Friday, September 27, 2013

halloween peek 1

 on top of china cabinet
Finally yesterday I pulled a lamp out of my craftroom into the living room so that I had enough light to take some pictures!  just not bright enough in there this time of year!   so these pics are all from the back of the living room.  I'll show another section next post! 
This will be a weekend of wedding preparations!  Favors to work on with the girls, fabric to cut out for the hay bales, a large burlap banner to make.. gourds to carve, paint and glitter... and more!    I dont think Ive given you many wedding details, but they are getting married in a big barn at a winery in lockport.  Seating will be hay bales!  I cant wait to see everything come together.  One week to go!!
mantel friends
I took off next thursday and friday, and Im off wednesday afternnon for a mammogram.  I should just that the whole day off on wednesday, besides its my birthday too!  though Ive told my family that due to the wedding being that weekend and everyone being broke, that we can celebrate my birthday for halloween!  Doesnt that sound like more fun anyways?  I should have a halloween birthday anyways I think! lol!
in the terrarium
I actually have 2 neices and 1 nephew all born on halloween.. how weird is that?  all from different families.I only have 15 neices and nephews, amazing that 3 share the same birthday!
Really their birthdays are the only ones I actually know when they are!
witch hat on old shade bones cage
havent done anymore halloween crafting since last weekend...  I wont be getting to do anymore until after the wedding.. then I think I will move in full force!   Except that, I really dont have room for anything else! lol!!!
but there are things in my head that will have to come out regardless!
black cat
Its chilly in here tonight!  my hands are freezing!!   guess I'll go warm up! 
pumpkin head
Have a great weekend everyone!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I love the idea of a Halloween birthday party! Your festive pictures are the perfect way to start my hectic Friday. I always look forward to your Halloween decor. Sounds like all kinds of amazing wedding preparations will be happening this weekend. I can't wait to see wedding what you work on. Happy Friday!

Theresa said...

A Halloween birthday sounds perfect to me:) Love all of your sweet decorations! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Cindy said...

You have the most perfect collection of Halloween goodies! Yes, you should celebrate on Halloween. It definitely suits you:) Good luck with all the wedding prep and have a great weekend!

Perfectly Printed said...

I think its a great idea to celebrate your birthday on Halloween!!! It is so you! Your decorations are just darling!! Love them!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love all your Halloween treats, Vivian! I have a Halloween birthday and, oddly enough, I don't get into it that much. It was great when I was a kid and maybe into my 20's. Everybody always remembers my birthday though!

Lutka And Co. said...

Everything you have out is sooo cute! I can't wait to see what other ideas you have in mind :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

We're heading to the varsity football game and I had to share your Halloween post with Chris. You really do have fabulous decorations. I can't tell you how many times I kept coming back to your blog during my hectic day today at work to see Halloween goodness. Happy Weekend!


I think you are the Halloween Queen!
WOW, you are sure busy! The wedding sounds very cool!
Happy Birthday, early! I think you can celebrate the entire month!!!
I'm having my mamo on Monday!

Lisa said...

Oooh! So many fun things going on!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh goodness I must have missed this peak 1, it's just as cute and peek 2!!! Love all your pretty decorations!! :) xo Holly

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Halloween Birthday! That is FAB!!!!
Good Lord I love all your decorations....when can I move in!?

CatieAn said...

Oh Viv I love all of your halloween decorations. So fun and inspiring. I am trying to work on some new decorations as well. What a great idea to have your birthday on Halloween!!! Sounds perfect for you!!!!