Thursday, May 15, 2008

this is just a quickie post.. I went shopping with my daughter and video'd her singing in the car. She cracks me up!

thats all folks.. gotta go to work.. was gonna show the glittered bird (looks like glittered poop!) but its not uploading fast enough and I'll be late if I wait!

have a lovely!


Lori said...

LOL!!! how fun Viv:) thanks for starting my day off with a smile!!!

Holly (Nickname) said...

So funny, Viv~
She chirps like one of your little birdies!
My trip to the greenhouse consisted of 3 flats of nicotania, ans an assortment of about 10 potted plants.
Pretty much everything is done, so I will post again as son as it stops raining.
Also, I am so sorry about your friend. I will say a prayer for her.
Have a great day, Viv!

Natasha Burns said...

How fun~! I got worried there thinking, who's driving if you were filming from the driver's seat! Then I remembered you sit on the other side of the car to us!! lol

Anonymous said...

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