Monday, October 7, 2013

the wedding (warning lots of pics)

sorry its taken me so long to do a wedding post.  I didnt know where to begin it! lol! Everything turned out perfectly.  The barn where the wedding took place was just so cool!  I think it was exactly the way Vanessa wanted it to be.   The barn is part of a winery and was about 45 minutes away from where the reception was.
We went to the barn on friday night to set it up and have the rehersal and rehersal dinner.  There were about 24 of us.  I bought pizza and wings and chips,  with of course beer and pop!  And I made brownies for dessert.  we had a good time setting up and of course everyone was excited about the next day!
The babies had a blast running around in the barn.  it was hard to get them to hold still for a minute to take their pictures!  lol!

Saturday morning I went and had my hair done  then went to pick up coffee, bagels and donuts for the guys at Tim Hortons.  I also picked up both baby pies so their mommys and daddys could go in the limo with out them.  I do have to say, getting them ready and making sure the guys were all set including my husband made it a little difficult for me to get ready!  but I managed!  I just forgot to put lotion and perfume on though!
waiting to go
Torry and Marlaina both looked so stinking cute!
baby pies
The limo took the guys out to the barn and then came back to tony and nessas to pick up the girls.  the babies and grandpa and grammie drove in the car!  no limo for this princess! LOL!
the guys and the babies
The ceremony was beautiful.. but I didnt get very good pictures.  we will have to wait for the professional ones.  I didnt even get one of nessa coming down the isle!!!  I was a little distracted by my grandpies.  my son started to cry a bit when he said his vows and vanessa had tears through the whole thing..  I shed a few when tony did. 
rob and marla, beth and torry and caydence
Everyone looked beautiful.  Beth was the maid of honor and Rob was the best man and it was sort of funny to see them coming down the isle together babies in tow.. look at the look on torrys face in the above pic!  Neither baby was very cooperative to be honest.. but they are just babys and to expect anything more of them would be nuts.
tiffany and Tony T
Jens husband and tiff came down together..
Jen and Torry
and Jen and Big Torry came down together.
and finally.. he sees her!
Heres Tony when he first sees Vanessa in her dress.
 the vows
vows ... they are so perfect together....(look at that baby bump!  only one month to go!! woohoo!)
mr and mrs snicklefritz neroni
Introducing mr and mrs Tony Neroni!
reception 33
dancing the night away.   well thats what I did anyways!  so did a lot of others. Nessa got in a few dances but her little footsies were pretty swollen!
reception 38
two beautie pies!  tiffany and Jen
reception 13
bethany and Torry
reception 34
I know, this is a little fuzzy.. makes me mad that it came this way, because it would have been an awesome picture!
reception 32
more dancing!  I was pretty sure I would not be able to move the next day from all the dancing.. but remarkably i was ok!
reception 16
my mil my crazy husband and bethany
reception 11
finally a peek at me and my dress with a couple friends.
and lastly,  a very tired bride sharing a quiet moment with her beautiful mother. 
reception 40
wooo!  thats a lot of pictures to post.  I'll share more when we get the good ones back.  now.. its late and I need to go to bed!  sweet dreams and happy tuesday.. 
I have to go to court tomorrow night...   I got a speeding ticket!!!  can you believe that?  never had one in my life..   oh well..  what Ev!
love yas girlpies!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm loving all the pictures. Everyone looked so beautiful. Your grands are just precious. What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to your son and his new bride. The barn looks like such a cool venue.

PS. Best wishes with your court date today. Chris got a speeding ticket this summer. His first too. He was able to take an online class on driver's safety to have the points removed.

Japolina said...

Lovely! Everyone looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos

Cindy said...

What a lovely wedding! Congrats to the bride and groom. And to you too - I'm sure you did quite a bit to help make it come off so great!
(Too bad about that ticket:)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding, Vivian! Love all the pictures. Congratulations to the happy couple!

barncat (Lisa) said...

Looks like such a neat place for a wedding, everyone looks lovely. :) Did you get to dance to "Simple Man"? I thought that was the greatest idea!

Lutka And Co. said...

What a fun wedding! Congratulations to you all. Everyone looks so happy :) And the babies are adorable!

Shirley Hatfield said...

It's fun to finally see the wedding to fruition...we've been following the plans forever it seems. I know that time flies when there is so much to do...and sometimes the unexpected happens...but doesn't that make for beautiful memories! Thank you for sharing this with us! Congratulations all!

vintage grey said...

What a beautiful and special wedding day!! Sweet photos!! xo Heather

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Everything is so pretty!! Looks like a wonderful day! :) Congratulations to the new bride and groom :) xo Holly

Anonymous said...

Just lovely--warm and loving. What a wonderful family you have.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely--warm and loving. What a wonderful family you have.

GARAGE SALE GAL said... weddings! The girls had lovely dresses on! Yours looks awesome! Can't wait for my girl to get married! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Lisa said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Beautiful memories!

Patti said...

It is such a treat for me to see you and your lovely family on this wonderful day. What a blessing you all are to each other. Seems like a very fun family! Congratulations to you all!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

This was such a fun post. I smiled through the whole thing! I think it's because your family just looks so fun and down to earth! And the babies are so darn cute and loved!
I'm glad you had such a wonderful time Viv! Oh...the Barn looked amazing!!!!
Erica :)

Sincerely, Tiffany said...

My husband is so hot...
Oh, excuse me!
It was a beautiful wedding.

Sandy C said...

What a gorgeous setting for the wedding. I might have to copy your felted bat in the pumpkin idea- that you made in your other post!


CatieAn said...

Oh Viv thanks for sharing the wedding pics....what a lovely family you have! I love how famillies grow in numbers and in LOVE.Congratulations.