Monday, May 12, 2008

little birds, little dolls and little bears

I'm doing a swap with Mystele, she is so creative and talented and I love her art work! she made the sweetest painting of a girl singing and I just adore it, so we are doing a little swap.. she is getting these little birdies! I hope she loves them! I had a ball making them!

They are made out of strofoam balls and paperclay. actually very easy! I couldnt decide whether or not to glitter them, but they did have a mother, and I glittered her, big mistake! she turned out like a big piece of glittered POOP!! so unfortunetly these babies are now orphans!! Mystele will need to care for them.. as their mother no longer exists! well she exists.. but she is not going with them!
I made them a little nest out of a little goblet and some excelsior (cant spell that!) and some little trims. the baby boy birdie has a little pewter pacifier! and the baby girl has a little flower charm.. I almost hate to part with them, because I do think they're rather cute! I'll be happy for Mystele to have them though!

IN other news.. well, its not news.. I dont know why I said that.. but anyways, Ive decided to go ahead and post the pictures that I've recieved so far of our miniature swap pieces. PLEASE please.. send me pictures to post!!

This first one was made by Sammy Stafney and was sent to Mystele. I understand that this was sammys first try at needle felting! she did an awesome job! look how adorable this little bear is!
This next piece was done by Debb George and was sent to Donna Robinson. Debb made this bear out of a little gourd and some spare bear parts. she also crafted the little playpen to go with it! I think she turned out really cute! Very creative DEbb!

Donna made this sweet fairy in a jar for Debb! Adorable! I believe she is created out of polymer clay? correct me if I'm wrong donna! She is sweet! I know Debb loves her!

This next piece was created by my buddy Barb Burkard ( i just love her!) Barbs sweet little bunny was sent to her partner Kecia Deveney .


And the talented artist Kecia, sent Barb this wonderful little kitty doll! this doll is a sister doll to the one Kecia made me for the last doll swap. she is adorable!

Next is a sweet little girl made by the very kindhearted and sweet Cindy Owens. Cindy volunteered to take a second partner when I realized I had somehow skipped someone in the swap! thank you sooo much Cindy.. and how lucky for your partner! Cindy sent this sweet girl to Becky Jorgenson
Cindy sent this beautiful miniature doll to her first partner Susan Van Horn she made a whole wardrobe (not pictured) for this little doll! Cindy I want to swap with you sometime! Actually I want to swap with everyone!!! anyways, this doll is awesome!

This beautiful miniature baby doll was sent to ME!!! She traveled all the way from Denmark and is from Maija Pape. I adore this doll.. she is so sweet! Thank you sweet maija!

these miniature bears went to Maija Pape in Denmark, Mariella in Italy and Jenn Docherty.

Well, Im hoping that everyone else will email me pictures to post! I'll be waiting! This has been a great swap so far.. I love all the sweet little creations! I love playing with you all! You make blogging and swapping so much fun!

Are you ready for another swap? PINKEEPS I wont start it yet. but be thinking of the possibilities! I have soooo many ideas!

talk to me girls.. its been too quiet here lately! was beginning to think my blog was invisable! remember in horton hears a who... we are here.. we are here.. we are here.. well this is me.. I am here, I am here, I am here!!


Mystele said...

Yea! I'm so excited!!! Sending you my address now! TWO birdies???? ♥♥♥

michelle said...

Very sweet birdies! Love all the swaps! I am a bit behind but hopefully I will get pictures to you tomorrow!

Scrappy Jessi said...

WOW!!!! is all i can say!!
look at all those gorgeous dolls!
so fab!!!
your birds are adorable!

jillian said...

OK, I admit it, I sent my doll out yesterday!! I'M LATE!! But hopefully Debra will get her soon! I will email you a picture, so be watching for it!! Love all the dolls. Your bears are always soooo cute. Would love to see the glittered poop though!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oooh everything turned out so beautifully. I am always in awe of all the talent among us. Your little birds are awesome too! Great job!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hi Miss Vivi! Sooo many CUTE CUTE miniatures! I ADORE the bears with balloons soooo precious!The birdies are just as sweet! :)))

Natalea said...

Such cute little creations Vivian! The little birdies are adorable. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!
xox natalea

Anonymous said...

Viv, I think you can set up your blog so I can get the feed in LJ.

Check that out and see if that makes sense and will work. I'm assuming that you wouldn't mind sharing this blog on LJ.

I would love to keep up with you more often.


Dolly said...

Viv those birdies are soooo cute!
You are so creative!!!

Love all the swap much talent!

Hugz, Dolly

Lori said...

Viv, your little birds are so very cute:) and i love all of the wee bears and dolls, wonderful work all of it...the little needle felted bear is just adorable, the first one she ever made? well, that is just amazing!!!

Natasha Burns said...

I'm certain Mystele will adore the birdies~! I'm laughing picturing glitter poop! you're so funny!

Julie said...

Adorable dolls!

I agree - not much activity going on recently.

Susan said...

Some beautiful dolls and bears. What a great swap.
The little birds are just adorable.