Tuesday, May 27, 2008

breakfast with the neroni's

hello all.. I am really quite tired tonight. ready for another weekend.
We had a great weekend. the weather was perfect here, we cooked out every night, and ate late.. I love summer nights when we dont eat until 8:30 or so.
Saturday I went garage sale-ing and flower shopping with my daughter Jennifer. we had fun. We discovered the most interesting garden at one yard sale.. look at these pictures...

Then Sunday I planted and puttered the day away.. Heres a couple pictures of my yard... You need to understand that I am not a gardener. I like to plant in pots and window boxes... thats about the extent of my gardening abilities.. plus.. I hate to get dirty.. and I HATE worms!!

Monday I went out to breakfast with all my children plus one. that was interesting... my youngest son had been out drinking with buddies the night before and still had a buzz going. He was a bit obnoxious and I was flipping back and forth between being ticked off, amused, frustrated and embarrassed! At one point he said, as he was fiddling with butter and jam packets "ask the waitress for something to put this butter on". when we told him that she would be bringing his breakfast soon he said, "ask that man over there if he has anything to put butter on." Then he pulled out 60.00 and tried to give it to his brother if he would drink the little tiny pitcher of cream and eat 5 packets of sugar... Tony told him he wasnt going to take advantage of him. rob keep bugging him about it and finally I said.. give me the money and I picked up the creamer and was going to drink it myself.. I figured I didnt mind taking advantage of the kid, if he was dumb enough to offer.. but I couldnt make myself do it, there were other people near us and I didnt think it would be very good manors to drink out of the pitcher!
EIY YIE YIE!! Had I know he wsa in that condition, he wouldnt have gone, or I wouldnt have. but he rode with his brother.. When we got home he went to bed and didnt get up until way later in the day! Anyways, theres always something interesting or painful going on around here!
The trip up was interesting too.. I rode with my girls and they were blasting music that bethany made on a CD for me, and were singing at the top of their lungs.. very short video below! actually , I always have fun with my girls!
Yesterday, I crafted.. Imade the liner for this basket, and you can see that Jasper thinks its all about him.. Gosh that cat cracks me up!! He is so needy!! He needs my constant attention! I love love love him!!
then I made this little bear. I wanted him to look like the old carnival bears, they were kind of square-ish and were brown and yellow. I just couldnt leave him plain though, he ended up with buttons and a hat!
OK.. thats all ..
except.. please girls if you havent sent me pics of your miniature pieces from the swap.. please do! I'm just dying to see them all!! have a good week all!


Lori said...

well, your yard looks great in spite of your claim that you are not a gardener...the story about your son scares me, i hope that is not a glimpse into my future...LOL...i LOVE your sweet bear, his little party hat is so CUTE!!!

Dolly said...

Viv that lil bear is too precious!!!!

Your yard is great..... I love working in the yard this time of year!

Have a great day,
Hugz, Dolly

Julie said...

Yep - I like your garden better than the other one. I enjoy creativity...but the yard sale garden was a bit too messy for my liking!

Sandy said...

I love garage sales..how fun! I am NOT looking forward to when my kids are teenagers..LOL! I love the fabric in your basket liner!..Sandy:)

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Your carnival bear is adorable - but not as adorable as your cat! I love siamese - they are the best cats ever - tons of personality - which he seems to have. Let me know if you ever host a "pet swap"!

Sweet B

Amy said...

Your yard is gorgeous! And the little bear is oh so sweet :).

Sassafras & LuLu said...

The garden photos are inspiring and colorful. My backyard is a work in progress now...all over again, probably no plants until next year. it is slow going. About your son, never a dull moment, huh? I often wonder when my brother will "see the light" and realize how much time he is wasting by not moving forward...I know I am glad I came to my senses (..but by the Grace of God go I)
have lovely week and hope your DH is doing ok lately.
hugs, Carol

Fran said...

Love your house and garden. All the color and green plants and grass are wonderful. I have grass and flowers but this time of year everything turns brown or there about. It's too hot in the late spring/summer for my roses. The sage is in bloom but that's about it for my yard.
The mini challege dolls are really cute. Maybe I will get to play again sometime. Right not I'm so swamped helping out with conferences and deadlines for dolls.
Hope to get back to some swaps in a few months.
Love & Hugs

Sabii Wabii said...

Love your yard. The colors of your house are great. Your kitty would have done well in the Show and Tell photos for this week...containers and what you keep in them!

Classics and Country said...

Your curb appeal is wonderful. I just love the colors of your house, what a great color combination.