Thursday, May 22, 2008

miniature swap and suitcase

Hello all you lovely bloggers! I'm having a difficult time coming up with pictures of the last swap.. please send me pictures if you havent already. and if you have sent them and havent seen them posted in one of the last three posts, please send them again. the beautiful "strawbeary" above was made by Diana . Isnt she adorable! Diane swapped with Stafanie Both Diana and Stafanie live in Germany! Are these two bears cute or what!! I love them both and would love to swap with these girls myself! This precious little doll was made by my friend Mystele (you'll hear more about her below!) Isnt she the cutest!? Mystele is a very talented lady! Her doll went to SAmmy. I showed you Sammys adorable needle felted two posts ago.. if you didnt see it you need to go back and look! Its adorable! dont you love seeing all these tiny things? remember everything was under 6 inches!

PhotobucketThis sweet doll was made by Michelle Michelles awesome little party doll (looke at the sweet cake and gift!) went to Vanessa and Vanessa made the next wonderful little doll for Michelle. her doll is a little fairy princess!
this last miniature doll was made by Jillian. she made a miniature of her partner Debra Schoch. It turned out so awesome! I'm dying to know how deb liked it!
OK, so there are about 10 of you I havent heard from or recieved pics from. And I'm just cant wait to see what you made!! so please girls email me!!!
so, now, see this sweet little painting? Remember those little birds I made a couple posts ago? I swapped with Mystele the birdies for this picture she calls songbird. I love it!!! and, the dear sweet Mystele also sings and sent me a CD of her singing! I LOVE it. Very beautiful voice she has.. Thank you sooo much mystele..

a couple weeks ago, Mica from Garboodles posted the cutes darn little case that she had bought. It was a little suit case that someone had beautifully altered and made into a little craft case. Ive been obsessed about it since.. so over the weekend I went "thrifting" looking for two old cases, which I did find! then my daughter Jen and I went shopping and bought papers and trims to put them together. Here are pictures of mine. Shes not finished with hers yet, but when she is, I will post the pics! this was so much fun to make! I may have to go find a couple more cases! I made this little bear years ago.. In fact it may be the first miniature bear I ever made.. I just threw the nose, hat and collar on him to spruce him up for the box!

I did not make this other tiny bear, its a little ganz cottage collectable, I just dressed him up a bit.

Well thats all for now ... I had something else I was gonna say, but Its late and I've forgotten...
Yay!! its memorial day weekend and a three day weekend.. OH HOW i am looking forward to it!! And we're finally supposed to get some warmer and sunnier days!!
I'll be back!! Till then, Have fun!


michelle said...

What a fun swap that was! You were right, I am totally hooked now! I just sold my first miniature in my shop yesterday too. Although she was about 8", it is hard to go so tiny!

jillian said...

How very sweet they all are. You can go ahead and post my pics of the swap. I'm sure it's there by now. Still haven't heard anything though. I love the suit case. That is such a cute idea! Tha little bears really make it super sweet!

Lori said...

what a sweet swap!!! such talent here in blogland:)

Cathy said...

Viv, what wonderful photos. I was never into miniatures or smalls until I started making my 'themed wreaths', now its an addiction. I look for everything "little" now. I love it.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love the suitcase you made! The colors are really alot of fun. You are very talented and it was fun to see the talented artist dolls...sigh, so cute! We are "blonde" sisters and I mean that in a GOOD WAY! I was also thrilled to see you have my true life down the road fried on your sidebar, farm chick-tania!

Fran said...

WOW! looks like this was a fun swap. Love the suitcase. What wonderful and creative work you and the others do.
Happy Memorial Day!

Sabii Wabii said...

These turned out just as cute as can be! I love the box too.

Sandy said...

Oh Viv the dolls are fabulous!Especially the one that went out to Deb! Thanks for the birthday wishes!