Thursday, October 21, 2010

home sweet home!

Halloween pillow 1
Today is one of those days when it just feels so good to get home!

sort of blustery, rainy and cold outside... the bottoms of my pant legs were dragging and wet.

a quick stop at wallyworld to get a few things, kleenex, paper plates and some halloween treats for my secret pal at work. (I wish I could just make her something, but then she would know who her pal was..)

dial up 798-1100 Avantis Pizza! forget about eating smart tonight.. I was up two pounds on the scale at work this morning.. Pizza and wings! I'll pick them up! and OH they smelled so good in the car on the way home!

driving home, I managed to open up a package of weight watchers cookies with one hand.. (simply amazing arent I?) and scarfed down 2 of them!

In the house, I got the groceries unloaded. lit a few candles, turned on the halloween lights, jumped into some warm flannel pjs.. and filled up my plate with hot cheesy goodness and sweet chicken wings! mmmm... and with yummy blue cheese!

Now the tea kettles on.. waiting for the whistle to blow! But I'll catch it before it goes off, that is one sound I dont want Buffy the bird to learn to make!!

now, surrounded with warm halloween cheer.. and my sweet pets.. and hubby too.. what more could one want?
I know.. the day off tomorrow and a pound of choc walnut fudge! lol!

Did you notice the award at the top of my post? My sweet "bloggy sister" Paula Clare, honored me with her Oct's "YOu INSPIRE ME" award! She made me feel quite special! I just love blogland. I left her a comment saying that I am inspired daily here.. really, I dont think theres a blog that I've visited that I havent been inspired in someway. I have learned through blogging to find art in every single day. sounds a bit corny.. but its oh so very true.
thank you Paula Clare!
thank you to all of you!
and... isnt my birdy really FREAKEN CUTE?!!
oh... and did I tell you that Frannie is about to have another litter??
frannie pies a blimp!

love sweet love

sweet dreams friends!


Suz said...

I read the blog in which you got your honor. It was very touching! Very...

Linda in New Mexico said...

oh now you've done it sweetie....the kids want a Franny kitten...the big kid really wants a Franny kitten. I may have to skip the pictures of this litter of kittens cuz I had to talk them off the ceiling last litter....we love kittens but our Sunny Bunny Boo Boo head marmalade manx is not a gentleman kitty and new terror terrier Ellie Mae Scootles would make live miserable for a sweet baby kitten... I'll just keep this on the down low.....
The Olde Bagg

Aelwyn said...

I just want to cuddle up in your Hallowe'en cushions!

Jacqueline said...

All hollow by make Halloween so fun. Are you sure you are not an art teacher or school teacher? I'd love to be in your class! And the light up blogland girlfriend with your own special spark!
Fun to visit as always!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting. Great article.

Kai said...

Doggone it, Viv! Now I want PIZZA! LOL! I laughed all the way through your post! You're adorable! And - woohoooo! - soon we get to see more darling kitties!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I soo love all of your Halloween goodness. Your babies are so beautiful they are just purfect. LOL...have a super fun weekend and have some fudge...m..

Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh Viv is this ever a jammed pack post of good news! A pillow collection! I never would have thought. It's wonderful! Your ornament swap was amazing, your crowns more amazing, new kitties EEK! I'm thinking of all the winter cozy kitty posts! What a way to start the weekend! Elizabeth

pamala said...

Oh my word, you have mad talent, looooove your beautiful and fun creations! Visited after stopping by Paula's blog and reading about the award. CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

Love all the cat pillows!

And the cats!