Friday, December 9, 2011

reindeer games!


Thank God its Friday!! this week seemed to last forever. Probably mostly because I battled this cold all week. Thankfully Im feeling much better tonight.

I have a busy weekend planned.. well its technically not planned.. I need to make a list and a plan before I go to bed tonight, so I know exactly what I should be doing when I get up in the morning.


I have crafting, cleaning, shopping and baking to do and our union christmas party to go to tomorrow night. Plus, I'm on call and have home visits I have to do tomorrow as well as to deal with any new reports that might come in over the weekend.


I also want to post pictures from the ornie swap Im in. Ive opened 5 really awesome things so far. theres 13 girls in the swap, so lots more to open!!

hows everyone else doing with holiday preparations?

I'm feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed.. but I always do at this time of year. Theres always so much I want to do. Just need to remember the real reason... Jesus... soooo easy to lose sight.

In other news... my daughter in love, tiffany who is due Jan 4th, went to the dr this week and the baby is breech. they have her coming back on wednesday to do some pre-op stuff. I think they are going to schedule a c- section instead of taking chances. they are a bit upset about it. I dont blame them. so I believe they are looking for a date of dec 28th. OMGosh girls!! I'm gonna have a grand daughter! well, please keep them in your prayers. thank you!

OKeedokie! Ive got to do some very quick blog hopping and then go work on a project.

see yas!



Kim K. said...

Prayers for your soon-to-be granddaughter and daughter in law. How exciting to think of another baby in a few weeks. I just sent you a note. Your box of goodies was absolutely perfect. Exactly what I needed this week. Christmas hugs!

Debby said...

Wow, you have alot to do this week-end. Good luck. It will all come together.....seems like it always does, doesn't it.
Do they have hope that they baby will change positions. If not best that they schedule a c-section. What a fun a new baby coming your way. Your first granddaughter, right. So much fun. (((((HUGS))))

Mica said...

VIV...OMGoodness I love this reindeer...I would die for one of those...well not really die...but oh my I must have one of hims...he's so stinking cute....what shall I do to keep me one of hims???? What fun you are having with swaps...your one busy gal that is for sure...have a happy weekend doll...Love ya, Mica

Torie Jayne said...

Gorgeous reindeer! Have a sweet day!

Kai said...

I am on that 'I LOVE THE LIL' REINDEER TRAIN'!!! He's so adorable! I can't BELIEVE how much you get accomplished, Viv! I'm super organized (most of the time) but you do 50 TIMES what I do and THEN some! I'm sending good thoughts & prayers for your new granddaughter's safe & speedy arrival! Can't WAIT to see her! Have a fun weekend & do what you can, but remember to rest some too! I LOVE YOU!

kathy said...

Viv will pray for your new Grandtr to be and MOM and SOn -- how fun a new lil one -- my youngest was breeech also -- but went very well -- EEEEEK -- the Reindeer !!SO SO adorable and the lil spots -- too too sweet --
Glad you are feeling better !! Busy busy < I know -- HUGS -- kathy - ga ♥

A Vintage Chic said...

Love your Christmas blog header, Viv--and your sweet deer!

Wow--another grandbaby! Everything will be just fine--baby girls are SO wonderful!

Wishing you some quiet time in all the crazy, my friend--have fun!


Cindy said...

How exciting to be getting another grandchild! I'm sure everything will be fine. I had 3 c-sections, and I didn't have to go through labor, just post op pain, which isn't too bad with meds.

Hope you have a good weekend and try not to stress too much, It will all get done (or not!)

She'sSewPretty said...

I saw your adorable reindeer on Pinterest!! But, you have fantastic news. A grand daughter!! Lucky you! I can just imagine all the adorable creations you will be making her!

Lynn said...

Oh wow, prayers for your new daughter-in-love and the new granddaughter. I hope that things work out and she turns on her on in time for a normal delivery. I had both of my babies by c-sections but only after almost 27 hours of labor with my first born, my son. I pray that all goes well with the delivery. Hope you get all the things you need to get done done this weekend. But, take time to rest for you !!!

kandeland said...

Hi Viv! loving the little reindeer! You just never run out of cute ideas! and I wanted to tell you that i made my mom a snowman for Christmas using the same technique you showed us for the elf. It came out so cute! I can't show it yet because I'm afraid she'll see it on my blog. Anyway, also thank you for the cupcake tutorial! can't wait to try it...or should I NOT be thanking you because I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT! cause you know what that means...i will have to run to the store and get my supplies asap!
Ok, off I go for a night out, but have a good weekend and good luck to your daughter in law!! xo