Saturday, October 16, 2010

blogland.. we have a winner here.. and..LIttle things mean alot!

to me anyways!
I love little things..
Oh hell.. I just love things!

but mostly cute little things!

seems there is always room for more!

and they are so much fun to make besides!
other then the fact that I'm going blind!!

trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat!!
Dont you just love that bear above in the witches hat!
hes one of my faves.
But really, they are all my faves!

OK... and now finally girlfriends..
I have a winner for my 50th birthday and 500th blog entry!!
the Lucky winner of something "Little" is number 26,
send me your address Linda and I'll send you a "little somthin!"
have a great weekend everyone!
i'm off to go to do a little fun shopping and to get some pumpkins!


Sandy said...

Congrats Linda! Viv, where did you find an orange tinsel tree????? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Sandy

Linda in New Mexico said...

Congratulations to Linda Pinda...I am terribly jealous but I shall get over it ..... someday. Viv, your little things that you love are fabulous and worthy of your adoration. Happy Weekend, Linda The Olde Bagg

Jane said...

Congratulations to Linda! What a wonderful Halloween display of Little Things! Love it!
Jane - Jacksonville

Lisa said...

Can I pay you to make me one of those little panda bears?

Jacqueline said...

Gee wilikers, I almost bit my tongue in anticipation of my name being drawn!
Oh shoot! I love all the goodies and yes, the boo-tiful thing about little things and oh hell, I love them that there's ALWAYS room for more.
Laughing through the fun of it!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hey Sista Viv, you have the BEST displays!!! Love the kitty with the boo banner!

Fran said...

CONGRATS! LINDA. You are a very lucky lady.

Nancy said...

OMG!!!!! I love it all! How fun to be surrounded by all that great Halloween. I am so disappointed that I wasn't the big winner, but it certainly won't stop me from trying again another time.
XO Nancy

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love it!!!!!!!

barbara burkard said...

woooohooooooo!!! congrats linda!!!
((wavin')) hello from me to you!!!


Creative Breathing said...

VIV! The way you talk just kills me! You can't help yourself but admit how much you love to craft. We are all glad you love to craft because you make THE CUTEST things on the face of this planet! Such a fun post! E

Kai said...

YAY! Congratulations to you, Linda! And Viv, you HAVE to be the BEST Halloween-decorator ANYWHERE! I LOVE all your darling goodies!

Miss Rhea said...

What cute Kitties :) Your grandbaby is a DOLL, definitely looks like Both Mom and Dad. You must be SO excited ! Did Frannie get spayed ? I notice you are Litter free at the moment :) Hope you have a wonderful week !!!! Hugs :) :)

Malissa said...

akkkkkk.....I can't believe I missed the giveaway!! That's what I get for not blog hopping much lately! Congrats to Linda!!

Julie said...

Congrats Linda... I said just before I sulked away! ha ha ..

*Linda Pinda* said...

Hi Sweet Viv!
I'm so excited :D
I have been searching for a place to be able to contact you with the info you need, but can't find a contact or email button. Let me know where to send the info, and I'll do just that! Thanks so much.

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