Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now you see it.. Now you dont.. (I'll take and post that picture tomorrow!) We've been here 23 years and of course the tree was here way way longer then that. It has shaded our house in the summer for all those years! I know we'll miss it this summer! My husband hired some guys to take it down and then he and Robert were supposed to do the clean up. However, Robert slept til noon , then got up and left for the weekend to visit friends. I was goign to go shopping, but I couldnt leave my poor husband with the huge tree down and no help.. Now you need to remember something here.. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A PRINCESS.... NOT A LUMBERJACK! I dont like to get dirty and I dont like physical labor. But, I tell ya, I worked my butt off! All day... no crafting, no shopping.. no house cleaning.. no puttering around like I like to do! And.. if I can walk or bend tomorrow, it will be a miracle! I got scratched up and bit up by misquitos! And we didnt get it finished.. but we put a huge huge dent in it.. I figure tomorrow they can finish it.. I cant work like that two days in a row.. tomorrow calls for a sweeter kinder to my body day!! plus.. I have a bear to make.
Just so you know, Im really playing here, I didnt mind helping. I was going to go shopping, but I would never leave him with such a huge job by himself. Oh, i know what I didnt mention ..... It RAINED the whole time! Changed out of soaked clothes twice! Finally around dinner time I had to call it quits, and so did he.. so we cleaned up and went out to get cheeseburgers at Bill Greys.. now I'm home, in my jammies, and itching like a maniac!! time for some lotion, ice tea and a magazine! I'll be posting again tomorrow most likely, so be sure to stop back again!
Arent these pretty! I have so much garden work to do! did I tell you I hate worms!!! yeah, I saw a few of those gross nasty things today.. They have no face and you dont know what they're looking at. they seriously make me want to puke! I cant garden with out gloves in case I touch one on accident.. Ok.. enough rambling for tonight! see yas later!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, so sorry that you had to take down your dear yard tree--there is such a huge empty spot when they are gone!

I had to chuckle about your work getting rid of the downed tree. There is way more to it than you ever imagined--isn't there?!! lol My hubby is a foreman for a tree service and every day they do work where the people want them to take the tree down and then they are going to dispose of it themselves--and very often they will get a call a few days later to come and clean up the rest of it! I've done a few myself, so know what a lot of work it is!

Smiles, Karen

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

oh how SWEET these tiny blue flowers are ,Their just so fresh and so spring!!miss talking to you my friend
Hugs Sherrie