Saturday, December 17, 2011

aww da babbie waindeers

aww da babbie waindeers!
my oh my.. It so close now! And I still have alot of fun things to do! I finished up a bunch of those little reindeer and mailed all the I made out.. but I still need to make another dozen or more!
Yesterday I baked 4 different kinds of cookies.. one was a flop.. coconut date balls, I couldnt find my recipe and went on line and chose one I thought was similar.. but was all wrong! anyways.. gonna call my mil and get the right recipe today and try again! Plus I have two more kinds to make as well.
morning little deer friend!
My whole family is going to the neroni chelini christmas party today, but I think I'm skipping it. I feel bad about it, but I just need to stay home. I have 5 christmas stockings to make. (plus those cookies to make). Also, I really would like to be home alone for the day!
gotta make 5 stockings today!
In baby news.. Tiffany was having some pains on friday night and went to the hospital. but they weren't labor pains. She was already scheduled for a pre op appt on the 22nd and the c-section on the 28th, but her doctor told her that she would go before the 22nd! OH my gosh.. thats this week girlfriends! a freaken baby girl I'm getting!! and shes going to be living here!!! omg!
And in the torry pie department.. He was here with me til midnight last night and hes soo freaken cute I cant stand it. but he has a cold.. sneezing and runny nose. and he's pulling on his ears... he has an appt this week.. but I dont think its til thursday, she should get him in earlier I think. dont want a sick baby for christmas!
so.. I'm a little overwhelmed... but its in a good way. Off I go to work on those stockings!
happy day!


Farmchick said...

I didn't know you were going to have baby in your family! You are going to be one busy lady in the Grandma department!!! ;) Congratulations. PS the little reindeer are adorable. Come on over and say hi!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG your week is going to be crazy!!! I hope sweet Torry Pie will get better quick!

You are need to stay home today and work on your gifties!!

Sending Love!

Kim K. said...

I can't believe what lies ahead this week at your house. Oh my goodness!!! I'm feeling stressed for you. Enjoy your alone time today. You deserve it.

Christmas hugs!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

A lot of excitement! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas andnas always, love your creations.

Cindy said...

Your reindeer are so cute! I love them. You sure do have a lot to do. It's amazing that you might have a new granddaughter in time for Christmas! Have a great day and get a lot done - less to do later:)

Lynn said...

OMG!! You amaze me with all the things that you get done. I feel like a slug compared to you! Best wishes on getting everything done and all so excited about the new baby coming this week. Oh mine before Christmas too!!

kathy said...

VIV yikes !! I remember those days --of babies and waiting on another baby --and both came early !!!!--and two new grands in 6 mths -- A Blessing, but always running and loving it -- what gets done - will get done -- You get more accomplicshed than anyone i know -- SUperwoman !!!LOL


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

You need HELP!!! It's okay to make less cookies/treats!! Reallly!
Of course those reindeer are darling! Who wouldn't want one!
Enjoy the day!
Exciting news about the Grandbay coming Thursday!
Merry Christms.

My Vintage Mending said... of luck to you and your family..these look darling...Merry Christmas...Renee

Rhissanna said...

Congratulations and good luck! Poor bunny with the sore ear, that seems really unfair at Christmas. I hope it's all better soon.

Barbara said...

i SOOOO need to step up my game, eh? oh mee oh my....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I'm excited for you, getting a new baby granddaughter this week, and hope the other baby gets his ears fixed way before Christmas - hope you and your family enjoy a nice day together.


Sandy Michelle said...

I hope Torry feels better by Christmas! Kayla spent all of last night vomitting. Your going to feel like you have a live dolly in your home- with the arrival of your Grand Daughter! My Nephew just had a baby boy and he is 10 pounds! Anyway I love your little reindeer! Happy Holidays!

Sandy xox

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Pulling on his ears and they can't see him til Thursday? OH, I hope it's not an earache. Poor little baby.

I feel your stress from here! But, most of it sounds like fun stress. Just try not to get sick for Christmas!

Lisa said...

Hope sweet little Torry is feeling better soon. I hate when our little angels don't feel well. Yay for your sweet granddaughter coming this week! How exciting. Don't wear yourself out Viv ~ you don't want to get yourself sick and not be able to love on your precious grandbabies!

Lori said...

Oh, my! Your reindeer are the cutest things! I need to learn how to make them... Hope things calm down a little for you...

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

Love all your work and your reindeers are esp. adorable!! Hope you have a super great awesome to be around lovely babies! They really do make Christmas extra special!! :) <3