Tuesday, October 15, 2013

finally finished my halloween books...

 dancing in the moon light
Yesterday I had the day to myself to do what ever I wanted..  It started out on the computer as it usually does, talking to my daughter Jen on facebook at about 7:30 am.. when we decided to go to breakfast!  so off to Bob Evans we went and had a big ol' bunch of  food!  double blueberry pancakes, and a breakfast bowl of eggs, sausage, potatos, cheese and gravy!!!  yes.. I ate pretty much all of it.  well, Jen and I split the pancakes.. and I didnt eat the bisquits.    anyways.. it was fuel for the rest of the day! lol!
cover 1
So when I got home, I spent the the day in my craft room.  I didnt do any house work.. and I didnt even make dinner.  I had popcorn for supper and I dont think my husband even ate last night... (whoops.. ).  I puttered and played and hung out in pinterest and had no interest in making dinner!   lol!  that happens alot around here... 
(not making dinner...well, and hanging out on pinterest!)
haunted house
Last year we had done round robin halloween books. Myself, Natalea Kandefor, Sandy Camarda and Elizabeth Andrus all did pages for each other's books.. but I never finished mine.  so finally today I took the time and finished it.  I also had started another very similar book last year that still had a few pages to do and it also needed its cover and back cover.. so I finished that too!
pumpkin patch
Both books turned out so neat.  These pages with the scalloped edges are from the first book with the other girls and the cover for that book is the second picture above.
The other book doesnt have scalloped pages.
cover 2
I love buying halloween papers and embellisnments.. And since I dont scrap book, this gives me the perfect opportunity to buy and use them! 
pumpkin dolls
It seems that it shouldnt have taken me all day to do these.. but it did.  Im a slow crafter.. and Im a very unfocused person.. probably have ADD..  I have issues...   but I them all done!
Then last night I made these little guys!  I used Super sculpey, which I havent used in a long time.  I would have used paper clay, because I like it better, but I didnt have the patience to let it dry.. and the sculpey can go right in the over for 15 minutes and then be ready to paint!
clay friends
I love their little toothies!
OK...So... yesterday, I got looking around here.. well  first, I have to tell you that on the way home from breakfast I stopped about bought 8 small pumpkins and a dozen gourds to put in my window boxes...   I already have a bunch of big pumpkins out there..   but I convinced myself that I needed more to put in those window boxes...
then I started looking around my house, inside and outside .. and Ive come to the conclusion that I think I must be crazy.  Most people dont do this.. My  house is pretty much wall to wall halloween....   but its all so cute, but maybe its too much...  Maybe I have some mental health issue.. sort of like a controlled hoarder... I am obsessed, not normal... I wonder if there is a name for this .. or, perhaps, Im just a creator and collector.. and maybe a little tiny bit eccentric..  
what ever it is.. I do know that Im already dreading putting it all away in a month!!
I have no room for any more.. I have a small house!  Oh well, I guess it is what it is and I am what I am!
and for right now,  I really have to tear myself away from the computer and get out of my halloween induced stupor and go get ready for work.. toodles ghoulie pies!!
Happy Day!


Musings from Kim K. said...

We should start a Halloween support group for each other. I wouldn't want you any other way. You help justify my Halloween obsession. I'm glad you spent the day just playing and crafting away. Your book turned out amazing. I love all your embellishments. I recognize some of those scrapbooking details. I bought the ghost family recently and added them to my Halloween dollhouse. Your sculpted pumpkins are fantastic. I love their little teeth. Happy Tuesday. Back to the grind!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Your book turned out sooo well!! Such cute and pretty embellishments! It's spooktacular!! Your pumpkin sculptures are just as cute too!! Happy Tuesday! xo Holly

Debby said...

If you like having all your cute things then you should have. It's all about loving what you have. Who cares what anyone else says. You should do Halloween tours. I am loving those pumpkins and their teeth. Where did you get the ghost family. If you like making those books you could leave some spaces and put special pictures in there.....voila scrapbooking.
I am glad that you spent some time just for you.
I wish you would sign up for my owl swap. It's not for Halloween, just for the love of owls. They don't need sent out til November 1. I will post about the swap again probably tomorrow. So far we have 6 signed up. You are to make five and keep one for yourself. So you will get four back. I need 4 more since I have 6. Think about it. They don't need to be fancy like your pumpkins. Genie posted hers on her blog.....Buttons for Baga.

Phyllis Stanko said...

I love your books, they look like so much fun to make, I love the quirky little parts of them and the pumpkin people, cute and perfect for the season...a little goulie, love them...Phyllis

Theresa said...

Oh so much cuteness:) You are ONE talented lady! Enjoy your day sweet VIV, HUGS!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your books and pumpkin folk, Vivian! I always want to make those books when I see them. I love scrapbook papers, too, even though I don't do scrapbooking either. Maybe this Winter I'll get myself to take a day and just do one or two. That will go on the list after the rag quilt I want to make for my granddaughter's big girl bed.

I remember you saying the same thing last year about your Halloween decorations! : ) Look at it as decorating for those of us who don't do much for Halloween. You can say you decorated for my birthday {Halloween}!

NanaDiana said...

You might have a lot of Halloween but it is fun for all of us to look at it. You enjoy it and to heck with what anyone else likes or doesn't. You are so very talented and make such beautiful things. I don't know how you find time to do all that you do- xo Diana

Cindy said...

I just love your books! I love buying halloween papers and goodies, and making books sounds like a good way to use all that stuff:)
I also like to see all of your Halloween (and other seasons) decorating. It just shows what a fun and creative, (and maybe a little eccentric:) person you are!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, that just sounds like so much fun. I wish I could do that, a day with out cooking or cleaning and just crafting. But my Natives get way too restless, haha!!
I think it is a weird obsession that you have.. Just kidding! You know if it makes you happy, then I think it is great. Sometimes I look at all my nick nacks a think, "What style do I have?".. Ecclectic-Clutter.. is what I think! But it works for me :)

Sandy McClay said...

Viv, I have read the other comments and I am just laughing our loud! Kim hit it on the head....
I am have come to a time in my life where less is more...because I do feel so overwhelmed putting it out and taking it down. I am starting to cut back...every year....I have no one to see it, and so why put myself through that? If it isn't fun anymore than quit! But you have grand kids that have to think that your place is magical!!!! As long as you enjoy it, continue please...I can live Halloween through you! Love ya, Sandy

Jenny's Heart said...

LOL! VIV I love your Halloween spirit, I look forward to it every year :)
I haven't blogged much lately and I miss visiting you, E., Sandy, Tammy, Natalea etc... must re-connect :)
Have a great weekend!