Friday, October 11, 2013

halloween creations and baby pies too!

punkin head friend
so finally Ive been able to do a little bit of halloween crafting!  I made this little pumpkin girl the other morning before I went to work!  I actually had started her last year, so she was a quick and easy finish.  I think she turned out cute.. but she needs a name.  not that it matters if she has a name her or not, because I will surely forget it later!  my memory sucks! I have to keep changing passwords on all my accounts because I can never remember them!!  You would think I would be smart enough to write them all down and put them somewhere safe!   but no...
from kim
Kim K has been busy creating Halloween treats too!  she sent me this awesome witch on a pumpkin box for my birthday!  isn't it stinking awesome?!   I love the clay face and Im so glad that Kim posted where she got them.  I just might be placing an order there soon myself!
I also received this thanksgiving piece below from another dear friend, Sandy Camarda!  I love it.  she had posted one on her blog that I was drooling over and next thing I know, theres one in my birthday mail!
thank you so much Kim and Sandy!
from sandy
Another package received recently was for Debs spoolie swap.  Oliva Ohlson was my partner and she sent me wonderful box  full of halloween treats!  Love that little crocheted pumpkin and the spoolie!  Thank you also Oliva! I hope you received my package.  you should have gotten it on wednesday I think. 
from Oliva
this is what I sent Oliva below.  hopefully she has received it and Im not ruining her surprise.
for spoolie swap
And just a couple more things, my friend Brenda had a birthday right before mine, but I just couldnt do anything for her before the wedding, but right afterwords I got busy and made her a couple ornaments for her big orange halloween tree!
Batty and Boo!  I love the bat!  I had to make another one for myself!
Hey, has anyone seen the little tiny plastic pumpkin party favors with the little handles on them?  they used to be everywhere and I had a bunch of them.  I now have none.. not sure why and i have looked all over.  none anywhere!  I need some..   I still have to check the christmas tree shoppe.  maybe there!  fingers crossed.
Im freezing!  still havent turned our heat on, but I have to say, its only about 60 in here and my hands are ccccc cold!  I might have to convince hubby to clean the furnance and get it cooking!  I m having a little baby "sprinkle" for Vanessa on Sunday and I dont want our guests to freeze!  A "sprinkle" instead of Shower,  she has everything she received for Jacob still brand new,  but she needs pink stuff now! !  so we're have a little sprinkle party for her with just our immediate family and a couple close friends.  Im looking forward to it.  and mostly Im looking forward to adding a new baby to my PIE collection!! lol!  Vanessa and Tony are kicking around a couple names for her, one of the names is Violet and another Scarlet.  I like both names, but probably violet a little more. oh my gosh.. I just cant wait to meet her!!!!  only a few more weeks!
she has perfect lips
And speaking of pies!  I love these two pics of my other babies!  Look how stinking cute they are!  marlas little puckered lips just kill me!  omg.. I love that sweet little face!
And then theres this one.. another favorite pic.. this one is from my birthday.. I actually might have already posted it.. oh well if I did.. see it again!  I just want to squeeze the stuff'n out of both of them!
grammie bought torry a little skelly of his own!
And sonow,  I want to do a little blog hopping before I have to run to get ready for work..  so see yous later!
wedding flowers and halloween friend 
Happy weekend and woohoo.. thanks to columbus day its a three day weekend!
also happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
oh.. and the pic above with the flowers in the rustic box is one of the table arrangements from the wedding. Tony made all the boxes out of old pallets and took them to their florest to be filled.. they turned out beautifully!


Japolina said...

you are so talented. I love all of the halloween stuff

Musings from Kim K. said...

I always bow to your talents. Love your creations and all the fun treasures that you recently received. Sounds like a fun "longer" weekend awaits! Enjoy every moment.

PS. Our local Dollar tree still had those mini plastic pumpkins with the handles. I also saw them in our large chain grocery store.

Oliva Ohlson said...

Thank you Viv! I received your beautiful spoolie! Love it!

Perfectly Printed said...

You are so creative!!! Love your Halloween creations!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very cute Halloween decorations, Vivian! Love your spoolie that you sent along.

Theresa said...

SO much preciousness! Love all of your decorations and your sweetiepies! Have a blessed day dear Viv, HUGS!

A Vintage Fairy said...

Wonderful Creations!!


So much talent and sweet/fun halloween treasures! Great spoolies, both given and received. Nice birthday gifties! LOVE your little Boo & Batty!
Enjoy your long weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow these creations are awesome. I especially love the pics of your babies too. Their adorable.
Hope you enjoy your long weekend.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Viv you make some amazing things and your grands are precious. Love your candy corn pumpkin girl - she's cute! Have a fun weekend.

xo Danielle

Debby said...

I am back home after my little trip. So I am catching up. Oh my the wedding was beautiful Loved the bridesmaid dresses. The baby pies were adorable and the bride beautiful. Loved your dress. Couldn't believe how busy you have been. How did you ever get the baby pies and yourself plus hubby ready. You are one fantastic mama and grandma. Now on to a new baby. So happy for all of you. No wonder your bones hurt. great creations on this post. (((((HUGS))))

ginny said...

Viv love your blog and your creations.I looked around for the pumpkins you're looking for and only found some on ebay.Good luck with your search.