Sunday, February 24, 2008

Even with being sick all week, I did manage to put away valentines, and snowmen and get out all my easter friends.. I'm not really done decorating yet.. but I did get a start on it!

Wow, we're down to the last week before the dolls should be mailed out. I know some of you have already completed your swaps! I have not mailed mine out yet and am waiting for special boxes that I ordered! If for some reason you will be late mailing just let your partner know.. I love what I've seen so far! I recieved a doll from Kecia this past week.. OMG ! I love her (the doll and kecia!). There were a couple of us that had side swaps going at the same time. I just cant begin to tell you how tickled I was by Kecias doll! Not only did I love the doll, but the way whe packaged it!!

toooo darn cute!! she knew I loved this kitty picture!

lookie... her underwear smells like lavender!!!!

The dolls I made are way over the size limit that I set... OOps.. my rules. my perogative to break them right? Actually I didnt mean to make them so tall.. they just happened that way!! I just cant wait to see all the dolls.

want a tiny sneak peek???

I have been really sick this past week. I guess its the flu.. I have to say I feel like crap... havent been this ill in eons! fevers, chills, sore throat, headache.... body aches.. to sick to even try to create anything!!! My ribs are soooo sore from coughing and sneezing! I have used (no exageration) a whole large box of kleenex with lotion since yesterday am. where does all that stuff come from!! I missed 2 and a half days of work last week.. and I know unless I recieve a miracle healing , I m not going to be better enough to go to work tomorrow! I do think a trip to the doctor is in order at this point. Oh Joy.. hate hate hate going to the doctor.

awww.. a get well present! someone loves me!!
(Ha! I luvs me!!)
I went out yesterday morning for a bit, I needed a perscription filled, and some lotion kleenex.. While out I stopped by one of my favorite stores.. and bought myself a get well present.. naughty me! now I just dont feel well enough to play house and find a good spot to decorate with him! maybe later today! I hope!!
Heres a few more pictures of easter stuff I have out!

OK.. I'm tired out again! and have nothing interesting to say.. accept that I'm hungry!! I want someone to make me a big breakfast! not likely to happen though, hubbys away for the weekend in Ohio at a antique Harley davidson swap meet! I think I'll be having orange juice and a bruggers bagel! really anythings else would be too much anyways!!

OK now all you wonderful awesome dolly makers..
when you finish your dolls please send me pictures!! I want to post them all!! I'm off till later....................
hugs! (but not too close,, dont want to spread my nasty germs!!)


Susan said...

Love your Easter decorations. Sorry to hear your still under the weather. Get well soon!

Dolly said...

I love your sweet easter decorations!

I am so sorry that you are not feeling well Viv.
Get plenty of rest and drink lots of orange juice and tea!

I will keep you in my prayers!

XO, Dolly

M&Co said...

Oh gosh that kitten is sooo super sweet!! And the brown bunny ; Adorable!! :-) I'm sorry to hear you are sick! Stay warm and under the blanket ! Your blog is super cute! Btw. I'm Norwegian :-)So you were quite close! ;-)

Mary Isabella said...

So sorry you are under the weather. Will pray for you. Your Easter things are so pretty....Mary

kecia said...

I am so glad you love your doll! and yes, i totally remembered that you liked that kitty. i'm glad you showed her pretty undies!
xoxo kEciA
hope you are feeling better!

Marie said...

Ohh, I do love all the Easter bling going on in your home! Sorry that you are still feeling sick. Hope you get better soon, and that kitten doll, well, it's just the cutest! Lucky you!

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Viv, I do hope you will be feeling better by the time you read this comment. Sounds like you have have a bad case of flu. A trip to the doctor may get you on the road to recovery. I know how you feel about doctors, I must fource myself to go.

I got'a say I love your Easter decorations. They are all so sweet. Do you decorate your home in the primitive style? I am leaning toward the primitive style as why I was asking. Looks like you might. Anyway, I love your style and love coming here to visit you.


Julie said...

Your Easater decorations are adorable! I have just started to put mine up too - and I don't have near the collection you have!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your Easter decor is fab!
Where did you get that handsome rabbit you treated yourself to?
Feel better soon! :)

Sea Dream Studio said...

Get well, girl!! I am sorry you feel bad!!!
Love, love, love your Easter decorations!!!
Now, scoot on over to my blog and pick up your award!!!!

Fran said...

Hope you are feeling better. You haven't posted in a few days.

I mailed Barb her swap doll today.
I can't wait to see all the dolls.

You take care of yourself and hope all is well with you.