Sunday, December 4, 2011

someone is turning 1 this week!

torrys 1st birthday party!

Torry Pie is gonna be one on thursday! wow.. this year went sooo fast!

time to make some noise torry pie!

A year ago today we were rushing time and hoping that he would come soon!!

still liking the paper better!

Now, I would like to slow it down and keep him little forever.. ..

you looking at me?

he's just soooooo freaken awesome. You probably dont already know this,but OMG i love that baby!!!

oh boy my own tools!

Uncle Robby (also expecting a baby in about a month) gave Torry his own little tool set..

uncle rob will teach me all about tools!

maybe a little too old for him, but both of them were tickled with it!

tool time 4

torry says.. hey uncle rob, what do I use these for??

tool time 3

I loved these pics of rob with Torry.

cake time 1

Anyways, we had a lot of fun and Torry probably wondered what the heck was going on. but I think he loves coming to grammies house. Theres always something fun going on here!

cake 3

ha! you should have seen him when he was finished with his cake!

cake time!

I think Torry had a very happy birthday party!

and its his mommys birthday this week too!

So, today I'm having a pajama day. puttering and hanging out with figgy and frannie. usually the kids all come over on sundays, but I told them not to last night! I went shopping on thursday, friday and again sat morning. Then I came home and cleaned the house for the party. I think everyone left by 10:00 last night. but I knew i needed a day to lay low today. plus I think I'm getting a cold or something... just gonna ignore that idea though! I shouldnt have even wrote that!!

so off I go.. gotta make a reindeer!


happy sunday!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet little boy! So precious and so lucky to be so loved...

Diane Mars said...

That looks like so much fun we too s enjoy the Grands B-days. It sure is a busy time of year for you Viv, but someway you manage to pull everything off. Happy P.J. Day.~

Tracy Suzanne said...

He's just so precious. I can't believe it's been a year Viv. He looks like he has so much personality. You're gonna have the best Christmas with him.

OX's...T :)

Cindy said...

One is still adorable and I so want to hug him!!!! I know you can't keep your hands off I bet he has a Sometimes I wished I could freeze time with mine also...but then...they do get bigger and call you on the phone...and just chitter chatter away..about school and such...LOVE IT!!!!

You get some rest and take some vitamin C...for that ...NOT

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Kai said...

I've been head-over-heels in love with that lil' sweetheart since the first picture I SAW of him! Who could EVER resist that adorable face? As always, you gave a great party & I'm guessing the birthday boy (whether or NOT he knew what was going on - LOL!) had himself a ball! LOVE YOU, VIV! Now get some rest because these darned colds are no joke! I got mine the day after my birthday - Sept. 14 - and I STILL have it. Rest, indulge, and a little Bailey's Irish Cream never hurts. Won't get RID of the cold, but you'll forget you HAVE it! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to Torry Pie. He is so handsome and I know the apple of your eye. Maybe you just need have been so busy.

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Torry Pie!!! I can't believe you're 1 already!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Happy 1st Birthday! Yes, they do grow fast!
Reindeer...sounds so cute! You make the sweetest treasures!

Cindy said...

Such a big boy! It looks like he was enjoying all of the attention.

We had our grandson (and his parents) over this evening and I just couldn't get enough of him. I'm in love!

Kim K. said...

What a fabulous birthday for your darling little grandson. Darling pics.

PS. My MIL passed this morning at 7am. I'm so glad we were able to bring her home with the help of hospice. Such a beautiful blessing.

Rhissanna said...

Happy birthday, to him and to you! I love those photos, he looks a real poppet!

We get to see the reindeer?

Fran said...


A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, wow, Viv! Can't believe that little cutie-pie is ONE already! Time sure flies, doesn't it?!

Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Where has this year gone? I remember when he was born!!! Cutie Torry Pie!

I have been off on a little adventure for the last week so I have catching up to do!! Off to read more of your Blog!


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little one! he is just toooooooooooooooooooooo cute for words! Happy Birthday to you and may you all have a million and one more!

kathy said...

Happy BIRTHDAY SWEET TORRY -- yews i want time to stand still for a minute anyway -- every month we say--- OH this is the cutest age - lol-- KAthy - ga ♥

*Linda Pinda* said...

Wow... I can't believe he's a year old. He is sooooooooooo precious. And I LOVE those pics with his uncle and the tool set! What a blessed baby to be surrounded by so much love!!!


PS. Hope that cold stayed away!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Torry!