Friday, February 1, 2008

list of doll swappers and Ive been tagged

Hello blog friends!
This is a doll I made a couple years ago after seeing something similiar (though much much better then mine!!) in a magazine. I call her my snow faerie girl.
I'm home today. I've had a funky little headache all day. the weather is rotten and I had a sore throat this morning too.. so I called in. I dont think my supervisor believed me, because she knows how much I hate to drive in crappy weather, but the weather had very little to do with my decision to stay home! I've probably about overdosed on tylenol, but my head still feels like its underwater and my eyes are bugging me. Oh well.. cant spend too much time thinking about feeling crappy.. I've been trying to make the most of my day home and have been working on my dolls!

I was thinking that I should post the names of the girls in the doll swap. I was going to do that last week and never did, but maybe you would like to see who all has joined in the doll making fun!

There are a few who either dont have a blog or I dont have their blog address, but I'll give you what I've got. We really just have the best group of doll makers!
Cindy O. (no blog )
Sheilia (no blog)
and me of course!

so there you have it .. now hopefully all these links work!!
I'm going to go make a cup of tea and get back to work on my dolls now!!
oops... wait a minute..
I forgot I was tagged by Catie of I think I have to tell you a bunch of things about myself and then tag some others to do the same!
Ok.. 5 things your dying to know about me...
1) Im really a princess and was switched at birth! I know this because I can feel it in my soul.. in my bones.. in my... oh never mind!.. I just know it, because I can sense that I'm supposed be living in a castle or mansion, with a maid, a cook, a driver, a gardener and a handsome pool boy!
2) I'm obsessed with tiny things! mostly bears and dolls and teasets! and magazines.. but not tiny magazines! well, and I am also obsessed with making things!
3) If I am around a litter of kittens, I NEED to hold them all at once and breath them and I love them so much they make me cry! (I dont know why!)
4) I can not talk on the phone with out doodling all over something.. I waste a lot of paper at work!
5) My favorite place to be ever, is on the beach! I crave it all summer long.. another princess thing.. I'm supposed to have a beautiful beach house!
OK.... thats that.. now I have to tag some of you.. I choose...
Have a lovely afternoon all you lovely ladies!!


Dolly said...

Ouuuuu Viv I love your valentine banner! I could sit and look at it all night! Its so sweet!

Hey guess what?
I doodle when I am on the phone too!
I often write what ever whom I am talking to is saying! Or I doodle boxs and circles and cherries!

I am excited to see the dolls all you gals create! I wanted to join this swap but I am swamped with swaps and birthdays for february!
I do hope you repeat this swap!!!

Enjoy your weekend,

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Vivian,
So nice to see you here as well as flickr~ thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you are feeling better very soon.
Your doll is so sweet, really sweet!!!

Mary Isabella said...

I like your banner soooo much!!!!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hey, I still love your valentine banner tooooo! and that snow dolly is cute, good job,,,,but i am really lovin those chickies that you posted below!!!
you have quite a list of doll swappers and you will have lotsa fun, how you find the time??? (I was up 4 nights til 2AM working on some swap stuff)! but i finished, yippeee, now the next ones..
Hey, funny, I feel that I was princess before too and was switched at birth, what a coincidence Vivian, maybe we are sisters?? LOL

kecia said...

well, i finished sorting all those charms and you are right, there were so many different kinds: wood hearts w/ collage, shrinky dinks, soldered, felt, altered domino, beads, etc. my eyes were swimming by the time i was through sorting them all out. can't wait to mail them out and be done!

Kathy said...

viv I love your humor and your dolls and chickees are so cute . Are these paper mache -- lot of work -- I loved the banner you made with the fairy you used to announce the swap -- Is it available to make a banner for myself and how about the words ?? I am nervous hope Ele likes her swap -- her thing are gorgeous --- even her pics are great -- need to use hers of what
she sent instead of mine lol gotta work on my camera skills -- whew ! - Kathy - GA

barbara burkard said...

just finished crocheting my "nest" for the swap out of wire...but then i got another those ideas just keep on coming...and sometimes i NEED A BREAK! LOL


Lori said...

LOVE your doll, and what a cute spelling of her name:)

Carla said...

I received my swap doll from Kate Erbach today. What a sweetie!! Fantastic work. Pretty bright yellow fur hair and beautiful green and yellow clothes with a little honey bee pin. Great swap partner!