Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what post are you talking about? lol


its all good...

Ive deleted what was orginally written here..


Just a bunch of whining..

one should really wait before posting

whats on their mind sometimes!
Especially when youre up and on the computer at 4:00am!


Im fine friends!



Lisa said...

Oh Viv - so sorry you are feeling down. Maybe it's the mid-February blues that are adding to the blahs. Mid-February always gets me in a funk. Winter has lasted too long and Spring can't get here fast enough.

Kim K. said...

I'm really sorry about your husband's recent layoff. That just stinks. You are so talented. I really think you'd do a wonderful job selling your special creations. You definitely have to find the "right" shows. Are you active with your etsy store? Sending lots of hugs (and warm wishes) your way.

Kai said...

Viv, we ALL love you & you can vent with us ANY TIME! You support & love all of US through our crummy times - we are not ABOUT to 'delete' YOU!!!! I've said it a kazillion (my own made-up number) times that I don't know HOW you do all you do. And I GET the not enough money/not enough Vivvy time/too many responsibilities/too many cookies/and grown child being a pain in the rear even tho' you LOVE him! It totally SUCKS that your husband was laid off! But it sucks EXTRA much under the circumstances! I wish I had tons of $$ 'cause I'd send you a big old bunch & tell you to go to a beach for 2 weeks & relax, renew, refresh! Sadly, I have about enough $$ after having paid my few monthly expenses to buy you a bottle of sand at Hobby Lobby. Crud! If you need to rant, rave, cry, cuss, or otherwise vent, I'M HERE! LOVE YOU!!!!

Debby said...

My first advice is to load up on Vitamin helps for alot of things.
I would be very depressed if my husband just lost his job. And trust me every day when he comes home I look at his face to see his expression expecting the same thing. You are such a fun person. You just have alot on your plate.
You can come to Ohio for a vacation. I have a spare room.
Do you have an Etsy shop. When your post came up I thought WOW, you could give Steiff a run for their money.
Such beautiful things you make. With working full time and taking care of your "bakery" I don't know where you would find more time.
Don't ever worry about what you post. It is your blog......and we care.

pam said...

Take the vacation! Sorry about the DH's job-or lack there of- but get-a-way. Even if it is on the economy side get some sand between your toes. Try starting with your stuff on the internet first.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: have you checked out either/both Kelly Rae Roberts and/or Brave Girls Club blogs? Good sites for personal/business inspiration. Also: light box for Seasonal Affect Disorder? (Susan Branch swears by it...)

Shirley Hatfield said...

Your little stuffed word! My heart just melts looking at them. If you can't make a go selling those dear little creatures...then I am a monkey's, aunt! May God bless you with a little sunshine in your soul on this day and those to come.

Cindy said...

I'm not going to be very good for your depression today -I'm stuggling with my own. Just know that you are not alone, we all love you and try to lift each other up.
I'm sure you would do very well selling your stuff. Just be careful not to over do! Take care, Cindy

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh Viv, I'm so sorry. I lost my job a couple years ago and my husband has health problems so he is going to be slowly but surely cutting back on work until he has to retire completely. It stinks. But, when one door closes another door opens, right?
I have gotten sorta "stuck" a time or two. I think my creating is what saves me. I LOVE your little animals and as I was reading the post I was wondering where on earth you found them. Wow. You should open an Etsy shop if you don't already have one. Start with something like that, make a few, put them in the shop, and post about your new creations. I know I would LOVE one of each, if I could afford it. I love them all. The little chick is the first thing that I fell in love with. How much would you charge for one? I would buy one, seriously. It's a start. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your creations, and maybe this is the door that is opening for you. I KNOW you will be successful if you find the right way to market them. Please email me and tell me how much you would charge for the little yellow chick. I am serious!!!!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hey Viv,
I'm so very sorry to hear that your hubby was layed certainly have A LOT going on with your kids, grands, hubby, work and STUFF...
Since I do ADORE your creations I think you should try a show! I did one once with my cards.
Try the tanning bed, just once, to lift your spirits. Maybe you need some vit D, sunshine! I used to do the tanning beds for YEARS. I always fell asleep in it. Now, since I've had pre-sking cancer on my face...I wear sun screen everyday!!! anyway...
You are loved here!!

Luv2Shop said...

Dear Viv,
Girl as Mary Engelbreight would say (Snap out of it)! With all your talent you should be rolling in the deep! You should look into etsy. I think your little people and animals are fantastic. Hopefully your husband will find work soon. This economy is hurting us all but you have a real God given talent and don't forget it!

My Vintage Mending said...

Viv...I was getting excited about he opportunity to buy one of your amazing stuffed creations. Your talent is beyond craft shows...really. Wait a minute did you have an etsy store I didn't know about. Good grief we all need some sunshine and a month away from the day to day struggles. Blessings to you and loads of sand if only in your dreams...smiles...Renee

Fran said...

I missed the original post from 4 A.M. BUT sure do love your creations you posted. CUTE and CREATIVE AS ALWAYS!! Even though I didn't see the origianl 4 A.M. post I readed the comments others made. Hey, we all have our moments and VENT all you want. We are all your Friends,we Love you and we are here to listen to you.
Sorry to hear your hubby was laid off. Hope it's not for long.
Someone mentioned Etsy shop. I know your creations would go over big. I have an Etsy shop but haven't put anything on it in a real long time. It sit empty for a couple of years. I just went back on mine BUT I haven't put anything on it yet. I hope to put some stuff on it next week.

Fran said...

CORRECTION in my other post....HEHEHEHE! That should have read, READ not READED in my other post. ROFL LOL! Can't spell today. LOL LOL!

Julie said...

Can we just lean on each other? I swear I wrote my blog post before I came over here to visit with you. You valentine's Day treasures are just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we're both bubbly, happy people most of the time, but that doesn't mean we don't get frustrated, mad, or sad. It's life, and sometimes life sucks!

You should clean out your craft room and put everything on Etsy and start over. If you do, let me know!


Suz said...

Please whine. I am so sorry about your husband's layoff. Do go for it! You are a fabulous artist!
Big hugs,

Linda Ruthie said...

I got to the party late but I've read through everyone's comments and I just wanted to leave a big
(((HUG))) for you.
Okay, now I've got a song stuck in my head...Annie's singing 'The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow'. Leapin' Lizards!!!
Get yourself some lovin' from those sweet babies and you'll feel better.

Little Lovables said...

Oh my, I just mostly deleted a big ole rant post too! So funny how we second guess ourselves when we have had time to think more clearly. I know lay-offs can be very depressing, I hope you all recover quickly. But at least your wonderful little creations are still here.