Friday, October 4, 2013

wedding chatter and porch pics!

frannie on porch
wow!  Im pooped out.  wedding preparations have kept me away from home a lot in the last two weeks. Though, Im not complaining in the least bit, there is nothing else Id rather be doing then spending time with my kids and helping get things ready for the big day.  However, I have to admit that coming home last night after setting up for the reception,  all I could think was, omg.. if my back and feet ache this much how must Vanessa (and Tony for that matter) must be feeling!  Poor girl is 8 months pregnant!  I am a wimp!  LOL!
I do have to say my it was nice to come into my cozy orange glowing halloween cottage!

porch 2
I am still pooped this morning.  But Im hoping a few cups of tea and a HOT shower will revive me.  I have a ton of stuff to do today.  In fact I shouldnt be on here.  but I'm waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so I can move a little better.. (the old back, hips and feet  are pretty freaken achey this morning!)  I need to be able to get things done today and dance tomorrow night!!!
on the porch 1
So these are pics of our front porch.. tiny and basically falling off the house.. but cozy none the less! lol!  (my whole house is basically falling apart!  but whatever!
Its raining here this morning.. I wonder how long that will last?  I suppose I could check the weather report!   Ive got to get my nails done at 9:15 and I want to clean the bathroom and the bird cage before I do that.  I also need to clean out my car to make room for a ladder that I have to go pick up this morning.  I need to go to the post office, pick up Tiffany's dress, stop at work and pick up cookies that a friend is making.  I also have to go to the bank and pick up the ladder.   The cookies are for the little wine reception before the reception reception!  The wedding is at a winery and after the ceremony they are serving wine and hordeurves  (how the heck do you spell that!  spell check wants it to say hoarders! lol)   to hold people off til dinner which isnt for a couple hours after the wedding and is back in lyndonville at the golf course behind where we live.
Im very excited about the wedding.  Vanessas mom told me she was feeling very emotional this week.  Its going to hit me tomorrow when I see my son standing waiting for his bride to come down the isle. I will tuck some kleenex in the adorable little black purse my daughter bought me for my birthday!  Hey!  wanna see my outfit?  I'll go take a picture of it..!  be right back...
frannie 2
I uploaded pics for you.. but they are at the bottom of this post!   I hope it all looks good on me!  Actually the jacket doesnt match the dress.  I had to buy it separate..  I hope it looks ok together.. the dress looks black until you put black next to it.. they it looks more blue.  Oh well at this point it is what it is!
frannie 2
I guess I should really get busy.  I think the ibuprofen is kicking in a bit and I need to get moving!  I'll be back on sunday! 
Gosh.. I hope I look ok in this stuff!!!  I surely did not lose all the weight I wanted to lose..
jacket and purse
but.. it is what it is!  
have a great weekend my girlie pies!!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I would love to sit in your house with a cup of tea and look at all your great Halloween decorations. A busy weekend awaits. Be sure to pace yourself. You will look gorgeous in your dress. It's just beautiful.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oooh, I love the dress, Vivian! I'm sure you will look beautiful in it. Try not to overshadow the bride! : ) Your porch looks great. I like how you cat is trying to blend in as part of the décor.

Anonymous said...

Vivian, I just love ready your are too funny!! I'm forever grateful that I found Kim's blog, and then yours through it. You will look beautiful in your dress, and it so very pretty. LOVE the purse too! Enjoy your very special weekend.

Susan said...

Always loved your Halloween decorations.
You are going to look great in that dress!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hope that IBU kicks in! I'm doin'
nuthin' today!

chris mckinley said...

Your house is amazing, your dress is amazing, ( you will look lovely in it), and most of all you are amazing! This weekend will be emotional..... But all worth it! Have the best time celebrating with your family and friends!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Cute Halloween pictures!! And such sweet kitties! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

Grace said...

You will look gorgous sweetie! That is a beautiful dress. I adore all your decorations so fun, they put a big smile on my face xoox Grace

ImagiMeri said...

Belated birthday greetings to you sweet lady (and Torypie...wink, wink).

You're going to be just stunning and everything is going to work perfectly......especially since you've had a hand in most of the planning!

Love ya'

Sandy McClay said...

I just know you are going to look beautiful! How can you not in that pretty dress? Enjoy the wedding, you SO deserve it!
Hugs, Sandy

Nan said...

Just peaking in to say Hi and wish you the best with the wedding prep and all.

Scrap for Joy said...

Hope everything goes great for the wedding and the weather cooperates! Mothers are supposed to be emotional at their children's wedding....waterproof mascara was made for that :D
Your dress is better share some pictures of you all decked out.
Have fun, dance every can rest later!

A Little Creation said...

Your dress is beautiful and your kitties are adorable!
Chris =]

Stephanie said...

You are a wonder. Bless you for all you do for your family!