Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hi All.. I'm home from work today. I really have not been feeling very well this week. this morning I seem to have lost most of my voice.. well its wavering in and out. perfectly out when I called in to work!
so doll swap girls ... how are we doing? I've heard from a few of you that have finished.. I just ordered boxes so I could send mine out. did you know you can order boxes for free at ? the lady at the post office told me yesterday.. so I went right home and checked it out and ordered some! so I will be mailing mine out as soon as my boxes come in the mail (you have to order at least 10 boxes, I'm sure I'll use them for something !) Dying to post pictures of mine.. but holding off!

I recieved a little award from two sweeties! Barbara and Catie ann! that I must share with some others... both of these girls are fun! you should check out their blogs!Now.. who shall I pass this off too? There are sooo many of you that I appreciate and get inspiration from everyday! where do I begin!? first I would pass it back to both of them!! then to Dolly who is another sweet and encouraging girl! This is hard, because I have to say that out here in blog land everyone is like that. so on that note.. and because I'm sick and just cant think about this.. I'm going to pick 2 ladies everytime I post for the next 5 posts! (now I just have to remember to do this!)
Ok, I was tagged by a couple girls and need to answer some questions that I promised I would do! but I have to warn, my brain is not at full function level..(not that it ever is~)
first: Debb tagged me a while back! I'm supposed to write a little paragraph about the strangest doll I've ever made.
hmmmm... I'm having some trouble with this... I dont really think I've ever made anything strange! Ha! OK.. I thought of a couple things. When I used to do craft shows with my sculpted dolls.. I made a few pig and cow angels! they were a little different I guess. but I always sold them, so people liked them! (they must have been strange people!) I think the problem I'm having here is with the word "strange" , maybe we could change it to unique or unusual! Actually those dolls were really cute! I wonder if I have any old pictures of them! ok debb, so theres my answer for ya!
then I was tagged by altered route
1. What If I could meet anyone in the world to chat with:
Denzel Washington! he is sooo hot! I know thats not a very good answer is it? but I just cant think of anyone else right now!

2. What If I could travel anywhere in the world:
there really arent too many places I want to go.. I love where I live and dont have any desire to travel.. but if I could wiggle my nose and be somewhere, I would like to see Australia, hawaii, and alaska! Well, and if I could just wiggle my nose to pop in and out.. Id visit lots of other places.. japan.. spain... italy... germany....

3. What If I could have one wish granted to benefit all of mankind:
I would wish that no children would be born to idiot people who cant or wont be able to provide then with loving, caring , stable environments.

4. What If I could live in a period other than the present for just 24 hours:
Id visit the victorian days.. but I dont want to stay longer then 24 hours.. those woman had to work to hard to do the chores we do so easily every day!

5. What If I had to become an animal for 24 hours:
Id be a kitty with an adoring owner! or a dog with an adoring owner... or a monkey hanging around up in the tree tops! Or maybe a beautiful parrot!

6. What If I could make-over three areas of my body:
Ha! we just arent going there!!

7. What If I could bring anyone back to life for 24 hours:
hmmm.... my father in law?? or my girlfriends daughter..

Ok, thats that.. I've completed my two tags.. I'm not going to tag anyone else back this time.. but beware friends.. I might the next time!


Lori said...

#6 LOL!!! you crack me up:)
i'm so sorry you are still not feeling well:( i hope you are all better soon
and call me strange but i would probably have bought a pig angel too:) for the weather vane on our house i wanted a pig with wings but he was waaaaay too much $$$, so i just have a plain pig...he's cute too and his name is Percy!!!

JenW!~ said...

Sorry you still not feeling well. And I don't think your pig and cow dolls would be strange. It's not my thing but I have a few friends who would buy them.

Mary Isabella said...

Loving the banner..Smiles

Donna said...

Hi Vivian, Hope you are feeling better. Some how I sent the picture, at least I thought I did, but I'm still getting use to these new fangled inventions.HE-HE! I'm glad Marie sent you the pictures cause if you left it to me, you might have quite a wait. LUV, Donna.

Altered Route said...

Thanks for playing What If's....I soooo agree with your response to #3. Connie

Fran said...

Sorry, you are still not feeling well.

I'm working on Barb's doll. I'm almost finished. I'm having fun!!! She will go out in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

Natasha Burns said...

It's fun to learn more about you! Hope you are feeling better soon.
LOVE the little chick in the first photo!

jillian said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon!! Did you get the pictures of my dolly? Just wondering. I can't wait to post them myself!