Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When your car's a lemon.. make cookies!!!

Eiy yie yie~ A little long folks...
not a great start to my day..

First I go out the door onto the enclosed porch and am greeted with the smell of cat spray!! Nothing offends me more I think!!! Apparently another cat must have been on our porch and someone did some marking.. My cats dont do that, unless in a fight ! it ticks me off I tell you , as now that is the smell people shall be greeted with upon entering my porch!

Secondly, I didnt know that it had iced outside last night or that we had gotten so much snow! When I came out this morning in little clogs, my feet immediately got wet.. so back in to change into real shoes.. then back to the car, I went to brush the snow off and found a thick layer of ice underneath the snow that took a tremendous amount of scrapping.. and I have to admit, swearing.. yes, swearing and carrying on.. like a spoiled child... You know I'm supposed to be a princess and there should be someone that cleans my car off, heats it up and then chauffeurs me around!!!!

Ok,, so I couldnt get all the ice off, and my heater isnt working real great either... but I really needed to get going, so I hop in and immediately realize that my drivers seat has somehow broken and is NOT totally attached to the floor! OK, I could die driving like this! so now I really have a little temper tantrum and call tony and tell him I'm going to die and that I'm sick of this stupid car and I hate my life.. you know.. typical melt down! He tells me he will fix it for me tonight..

cell phone rings, foster parent is waiting for me to pick up one of the boys who is suspended and take him to do some community service.. .. yeah .yeah yeah.. I'll be there.. . then she calls right back, one of the other boys puked at school, since I'm on my way anyways, could I pick him up for her.. yeah yeah yeah.. of course.. Let me fill my car with kids who can die with me when someone hits me.......

so, are you ready.... I now cant get out of the drive way.. tires spinning in the snow!!!! pull forward, backward, forward, backward.. finally out. hit the brakes, what brakes!!! hit them again and they started to work.. I think they were frozen!! Anyways, when I would hit the gas.. my seat would want to tip over backwords.. (Im not kidding about any of this people!!!!)

I picked the kid up from school, dropped him off at the foster home, told her I wasnt driving anywhere and she would have to take the kid to the animal shelter.. called into work, had to talk to the director cause my boss wasnt there,( the director is the one who asked me once if I had a sec? and I told him I had lots of secs!!! yeah, I sure he thinks i'm a lunatic to tell you the truth..)

anyways, I told him about my car.. he suggested I buy a new one, I told him he doesnt pay me enough! He then told me that I should load the back seat up with stuff to hold my seat up!!! then he told me to put one of the boys in the back and tell him to brace my seat with his feet and legs!! yeah.. I told him I wasnt coming in today.. forget it. YOu know the saddest part.. I seriously considered the idea of filling the back seat up with crap to support the damn seat!!!! So I called Tony and told him to come take the car and either fix it or blow it up but that I was going home for the day!

so.. here I am!!!!! I came home and tried to clean up the porch sprayed a ton of febreeze and opened the windows.. also took the shoe out of the door. I keep a flipflop in the door so MY cats can get in and out.. now we'll have to open it for them, I cant have strays out there. so, I'm home for the day.. gonna make soup and a cake or something ... work on progects.. thats all folks.. have a good day!
update... no cake.. cookies!


Fran said...

OH MY! what an awful start to your day. I would have been throwing a Hissy Fit and then some. Cold and Snow I can't handle anymore. I'm so glad I live in Vegas because the weather is great year round even though it does get cold sometimes and usually we will see at least one day that it snows several inches and then it's gone in a few hours. Haven't seen any snow this year. I can look out my front door and see the snow on the mountains. It's pretty.

Glad you are home, dry and warm. Those cookies sure do look good. The cake sounds good to.

kecia said...

egads viv! there is a product at the pet store that will get rid of that smell (as long as it's not carpeted....) you just dump it in the area and let it set. sorry, don't remember name of it, but the shop owners can recommend it.
xoxo kEcIa

Lori said...

oh poor Viv!!! that sounds like a very bad day indeed:( i hope your cookies turned out good!!! have a couple for me, they look yummy!!!

Susan said...

Tomorrow is another day and I hope it's a better one for you.

barbara burkard said...

i'm sorry...i so KNOW you can hear me giggling..and THAT'S not a giggling matter! the line that got me was when you were going to take the kid to the animal THAT'S an option...i so needed with my kids...just leave them in a box...out side their door...and the seat in the car...goodness i thought they would have fixed that before i sold it...hee hee...i think i caught a glimmer of a smile there...BIG HUGZ SWEET GIRL...LOVE YA!

Julie said...

Been away covering a horse now I get to play catch up on my favorite blogs! Happy Valentine's Day!

TiffanyJane said...

Welp, sounds like you had a Fabulous day!......not.
I hate those kinds of days, you just want to go get back in bed and wait on tomororw! So sowwy :(

On another smelly note, I soooo feel your pain with the cat spray {we have a male stray that comes for food {through our pet door} I stay stocked on Febreeze, but will look for where he sprays to clean it, little stinkers!!!!