Thursday, October 17, 2013

halloween kitchen

window tree
morning glories!  burrrr.. its chilly in here this morning,  We havent turned the heat on yet.. but will probably have to this weekend.. not supposed be higher then the mid fiftys... and rainy... so  its time to clean out the registers and change the furnance thingy.. (gosh.. I cant come up with that word for the life of me.... you know the thing that catches the dirt etc...)  YIKES!! darn brain!  Anyways.....
kelly shrine
finally posting these halloweenified kitchen pictures!  Theres more... but these are the major parts of it.  Like  I said before... I probably have too much.  but its all stuff I love to see..
long shelf 3
Every new holiday season, when I get out the corresponding bins and open them up and start unwrapping each piece, its exciting to me.. and overwhelming... but Its like seeing old friends that you havent seen in almost a year!  lol!  really it is!  (I know... nuts huh?)
long shelf 2
I have noticed this year and even last year, that I am able to keep myself from buying much more.  This year I've only bought pumpkins and craft supplies.... I think...  unless I've forgotten something... (which obviously is possible, but I dont think I have... )    The biggest reason for not buying more is I dont have anywhere left to put things!    I would like another skeleton or two...  hoping Kmart doesnt sell all theirs and that they get reduced!  couldnt you just see two skellys having tea or playing a board game at the table on my front porch!?  and the third one would stay in my craft room.  Well fingers crossed that I can get them on sale, because I just cant make myself pay 50 or 60 bucks a piece for them this year. 
long shelf 1
do I post too many pictures?? does anyone have trouble opening my blog up?  I know if you have a slow internet service or dial up it might not open up very quickly.  I hope no one has that problem!  sometimes I worry when I post a lot of pictures.
3 tiered halloween
sometime this week I want to post some pics from Vanessas baby "sprinkle".   we had a really nice time and Nessa got lots of adorable baby outfits for my soon to arrive new grand pie.. whose name shall be Violet Eloise Neroni.  not sure what I will call her.. violet pie.. letty keeps popping up in my mind, but not sure nessa and tony will like that..   who knows.. something will evolve when she gets here.. I cant wait to see her! and get my hands on her!  I dont know why I cant just call them by their names.  LOL!
tiny halloween beartiny halloween teaset
OH dear.. this is going to be a long rambling post.... maybe I should spread my words out.. dont want to bore you!!
another tree in the other window
Have I told you that I have a bloggy on line friend coming to stay with me next weekend?  Marlene Haveron, Miss Bee.  she is coming to hang out and to learn how to needlefelt.   Im excited to meet her and to have company for the weekend!
My daughter is in les mis that weekend so that will be the kick off when she arrives, we'll be heading out for dinner and then to see the show.. Im excited to see it.  Jens part is very small.. she plays an "old whore"!  lol!  she told me that I probably wont even recognize her on stage.
canned pumpkin
This Sunday Im going to see the broadway performance of Ghost with my daughter in law Tiffany, her mother and two of her grandmothers!  I am sooo looking forward to that too.  so much fun! 
speaking of Tiffany, I have not seen marlaina since the wedding.. I need to see her!!  I miss her so much!
halloween sweet potato
whew!  getting to the bottom of these pictures.. which means I dont need to ramble on any more!!
little kitchen shelf
I bet your glad!!  lol!
have a great day my ghoulie pies!


Sincerely, Tiffany said...

First of all, I really think you need to have a skelly tea party on the porch. I literally gasped and squealed when I read that.
Second of all, Susie didn't know you were coming to Ghost until I told her at the birthday party I was at, and she told me she is so so looking forward to seeing you. She loves you.
Third of all, I hung a picture of you and the dad in law up on the fridge and Marla is constantly pointing at you (and all the other family up there) and saying your names. I am positive she misses you very much... As do I.
I feel like we haven't had a date in a very very long time...
Maybe we should get together sooner than later ?
I'd love to put together a Christmas crafting date with me you and Jen at my house. Maybe Ella could come and her and Marla could craft ???
Love you!!!!!!

Sincerely, Tiffany said...

PS - I am getting the freakin' internet soon. I feel so guilty for starting that blog and leaving it blank like this, but I'm just waiting for the right time to add another bill to my list. Which will probably be when I get Respite certified and start making a bit more.
As for now... I use my "boss's" internet... Glad she doesn't care.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Yes. I agree. You need another skeleton. A tea party on the porch would be fabulous. Imagine your skeletons with all kinds of frilly hats sipping tea. The ideas are crazy fun to think about. You know I love it all and I especially enjoy that your Halloween erupts all over your house and into the kitchen. It justifies my collection/obsession. You have beautiful things. The craftmanship is fantastic. Enjoy your weekend. It's nearly Friday. Let the fun begin!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Vivness!
Oh my gosh, so much eye candy I didn't know what to look at first. My favorites are your Halloween tree and the one figurine of a pumpkin man riding a....goat?
Thanks for visiting me. I'm so behind in blogging and having no time to catch up on everyone else. It's like once school started the poop hit the fan!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I think I have a bunch of Halloween and then I see yours. I also have to limit my Halloween buying..but I pretty much just do vintage at this point. You have to draw a line somewhere!

ps. how fun to have Marlene visit..would love to meet her someday!

Phyllis Stanko said...

I love everything, so many wonderful things to look at I have to go back and look again, I love the vintage so much, must have taken you such a long time to find all those wonderful things...Love it all..

Mica Garbarino said...

girl, you are the bomb! The queen of holiday decor. I love it all to bits. Have fun at the show!!!!

Perfectly Printed said...

No I don't think there are too many pictures... I love looking at your collection! And I love the stories!! Have a great weekend! A skelly tea party sounds like a blast!!!

Shirley Hatfield said...

So much Halloween Happiness...I don't think my heart could take anymore! But I would love to see your Boney Neroni's doing different things each season!

Robins Nest said...

I absolutely LOVE you black cat tea set!!!!! I would very much like to have one myself:) Everything looks so festive, I enjoy all of your picture posts. Have a great weekend.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I enjoyed every single pic! The cat tea set is also my favorite. I remember it from last year...when I wished it was mine! ha!
I know the exact feeling you're talking about when you take out your decorations each year.
Fun Fun!
Erica :)

Lisa said...

I *love* all the pics, and I love reading the rambling. ;)
You keep it so real, Viv - it's such a pleasure to come here and see what's up.

Theresa said...

Now that you have EVERY INCH of your house decorated... PLEEZE come help me:) Love it all! Have a blessed day sweet VIV! HUGS!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

So cute!! I enjoyed looking at all your sweet Halloweenies in the kitchen!! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo Holly

Jackie said...

Your Halloween kitchen is fabulous! :-)