Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas morning snapshots!

christmas morning

digging out....

christmas morning

santa was very very good to all of us.. again this year!

christmas morning

we are blessed... (in so many ways!)

christmas morning

I got a new camera! thank god.. I havent been able to get good pics of anything lately.. I havent tried it out yet.. I need to read the instructions.. (I hate reading instructions! lol)

christmas morning

Everyone got something they really wanted!christmas morning

NO baby yet! but she is scheduled for a C section at 7:30 wednesday morning... so if not before.. at least by then! better figure out that new camera by then!christmas morning

today is the first day in a long time that I dont feel the pressure to do anything.
I think Im going to do some laundry and watch some movies and make somethings cute...
christmas morning

for dinner there is beef on wic and lots of left overs for christmas eve. i didnt take any christmas eve pics! we had our annual christmas eve party.. always fun.. but all day long I felt like I was never going to be ready! had a little help in the end and was able to pull it off!christmas morning

So, I know that some of you take all your christmas stuff down today.. (natalea) but mine is staying up at least another week or maybe even two.. LOL! maybe til valentines day! LOL!!! (not really.. thats a little too long)

christmas morning

I might clean and sort my craft room today.. its been christmas central in there, and now that the gifts are out of there, I can make some headway! christmas morning

Isnt Torry pie adorable? he was so funny yesterday, He didnt really care about all those gifts, he just wanted food and wrapping paper! He got so many gifts from everyone.

christmas morning

he got a little tired out by the end of the day!

christmas morningchristmas morning

Or maybe not! lol!

christmas morning

anyways, we had a great day all being together. lots of laughs, lots of love, lots of food, and lots of presents!

I hope you all had a great day too!


Kim K. said...

Beautiful pictures, Viv. Looks like everyone had a splendid Christmas. I hope you have a lazy day today. We're making room for new toys and Chris is busy setting up Josie's new race track on the ping pong table. I'm not planning on putting Christmas until after New Year's. We were slow to get them up and I'm not in any hurry to put them away.

Christmas hugs!!

Shirley Hatfield said...

I got a new camera too...I really, really, really hate to read instructions! You always make me laugh...we have similar sense of humor. =D

Susan said...

Looks like a fun Christmas. I'm the opposite, I don't mind reading the manuals at all. I'm looking for a new camera myself, let us know how you like it.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh that was a TON of presents! What a huge celebration. Glad you have a new camera~ Merry Christmas..oh - and my decorations will stay up through the new year since we are having a few people over for New Years Eve.

Sandy said...

How was there room for the family in that space???? I remember Christmases like this...when my inlawsd were both here...Grammy went nuts! It was really hard to scale back, but we had to....enjoy it while you can!!! I would lov to see what you got, and your new camera! Hugs, Sandy

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Looks like a beautiful Christmas with all the things that matter! Cute baby.....xox Corrine

Kai said...

Uh-oh! Add ME to the list Nat's on (taking down Christmas right away.) LOL! I still want to be part of your wonderful family, Viv! SO MUCH LOVE THERE! If I'd grown up in a family like yours, I MAY have turned out almost NORMAL! Hahahahaha! I loved the photos & am SOOOOO eager to see the new granddaughter when she arrives! LOVE YOU!!! (I emailed you earlier so there's MORE of my silliness waiting for you!)

Barbara said...

looks like our place....looks like a bazillion packages..but factor in the quantity of bodies, oh so eager to get

oh so cannot wait for the new baby!!! waiting for details before i can finish my project!!!

our trees are down...valentine tree is going up....all my lovely love ornaments from across the years....


what kind of camera??? (i got one too!)

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

Fabulous pictures and it sure did look like Santa was good to all!!!! CONGRATS on the new camera...enjoy and it is the gift that keeps on giving because we get to see all the pics you take : ) YEAH!!!! sending holiday hugs to you and yours : )

Merci-Notes said...

Lovely!!! WHat a wonderful day. Hope that all is well with the coming of the new baby. Torrie is a cutie and the little girl with the kitty! cute! :)

Hugs, Mary

Fran said...

Love all your Christmas Pictures. I'm slipping....I didn't take any pictures. Was so busy going to the kids houses and to the in laws houses I TOTALLY FORGOT until I looked at and read your Christmas post. LOL LOL!! Is that a sign that I'm slipping or loosing my mind??? LOL LOL!! WAY TOO MUCH ON MY MIND SINCE WE BOUGHT THIS HOUSE, SICKNESS, MOVING, ETC ETC. THANK GOODNESS everything is almost finished and JUST MAYBE I can find my mind again. LOL LOL!! Better laugh than cry. LOL LOL!!
We leave our tree up until "LITTLE CHRISTMAS". I think it's Jan. 6th, have to ask my hubby the Italian. We've kept our Christmas Tree up every year since Ken and I've been married. 21 years.
Can't wait for your new grand baby to arrive.
Luv & Hugs

kandeland said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Yay! now it's time to relax! (haven't gotten my stuff down yet...soon!) xox

Cindy said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I can imagine all the gifts Torrie got. Our grandson, Tad, got so much and didn't care a bit! But it sure is fun to spoil them!
I think we need to take down the big tree at least. It is losing so many needles, I'm afraid it will go up in flames!

linda keaveney said...

WOW....unbelievable!!! You sure are a busy gal....your house must have been filled with laughter and love...good for you!!
all the best with your new grandchild!! Oh yeah...My decorations come down New Years Day..usually find a few here and there for a few weeks after..

Happy New Year

Linda :o)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful houseful!

Was that a mini helicopter one of your boys got? I gave one to our son last year, and he loved it.