florida, because her husband was just diagnosed with esophagial cancer. sad, I know, but I was so glad she could be here for the shower. In the picture above, is my mom in the gray sweater and tonys mom in the flowery jacket.
sh 9
I made Bethany (well the baby really) a really sweet teddy bear and a monster mobile! wait til you see them. they are so cute.. I'll show you in my next post. I probably already have too many pictures here!

sh 10

I gotta say that Torrys a trouper! I really put him on the spot in front of the 70 or so guests we had! I had special gifties just for him. One gift was a diaper changing kit, complete with rubber gloves, a clothespin for his nose, antiseptic hand lotion, air freshener.. and somethings else.. I cant remember what it was!
Then I gave him a gift for some Quiet time, a pair of pj's, the new ironman 2 movie (he has been wanting that) cookies and earplugs! I told him he could use them now if he needs too! lol! then the last bag was toys and munchies and mcdonalds gift cards for when she is at the hospital. It was fun to buy goodies for him. geesh, the mom and baby get everything.. dads deserve a little something special too!

sh 39

Anyways, if you want to see the rest of the shower pics, you can go to my flickr.
I just uploaded a ton of pictures there tonight! It takes sooo long though. its annoying.

birthday party!

So besides being Bethanys shower yesterday, it was also my 50th birthday, which we celebrated today. My kids planned a little dinner party for me at red robin, which is where I had been telling them I wanted to eat for my bday! LOVE their burgers and havent been there since last summer, not a diet friendly place!

bp 18

It was sort of a surprise. They wouldnt tell me where we were going, though I had a pretty good idea it would be there, but I didnt have any idea that their would be others there besides us! My two best friends and their families were there and my mom and my aunt!
bp 4

Jennifer brought the crown that she made for me a couple years ago and they made me wear it! And then Robert wore it, and so did torry!

bp 14

bp 15
silly boys!
bp 16

I ate just what ive been thinking about having for weeks! The bacon blu burger. Its huge! I could not finish it though.. I gave the rest to Torry to take home. It was so good though! Then of course the waitresses brought me dessert and sang to me.. I couldnt eat all of that either.. bethany finished that for me!

bp 11

Everyone had a good time, my son and one of my girlfriends arm wrestled! that was very interesting.. especially when I thought she was going to win for a minute!

bp 20

Tony and John got filled up and kicked back! it was funny to see them both sitting there like twins! One of johns kids asked if they had on matching undies too. cute.

bp 22

So anyways, It was a busy and fun weekend. too much to tell about and not enough time to tell it all anyways. but so far 50's not so bad. doesnt really feel any different. Its just a number right? I dont know, Im still struggling a little with it.. turning 50 and becoming a grandmother in the same year.. ...

the princess turns 50 yesterday!
eiy yie yie! I dont want to be old! lol! and I have a belly ache! Ive been eating junk alllll weekend!
tomorrow its back on track for me!
night all


Paula Clare said...

Happy birthday, Viv! What a FUN weekend! Isn't family great?

Scrap for Joy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Viv! You are a young looking 50 so don't worry about the's how you feel that counts! (I know, some days like 21 and some 91!!!)
Looks like there was a lot of celebrating going on with your family all weekend. I'm glad your birthday received the proper attention. (The burger looks amazing!) Beef on wek...I didn't know what that was but we have a local restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves it and it's delicious. My friend (who is from Buffalo) explained it to me. Yum!
Have a great week...have another piece of cake!

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Birthday Vivian! You make the cutest 50 EVER! What a fun baby shower. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! E

Kai said...

I don't suppose there's ANY possibility that you would want to adopt a crazy 60-year-old Comanche into your wonderful family, would you? You all have the MOST fun! LOVE the shower theme, & it was fun seeing your mom & MIL, plus seeing Tiffany with her pressies! The things you gave the baby's daddy are AWESOME! What a thoughtful & fun thing to do! As for your bd - oh, lil' Viv! OLD???? YOU???? C'mon! NEVER! You have the youngest spirit of anyone I know! And I was 'surprised' at age 38 with MY daughter being preggers so - trust me - 50 is COOL! I'm guessing you will be young at EVERY age! I'm just extra glad that you had such a great weekend! LOVE YOU!!!!

A Vintage Chic said...

Happy Birthday, Viv! Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the baby shower--70 people came??? WOW! That IS a lot of gifts! So sweet of you to remember the daddy...

Hope today is just as fabulous!


kathy said...

Happy BIrthday VIV -- HOw cute you all look -- THe shower was so cute -- Blessings to you all!!
Being a grandmother is so great !!you're gonna be fabulous !!!

full of bliss said...

Happy Birthday Vivian!!! What a weekend you had! It looks like is was so much fun. You look absolutely amazing!

natalea said...

I'm so happy you had a fun weekend Viv! Both the shower and your b-day looked like everyone had a good time!! And of course you look great!!! talk soon...and keep enjoying your "birthday week"...xoxo

Meri Wiley said...

Happy Birthday Viveroni,

Darn I wished I looked as good as you for 50. Guess what? My son took me to Red Robin for my 50th birthday funny is that? My favorite burger is the bonzai burger with pineapple and cheddar cheese.......RED ROBIN......YUM!

I hope your birthday was the best. Mine lasted almost two weeks with 7 dinners, 3 cakes, and four boquets of compost is full!


Lydia said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!! Wish I could've been there celebrating with you!

And the shower and what you made looked great! What a powerhouse you are!

You look great. Hope you enjoyed the burger:) xo

Fran said...


The monsters are wonderful. WOW!!
I've been out of town so much lately and our nephew passed away. We were in Port Jefferson. His funeral was in Port Jefferson. He lived in Middle Island and so does our daughter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I've done 50 and then some.
Always better when you have loving family around you.

Little Lovables said...

how fun, looks like your birthday was a blast :) you are so lucky to have so many great friends and family